Rain Winter Camping in Megahorn XL Tipi | Lessons Learned
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Rain Winter Camping in Megahorn XL Tipi | Lessons Learned

Out here for a quick overnight. I’ve got
the Megahorn XL Tipi, 3W Tent Stove. Right now, we just woke up before sunrise,
boiling some water we’re gonna have some cowboy coffee. Last night for dinner we
actually cooked some sausages, boiled up a big bowl ramen, and we took a French
bread and we dipped it kind of like french dip, but really spicy. Let’s get
our cowboy coffee going. We’ve added our coffee grounds, now you let it slow boil
here up on top with the grounds in it, now the last step it take cold water put
it up on top, there’s cowboy coffee. To give you guys a hot tip. What we’ve done
with the cordage that’s used to draw these vent closures is which just attach
a little LED Lantern, and that’s lit up the whole floor space. Secondly, on Amazon I’ve
got a battery-powered fan, where as the heat rises off the hot tent stove, this
fan pushes it back down, so it’s just a few extra steps that you can use to stay
a lot warmer. All right, give you another quick tip or
your hot wood stove if you have smoke coming out the door when you leave it
open, you need to make sure that your stove is level, if your stove is popping
a wheelie with a high point at the door, smoke from gravity is gonna come out, you
want to make sure that the low point is the door so the gravity takes the smoke
up the chimney, like we have here. Hope you found this helpful.
All right, had oatmeal, had our coffee, coming back in and as it can see,
obviously, it’s pouring down rain outside, so we’re just gonna chill, eat food, drink
more coffee, relax, once the rain pushes through for
the afternoon pack up, and head out of here. Believe it
or not, we’re actually working customer service and marketing, and all sorts of
fun stuff. I appreciate you watching, if you have any questions about what you
saw on this video, leave them in the comments, we love to hear from you. We
appreciate it, thanks again.


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