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Rallycross Life Svergie Hoฬˆljes | World RX of Sweden

Tomek, What will happen now? Tell us. Kuchar is flying here, he is f*cked up /Welcome! /We welcome you with vodka and salt. AB: We’ve won the Q1. That’s a good start. Rallycross Life / World RX of Sweden #wiciklife We take a ferry to Sweden. The weather is harsh 03:14 at night and it’s still bright! We’re with my friend in Sweden, at Holjes It’s some about midnight and it’s still bright. We are just going on a trip around the paddock. We’ll tell you about few words about how it’s here and how it will be here. Tell us, How did you get here? /Wait, you need to be more specific. How did you become part of the World RX? Shortly. /My story is really short. /After a year of surfing in Tenerife, I come to London. I drove through London during returning to Poland. When I was in London, one of my buddies told me that KMS (Kristoffersson Motorsport) has no mechanics. I said I could help them and I just did it. I gave them a little from myself and they said they were taking me to Sweden. Just like that. I didn’t agree to this right away. I had to do some things, including say goodbye to my parents. This is Saab for Pikes Peak. Here we’ve got Per Eklund, her daugher
and younger son Per-Anders. Trollspeed built engines that we
run now several years ago. Trollspeed is legendary.
/No, trollspeed is a motorsport tradition. It’s tradition. Company that has gone
through a lot but it’s a 100% tradition. Just like Per Eklund, like Trollspeed, like Scania. * Just Like Wicik * #wiciklife This is the only paddock
on the world with its own streets. You’ve got names of streets inside the paddock! /Bakkerud street, Hansen street I want to show you that paddock has
two separate floors. There is one floor down there. and there is a litlte hill here. This is an American hill here ๐Ÿ™‚ American campers are standing here. When I was here with kids in 2004,
my motorhome stood here. There, in this spot. These were the beginnings of American Wicik. My kids were huddling up the hill, from top to bottom. And then it came 02:00 at night and kids said to me then… No. I said to them 1st: kids, it’s time to go to sleep. They said: Dad, it’s still bright! I told them that it’s bright but it is 2 AM! So more or less like now. They went to sleep and then it was 4 AM. They woke up again and say to me: Dad, it’s bright! So I tell them that they missed the moment
when it was dark. * I don’t like fast, I prefer slow. * American kids, american kids… This is the main entrance gate to the Holjes paddock. I’ll show you how paddock and parc ferme looks like, what is inside the paddock
& what teams are standing here. Bakkerud and Doran There, mechanics mount KYB,
which are Redigers in real. Let’s move on. Rene Munnich and Mrs. Mandie August Kevin and his brother’s cars. I’m going further. I will show you my favorites for this weekend. This is one of the two men who are standing here. Timur Timerzyanov He’s in one team with Gronholm GRX Hyundai i20 Here Abbring, who shone in the last qualification
in the Skoda Fabia WRX. Next teams… Eriksson team: Olsbergs MSE This nice, brand new Fiestas and one American Honda at the end. This whistle you heard… At each intersection in the paddock * the paddock has street with own names! * Every street in paddock have its own name… This whistle means that a car is leaving
one of the intersections. It means the car is approaching. You may not see it and somebody may hit you. Easy. Here we have the main artery. Renault Street and Bakkerud street Here Tidemand, serviced by Eklund. Here a beautiful lady with a pram. Here by accident we meet a friend – Bartek. Good Morning, Bartosz!
/Hi, Hello We saw each other in the morning,
so now we are just pretending. I was here, I ordered coffee & I came back now to pick up the order It’s great atmospehere in here Bartek, I have just shown the paddock to everyone What else can I show to people?
What’s the most interesting here? Yyy… the girls #wiciklife I’ll show you how awesome this track is! Starting lights And starting line They enter the gravel section after 25 meters. First turn After gravel, they enter the asphalt road and go right short stretch of straight strong braking move to the left enter to joker lap on the right departure from joker lap we’re back on regular track Now we have a section where half
of the track is made of asphalt on this side and the other half is gravel You have to go on the inside of the track turn right and up We have a rubber surface here
that provides stability when it is dry. Tall baluster and we’re going uphill again I had to drop two gears in my bike. We enter “Daytona” This is a turn that has several paths.
You can go up or down in here. Cool! See how many paths, how many tire marks. See how many tire marks are in here! They’re driving uphill in here way out of the corner the fastest section of the track, straight We go straight on a gravel, very compact Now the drivers go down We’re going towards the jump Firstly, turn right. We’re going down… hill behind us, see how the bike accelerates SuperCar has to drive here 170-180 km/h Again, turn right to the biggest jump on the track Cars jump out of this place and fly Let’s check the record, the biggest jump Just look at it In this spot Last mark is here There are furrows on the asphalt So from where the “near horizon” ends someone flew here I will tell you that this is more or less… about 18 meters 18 meters of flying That’s a lot for rallycross Now we’re back to the asphalt track Here we have a left closing turn He has one cross here and it’s “closing” The finish line is almost
at the same place as the start line. Fiesta have won, I could bet money on this. What I was talking to you yesterday? Eriksson won the final, Ford first! *Driver from Sweden, Sebastian Eriksson* /I really gave my best today. /I’m lucky to win at Sweden It was the winner of today’s competition. * I think this girl liked him * VIP /Hi, What’s up? All good? Hello, We’re here with… What’s your name again? Marcin Wicik / Wiciklife I am Andreas Bakkerud, This is Timur Timerzyanov Norway, Russia This is Polish We want him in World Rallycross Championship You guys should follow him on his Youtube Channel and then he’ll smoke cigar with us in the future *Thug Life* TT: No, the best presents are from the Russia Like Don’t watch before this /Wrong time, wrong moment ๐Ÿ˜€ Show me your hat again, It’s cool Moscow * Mother Russia * See ya next time, guys! * спасибо * They flew to the fjords, they lost their f*ckin’ mind We are running out of memory
on the card and sausage. * yummy * I just ate it with transmission oil. Kuchar is flying here, for f*ck’s sake Can we look into the engine compartment? You can do everything but later. Welcome! with vodka and salt Welcome to Sweeden! A friend doesn’t drink ๐Ÿ™ What can I tell you more? It’s end of this video. Rallycross Life is moving on It’s nice that as many as 10 people watched it ๐Ÿ˜‰ #wiciklife


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