• Hey Huda

    Why isn’t rape in the military more talked about? 1 in 4 women get raped. Women please don’t enlist. Your basically being boxed in the barracks with lots of men and pent up testosterone. These same monsters then get sent overseas and do worse to women and children. This is not about equality and trying to prove that women can do what men can, militarily is not a place for women. don’t @ me. The military is a suicide factory. Smh if your not discharged with PTSD your being discharged for “mental illness” such a scam.

  • KingHenryVIII

    The man wasn't found guilty of Rape. There wasn't enough evidence to support a court-martial. 30 days restriction and demoted 1 pay grade. I'm sorry guys but the military didn't believe her story and I'm sure she's not telling the intire story. UCMJ regs under 27-20 articles for sexual assault is a at least 2 years in jail if found guilty at the court martial. I've seen Jag lawyers charge people with rape but only if the evidence is not in dispute. She said this man called her names and put her on special duty. Every military person gets called names and gets special details. If you don't report to equal opportunity personal then no one will believe you. He got a slap on the wrist because it's he said she said. Her story just had to much detail, I just don't believe it happened the way she said and it seems neither did Jag. Also fake news CNN lies about everything and their news network is anti American. Fake news CNN used this woman to degrade the United States of America.

  • Large E

    Stupid ass men! If they raised daughters they'd think differently. I was raised by a single mother, I'd never ever think about hurting a woman. I'm raising two girls on my own! I'd cut your fuckin throat and feed you to your mother if you touched my girls!

  • Andrew M.

    Kori you are brave for serving our country and even braver for telling us your story. You never should have had to deal with that piece of genetic garbage the military recruits by the masses these days.


    Humanity is going to shit. Everything is so corrupt that even the obvious common sense toward treating another human is gone. Sad af tbh

  • Fallen Warrior 13

    This is why women shouldnt be in the military some men are straight up remorseless killers which is what the military wants obviously……

  • Mr. Miller

    I served in the Army in the 90s. I saw quite a few rapes covered up. The problem with the military is your commander would be your judge. The battalion commander always was in cahoots. They would cover each other. This system for years protected these men. I would see enlisted loose rank for sleeping with single soldiers when they were married. But rapes. It’s ok. Pretty sad.

  • AlexTremo DelNorte

    What the FUCK did she expect? Women belong in the kitchen, not the military. She should have learned from her RAPE, but apparently, she learned NOTHING. She's just complaining, complaining, complaining. What a pathetic excuse for a "soldier". This feminist ingrate deserves to be publicly spat on.

  • Joey Paulin

    That’s side he should have been hung by a rope to death for what he did may one in the military that breaks the law of it’s illegal in the USA like that should be if the steal or something they still need to be punished very badly it’s not ok

  • София Сойко

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  • Anji Collins

    This is horrendous…. americas got so many of these sort of humans? Why? Wot is wrong with ur males? It jus one after the other? Wierdo guys ova da pond!!!

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