Raptor Series at SEMA 2018, Roof Top Camping Tent w/Ladder, the Voyager Roof Top Tent
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Raptor Series at SEMA 2018, Roof Top Camping Tent w/Ladder, the Voyager Roof Top Tent

hey it’s Kyle with Midwest Aftermarket
we are here live in Las Vegas for SEMA 2018 yeah up top oh we’re doing great
hey it’s Kyle with Midwest aftermarket we’re here at SEMA 2018 in the raptor
series booth alongside Jesse what’s going on man it’s going good man how are
you I’m doing fantastic I’m looking at all the cool stuff on this Jeep what
does raptor have coming out 2018 coming into 2019 right now you’re looking at
our newest step that’s in stock we got the black textured 6-inch om running
board this one’s an aluminum finish it’s got
the texture and light mild texture finish on there we’ve got G players come
in first quarter of next year so you can see these installed the rear in front
here the Jeep tent probably hopefully by the end of next quarter we’re gonna have
this ready and I take a look inside of there or is that here why don’t you
describe so you can see you got some pouches here get it outside inside pouch
this will collapse a bowl will fold down into itself things got a radio 350
pounds you know you did fit two people fit two people you know what I love
about this thing my old lady and I have been getting into a lot of fights lately
what we can do I’m not sleeping on the couch I’m going outside I’m sleeping on
top of the G obviously got our Jeep in the Raptor tent that works man no this
will definitely help you out what inspired you guys to create that is that
one hand that and the more for when we’re traveling no it works out great
sure yeah I understand okay cool so we talked about the flares we talked about
this sweet step we’ve talked about the tint what else is going on what does
rapture have coming up well we’ve got some suspension components in the works
too suspension kids and systems if you want to go to the other side I’ll show
you the tredstep that’s gonna be absolute first part of next year yeah
well I was hoping that we could maybe go up there into the tent and read a story
right it was burning bears man is it Berenstain or steam I don’t know we’ll
figure it out now Jesse I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to take a
date out in my Jeep or casas Jeep we all have Jeeps
and there is a vertically challenged lady and she’s having trouble getting
inside of the Jeep and that makes her not happy
if she’s not happy you’re not happy isn’t that right right that’s correct
have some style though and this is brand-new for 2018 look people have been
literally walking by feeling this it looks so cool
yeah it’s unique except the tredstep we’re really excited about it with the
tread hopefully you don’t have some lame tires that you know that’ll match but
I’ve been there before too but what’s cool about this if you’re familiar with
the style we showed on the other side the six-inch OAM running board these are
gonna be compatible so they’re vehicle specific brackets and they come in two
links you have a seventy-five and eighty eighty six inch links nice yeah and it’s
not slippery too because somebody tries to get up in your Jeep they slip they
fall a sudden you have the Jeep you’re the one getting sued absolutely that’s
good hate that yeah that’s true alright well thank you so much and again if you
want to pick up any of these fine products you can do so now or in the
upcoming months at Midwest aftermarket dot-com Jesse I know I have my arm
around you it’s just something that happened that’s okay though I think
we’re gonna go up there and cuddle in that tent for a little while how’s that
sound alright here we go okay i’m coppin west aftermarket we’ll see you next time
I’m learning things about myself today this is nice


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