READING IN A FORT?!? Building a Book Fort & Cozy Reading!

Yo, what’s up? My name is Troy, and welcome
back to another video! Today I am doing something really special and really original, we are
going to build a fort and then we are going to be reading inside of it and reviewing the
stay in there. And it’s going to be an amazing video with montages, and building–I really
had a fun time with it! But before we do get started I really hope you subscribe and join
me on this amazing booktube adventure. I would really love for you to join me and I’m looking
for friends so please, comment down below your channel and some feedbacks on my video,
and I will check out your channels as well. Alright, let’s get into the video! So we’re gonna start with the exterior of
the fort. This is my materials. We’ll see what happens. Enjoy this little…montage! So, progress update number 1. We have these
mats to kind of provide our backing for our reading. Just to provide some support, so
we can like lean on something while reading. And we also have this cabinet. And what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna drape blankets over this to provide some drapery. A cool roofing
effect. So we’ll see what we can do! Okay, so the whole fort is almost done. So,
we’ve got like this entryway over here, there’s kind of a loop-to-loop around…exit here.
And there’s not an exit, but, uh, this is kinda another space for some cool reading
to go down. Now what I’m going to be doing next is I’m going to be focusing on…some
like, stuffing some of these holes. Like for instance, this hole with blankets. And covering
just like all the stuff so we can really have a mystical fort. So, again, let’s see what
we can do! Okay, so we have all the holes filled and
some of the holes that can be filled are just going to be filled with decorations. Like
pillows and blankets. We are going to bring in all of that now into the fort and decorate
the interior. But I want to quickly take you through an interior of the fort and show you
what the external really looks like. Interior time! So, now with all these pillows and blankets
it feels a lot comfy and I’m so excited to read tonight. It’s going to be a great time.
I feel so isolated, it’s magical, it’s mystical. And it’s going to be really exciting…as
this is one of my reading engagement tips. Read somewhere unusual, read somewhere that
really inspires you. So now we’re going to go on a little tour! So, this is the entrance.
So as you can see we’ve got cabinets really if we, you know, need to put anything in here.
But that’s just like the stuff we originally had. Then we have some like lush kind of furnishing,
and some pillows. You know, we also have this really nice black wall. Like this is kind
of my favorite spot because it’s just so isolated and it really feels like you’re just like
lost. And then we have this little cabana back here which is honestly a really cool
spot as well. Just with the color schemes, with the blue and the green…Like the awesome
roofing with like, little tiles and I just…really love it. It’s so relaxing and I can’t wait
to read! So, let’s skip to the reading! It is honestly ten times prettier when it’s
dark and this fort is illuminated. It’s crazy and I’m just so excited to read. What I’m
currently reading right now–Flashback by Shannon Messenger. This is a part of the Keeper
of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger that I am a big fan of. Probably my number one
favorite book series. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to read for a few minutes,
or 15 minutes, and I’m going to review it and then we’ll wrap up this video. So I hope
you enjoy! Alright, reading starts now! So, reading in this fort was definitely a
good experience for me. I would rate it probably 8 out of 10 stars. It was really airy, it
felt good to read. And…you know, it was just distracting. The coolness of this fort.
All the comfort in it and it was just a really really really good spot. My only negatives
would be the back support, like I didn’t feel totally supported on my back. I like to have
my head and my back supported while reading. Another thing would be the heat. It’s kind
of smothering with all the blankets here. But, I mean, overall again–a very very good
spot, and I definitely recommend you guys try this. So let’s get wrapped up with this
video! So I really hope you enjoyed this video, I
had a lot of fun making it. And I really hope you did like it as well. If you did like this
video, please hit that like button to show me that you liked this video and that you
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you in the next video. Bye!

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