Real Life FORTNITE NERF Floating Box Fort Battle On WATER!
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Real Life FORTNITE NERF Floating Box Fort Battle On WATER!

they’re ready for what’s out there but
she’s not that fast you need to get off this boat hey what’s going on everyone
is Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and we are currently
inside our fort night bunker that is right we have survived in our fort night
bunker survived the volcano’s eruption all the way into season 9 guys I have to
get out of the bunker a little stir-crazy inside the bunker obviously
we did survive in here for 24 hours but when we emerged from the bunker we
didn’t realize what we are emerging – guys we have traveled into the future we
are currently inside the kitchen section of the bunker we have an entire bunker
that we built to survive the volcano’s eruption after the eruption we’ve been
left in here and quite honestly guys I’m a little scared to travel out into
fortnight because you know we’re four-night pros the old fortnight if
this is a new scary world out there Logan
it’s a futuristic world Jake we have to leave we have no option we are
completely out of food I mean we’ve got some stuff left this one slurp juice
left brother this could last us at least four weeks if we wanted it to take don’t
we call the slip I did a bad thing Jake that’s all the slurp just we had we can
go out into the fortnight world and get more slurp juice all right it’s not the
first time we’ve beaten people yeah these guys might have lasers yeah they
might have flying machines but we’ve got our classic season three skins and our
arsenal of blasters why don’t we head to the main area the bunker get suited up
and head out into for tonight let’s see if we can find some supplies I was a bit
tired I haven’t fed him exactly in the last two weeks but anyway if you guys
haven’t seen this this is the main section of our bunker here we’ve got all
of our chill area and there is the extremely large bunker door that is
protecting us from the scary outside world of fortnight we have survived the
volcano but now we must traverse into the unknown to find our food ok so right
now we got a gear up and right now you guys got a snack
that subscribe button if you think we should expand this bunker and keep
building it obviously it’s starting to fall apart a little bit I mean today’s
not the day to repair it but if you want us to keep expanding it hit the like
button down below you think we should continue the four night series let’s try
and smash twenty five thousand legs a little bit of ammo left books should be
good enough alright it’s time to open up the door and head outside cast as you
know after the fort night volcano erupted everything’s changed out there
we gotta be extremely careful we don’t know who we’re gonna be up against
I mean Logan they could literally have laser weapons weapons that shoot bees
there could be be shooting weapons oh and what’s wrong with some bees I don’t
like bees Logan okay I like bees they’re kind of fluffy they’re like pandas but
if they have a walk Jake this is off the point we need to go outside and find
food okay disengaging the primary lock system and opening the vaults bunker
door in three two one there we go like yeah here it smells weird in the
future what what do you mean it smells weird it smells weird keep an eye out
for anyone who anything we don’t know who they could be
and even be dealing with clones I’m not a clone no just put them with my
favorite type of pizza pepperoni with hot salami Jake don’t you forget that
who is that someone’s coming this way hold on get ready
hey hey you who are you why don’t you put that gun down he’s got an apple
Logan I was just do you mean you’re paid to give this to us
why is it wearing a mask Logan what does he know that we don’t know you know
something’s up with the smell should we have masks like that sir sir why did he
give you a computer let’s open it up some sort of wall or something is this
thing on oh here me oh hey it’s you guys how’s it
going I haven’t seen you in two thousand years it’s me the general four nine wow
you guys look like you haven’t aged a day
general a fortnight sir what are you doing in a computer but what do you mean
2,000 years we did a 24-hour challenge in our last video okay we were in that
bunker for 24 hours not 2,000 years yes see that’s what I thought too but
unfortunately the volcano had some sort of scientific wormhole or were something
or other and then we got spin out on the other side and it’s the future hey it’s
not all that bad I can do whatever I want
see now I’m a panda oh I’m so free or I can do this or that we put hold on if
you’re in a computer how how did you get into the compute why are you in a
computer oh this isn’t good are you still the general foreign aid sir what
are we supposed to do yeah still a general fortnight still run the show you
know all the same stuff I can’t eat pickles but I was put into this computer
after my bunker has a small malfunction nice little robot found me lying in the
dirt and uploading my brain to a computer now I’ll live forever
2,000 years in the future this is crazy anyway I haven’t kind of bore that’s why
when I heard two fellows just emerged from a bunker I thought it must be you
two so I came over to say hello and join your adventure what are we doing
ya know you could definitely join our adventure general we’re going to find
some food and we ran out of food in our bunker that’s what we came out we’re
starving oh that’s perfect I can be your tour guide afford that we can become
like three best friends I can get all the viewers to love me they put hashtag
general hashtag subscribe to general hashtag channel is my favorite character
everything hi like it’s the best thing we can do now is head outside
let’s see if we can find any food all right stay close dude don’t know who’s
in this future you should probably go first why do I have to go first if you
can knock down then I can take out the guy that knocks down Oh fine alright
keep a lookout for anyone this future is kind of weird I don’t like the smell of
it enemy hold on got him this is up on the ledge there my
gross if my memory serves me correct we’re not too far away from Oh
loot Lake well there should be a dura burger on the other side of loot Lake if
we can get across it I would love a dirty burger this might
be the biggest body of water I’ve ever seen in my life
there’s no way we can get across this thing are you trying to tell me you
can’t swim look and of course I can swim okay just this is a big body of water II
you got to be like you professional athlete or we just gotta find a way
across maybe we can and we can find a boat or something what’s not over there
lookin that looks like some sort of oh that’s person that’s not a that’s not a
piece of garbage we could definitely use a ride across oh man he has a boat
salute I’m trying to eliminate us everything else the futures been trying
to eliminate us I’ve been waiting all my life for a new customer customers what
do you mean customers well I accept fortnight V bucks also prepaid
mastercard okay I guess we’ll take your services mr. pirate man why don’t we
just walk around the lake I mean you can literally just walk around it did you
not take math did you not go to any math lessons okay the circumference of a
circle could take 80,000 times longer going across the lake is the fastest and
most affordable way going around critique us years pirate man could you
pick us up and of course again I’ll be over there in a jiffy sir are you sure
this is safe I mean this doesn’t exactly look like it’s been in use for quite a
while you gotta be good before she might be
old she might be broke in and have a few leaks but she’s a true girl okay if
you’re crossing the link you’re gonna need some new you’ll need some of these
water weapons okay let’s attack he’s got a punch do it anyone all right sweet
okay I’m set I trust anyone with a cool beard but pull hurry are you sure we can
stay on your boat uh of course you can my post here pull Chris Department sure
you know what you’re doing right all right course they do Sonny having doing
this all me life Logan looks like we got some enemies on the shoreline can you do anything trying to turn her
around but she’s not that fast you need to get off this boat can you just take
us to shore Thank You mr. pirate man come on we got to go have fun now boys
what was the worst way to travel we almost fell in the ocean yeah but we
made it here we met a new friend once you got these cool new guns dirty
burgers should just be down here come on follow my lead he’s hiding behind the
barrel do something here I’ll distract him you run around and take over the
pistol uh Jake where’s the derp burger I mean this was at one time a derp burger
think after thousands of years hasn’t really been up capped well maybe maybe
hello is anyone making juicy burgers in here Jake looks fully abandoned well
there’s another source of food if we head into the town on the other side of
her bunker we might be able to find some stuff left over in the houses for almost
asabi Shores follow me I guess you’re back where we started but at least we
did need a really nice pirate so that was interesting
completely waste of our time yeah you see him
no but Jake I think we need to build some cover I got this this is all we get
hey Panda got him we need to check his loot and see what he had I’m think I’m
already out of scar him up yeah completely empty
Oh again some slurp I definitely need this no I got the last one dude I need
some J okay it only made sense I’m our best player that is not true players I
get the most elimination so I should have the slurp what it’s a new gun looks
like some sort of bow and arrow yeah Jake it’s called the boom bow wow the
future is futuristic who would have thought a piece of string and something
attached to it it can make a weapon whoa another enemy Logan it looks like we
have some sort of Star Wars character trying to kill us
sorry slogan I got this no eyes no cheeky didn’t get him I’m about to show
you I’m the better for a night player sure sure that wasn’t my boss I hit him
looks I was shooting all around Jake it was me
let’s loot up and grab his gear none of these kinds of had food on them yet Oh
get some more ammo for a scar feel up on this still a food though look
what is that it’s a futuristic on world’s tiniest gun
it’s an SMG does it work course it works okay
probably just like the cutest really powerful then oh I think it pulls on
come on get ready there might be other people yeah right there deep this one’s
on you how Co likes my golden scar looks like we still got it the futures
friendly friendly okay how is any of this friendly inviting me in for a cup
of tea is friendly trying to shoo me behind a barrel is not friendly and that
little tiny cute gun literally had me flying over my back this place isn’t
good Logan I do not like the future we’re getting our food and getting out
of here I’m gonna ask the general when we get home there’s any way to go back
all right let’s make our way through here dude check it out I think there’s
some food in this abandoned building yes did you get that’s not food it’s like
one cracker I’m sure we can find something better than that
care if it’s one cracker Logan this looks like an abandoned pirate building
this thing is probably 2,000 years old you stay out here I’m gonna go in and
get the crackers it’s alright just stay out here I’ll get
the crackers and be right back


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