REALISTIC BALDI!!!  ** scary warning **
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REALISTIC BALDI!!! ** scary warning **

Oh my goodness, this looks.. terrifying. Hey chickens! Dan here, and welcome to Baldi’s.. ..remastered. That’s right. Someone’s taken the original Baldi’s game, and made it super realistic and super scary. ‘Cause let’s face it, a bald guy slapping his stick is only scary for the first few times that he gets you, but this one, even judging by the title screen, is going to be terrifying. I can already tell. On the left are the, um, the updates. Bigger challenge, more story elements, new maps; there are maps down the bottom, which is quite cool cool. There’s only one at the moment, but it looks like they’re adding another one; removed the scissors, an-annoying And you know what? Let’s just hit fantastic, press play, and.. Okay, there’s some backstory here. This actually looks really, really good. And it has some backstory to it, or is this just straight up in the school? It’s just cool already. I feel like I’m actually playing Baldi’s Backstory. It’s a good title for a game. Okay.. We have arrived… Hello? Oh my goodness. What? Why am I so small? What if I..(laughter) Oh my goodness, this looks.. It’s like Baldi – Realistic Mode. So I can run.. it looks like I’ve only got one item slot maybe..? Oh my goodness, is this actually- this isn’t even a school, is it? Are we in Baldi’s house? Even just the ambient music creates a mood that just… Is it nice? No. No, no, she’s here. She’s here! Let’s go. I’m out. I’m out. I’m out. Please no! Of all the things, why does she have to be here? Oh.. okay there she is. Look how creepy that is! No! Stay away from me. Okay, I’m stuck. That’s a notebook. Do jumping jacks, press space to jump. Okay, so there’s no rope. That’s fine. But it does stop you from walking. (playtime saying lets play again) Let’s not. What’s this? 7 plus 4.. 11. It’s 11. Oh, okay, so you- there’s only one ques-*slap* I heard him.. (Dan screams) Noo! (playtime says let’s play) No..! Let’s not play, no! Even if you’re in HD, I don’t wanna play. I’m sorry So I was just about to say there’s only one question, which you CAN get correct.. So.. Why are you still here?! Go away! (playtime says let’s play again sometime soon) I’ve already played with you twice now! Yeah, as I was saying, there’s only one question. You can get it right, but he still comes after you. Oh no.. And it’s all gone quiet now. Real quiet. There’s some light over here, so I’m gonna head this way. Okay, maybe not. I can hear him slapping. Let’s go (laughs) Just changed my mind. Isn’t it weird how just a change of graphics can just completely change the way a game feels? We’ve got BSODA’s though. Gimme this. Thank you. We’ve got BSODA’s, got two BSODA’s. Can we grab more then one? Let’s take a look. We can.. I don’t know if that actually worked though. I-(screams) Okay, hello, I’m gonna test out this BSODA. Woah! Oh, that looks awesome! That looks so awesome. Okay, so.. (laughs) That looks sick! So the BSODA’s look good. That’s a positive. You can only have one item at a time though, because.. I grabbed two and it only worked once. ๐Ÿ™ Oh jeez, he’s right there. He’s literally right there. I have seen the principal as well. So I need to be super careful. The good thing is, we don’t have stamina. So we can run for as long as we like. But that means, uh, that the principal could catch us at any moment. What’s in there? Is that detention? Oh dude, that’s scary. BSODA. I need the BSODA. BSODA is the best thing in Baldi’s Basics. Who’s that? Was that the bully? Look how realistic this looks! It’s so creepy! Is that the bully? I’m pretty sure that’s- Aw no, it’s you again! No no, be gone, be gone, begone.. oh.. Jeez that’s the principal there. He goes then pody, ah the hot and that’s the bully noise. Oh, why are you here? What it you’ve got different hair as well. You’ve got brown bits you have it’s fine as it was You know what go away and eat this. Jeez what’s wrong with you? So he still needs so many notebooks for Enter let’s go. Let me grab this. It seems like this loads of be soda. It’s not the same layout either Is that him the other time? Oh No. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Oh, no. No, no, she caught me She caught me quick quick quick quick jump jump jump jump jump Another notebook don’t mind if I do that is 18 Imagine if they gave you like the most ridiculous questions. So you have to do like formulas and stuff like that. That’d be insane. Oh wait Inez the young are these are the forbidden rooms because they’ve got blue lights I Think that might be the case Another notebook that looks like a safe as well What is going on here? This is crazy. Okay for notebooks three to go He’s definitely speeding up. I feel like having stamina though or no stamina even is really really good We’ve already been in there in the principal too. So you’ve seen principal. We’ve seen Baldi we’ve seen playtime but we’ve seen The bully as well have I already said that? Oh, okay, okay Even just the principal by himself looks scary No Y-you know what just catch me just catch me. It’s fine. I like your new haircut Very nice suits you even just the way you walk is super cool even just that makes it a little bit more creepy Okay, this is the cafeteria. We’ve definitely been here already because the Beast is there Oh go away, oh i just ran. Is he gonna hit me? No, he’s chippies chill. He didn’t see me. It’s okay the amount of times That I’ve done jumping jacks is unreal. She also pushed me while trying to get me to do jumping jacks *rip headphone users* (in education and learing) (cough) Okay, okay, that’s how it’s gonna go up my heart Those legitimately terrifying Oh my goodness. How many notebooks I have five four Am I really gonna play this again? Oh that I was doing fine till that. It lured me into a false sense of security I didn’t even do this. Okay Let’s go again. I don’t need to see the little three story. Okay, let’s head let’s head straight and Then ah, there are two books the beginning that I missed and I could never get back here Okay, let’s go one book down Always bsoda in here too. And someone has messed up this classroom My goodness art needs to be quick because he comes straight away in this one I’m pretty sure rather than letting you answer two questions first. This is Thirteen, right? Yeah, it’s that team. Okay Playtime is gonna be super annoying this one See what I mean? She’s right there and I think Who is that? Who is that? That’s bully? Okay bullies there. I can hear the principal We’ve got a- better headstart this time. I don’t think it’s the same layout because There’s no big square in the original Baldy map is there Right, okay, let’s run into here 9 Plus 8 is 17. Let’s go. Why are you wait around? Boy anything look somebody’s floating this dude is literally a magician and it has one leg shorter than the other What’s that about bully ha see you later. Oh my goodness. He was right there, you know, I might not use a bsoda So just get this guy out of here. I can’t drink though gonna go. It looks like I’m using Oh wait. This is a closely one hand. Okay. I didn’t see this earlier either I’m already up to five I could really ah, I swear I used to be so a new Punk Yes B so that be soda be soda grab this. I wonder if he has his own business would be so dope He should do he’d be making a lot of money right now from all the schools buying his oh Is this the sweep room? That’s one thing that’s missing is sweep Blotto – to be honest, I need three more notebooks and then I want to see what happens I don’t even want to try and complete, you know, I do wanna try and complete it, but I just want to find out What happens? When you get the seven notebooks, I need – no NO, no, but no but no, but thank you even the notebooks of creepy. It’s not 410 what come on five done Let’s do some jumping jacks. We’re probably safe in here. I’m just spamming the spacebar spam in Spanish damage *more earrape* *more earrape*- (*scaredy cat*) *cries* So I really wished why did they take the scissors out remove scissors temporarily why why would you do that? I need them so badly Unless that made it really easy Maybe I’m not too sure right let’s try again There you are Again, you’re so annoying the fact that she runs off as well means that she can properly go and find her next attack It’s really really great. I feel like this map is really large as well. Like it’s huge I can’t find any of the places that I found before I’m up to three notebooks already Where is he? I think he’s ahead of me Which is why I should probably turn around Yeah, I’m gonna go this way I Know you might be soda. No, and now she’s got me skipping. Give me this. But he stole my other one. Notebook number four Let’s go I need to Kind of be quiet and hold my breath to try and find out Where on earth he is, I can’t hear him. That’s a good thing. Oh, jeez. There is he’s right there How how does this be? So the work does it even work? it didn’t work last time also he’s not flapping but there’s slap noise is What kind of it like what kind of wizardry is this? Get out of here the garden? See you later. Yes. Give me this There’s actually a lot of bees are in this map. So that’s gonna be my best friend. Wait Maybe this is too out the same or at least very similar because if you go left here That’s the sweep room and there should be Who’s that? There should be two doors up. Okay, maybe not. Yeah, this is definitely not the same Well, I just ran and he didn’t catch me. So this guy is useless. There’s literally a notebook, right? Number five, I think that’s as far as I’ve got so far the bullies there why? Baldi’s there. What? At least those beasts are in detention can I leave about oh *x3 earrape* No, I think I got caught them because of the drinking but I didn’t get caught for the running super weird But I’m not complaining. Let’s forget one wrong Let me see what happens if you get one wrong, but cares normally it’s wrong answers That makes me angry but this time it’s right. *buzzer* Oh I still got the notebook But it sounds like You might get out. Geez, no Always bothering me. I don’t want to be a friend. I’m sorry. Okay, let’s go this way This is run as fast as we can away from this woman. No, I can hear him. I I can hear him. Body’s right there. Oh geez. Okay. Fourteen. Let’s go. Let’s go. Oh, no, I just got done for running Can I leave or does it scare me? Maybe? That’s why it happens. Oh great. Thank you Thank you for coming to detention and ruining my my life. Basically. Oh Yeah, maybe Because I left the tension earlier. It jumped me that might be why that would make sense at least We know now that running the halls does actually send us an attention which isn’t nice the god. Oh Oh my goodness right there No, why would you do this now? I don’t even know where you came from. He’s gonna come around this corner He’s gonna come around this corner mouth. You sewed up. Let’s go AND U JUST STOLEN-(vid edit) Know but my book I can seem to only get up to uh I could only got five notebooks and then it just gets way too hard. I need be so desperate. I’m wearing this way actually Oh, oh how many times baldis literally right there and you push me into the way of him? No (x2) , let’s goooo No, no, no, no you blocked me you blot me I Need this be soda give me this Where are the last two notebooks? I? Don’t know where they are. I Have no idea where I’m going, but I seem to have lost him. I’m literally back at the beginning She’s back. I don’t want to use this be sword I was gonna keep on jumping and see if I can find him. I can hear him. I Think he’s to the left maybe. Yep. There is there is let’s go. Let’s go. Oh He’s really smart, why are you so smart It’s like him run away from him, but I don’t know where the last notebook. So I’ve done this one *angry no*, I want to play with you. I will not play with you. What did I say? Okay, I’m gonna let you catch me for now Just because I can see down both corridors and there is that principle. How are you doing buddy? I’m back at the beginning How did I end up here all the way back at the beginning? Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness I’m going through here. I don’t think I’ve been through here. Actually, it’s so annoying You can only hold one item mind you it would probably be super easy if you could hold more than one right? I’m just going around in circles {he’s not} Oh, is that is that at least like it out run in for now? I don’t know where the last two books are Yes, Bam Bam. Um, okay This is up to six the best. We’ve done so far and ELEVEN. And I’m pretty sure I got one wrong today as well in this in this run No, I want you to be gone, please. I want you to be gone I’m gonna call I’m definitely gonna get caught. Where is the last book dude? Okay quick. Let’s do it. Let’s jump Oh no, oh no more It is so close, I need to send him all the way down this corridor All the way down What did he leave? I think he left That’s fine. That’s fine with me. Where is this? Last one? I Don’t think it’s inside of oh, why you there dude? No, this is a bad idea This is a bad idea. I Don’t know where he is. You are going to get me killed definitely three four five I don’t know Mike to go. I’m just running around aimlessly. I’ve already been here get out of here Baldi be gone. I need another bsoda Desperately, there it is. There it is. I think this is the tension actually Where’s to us book book book? I found it. Okay, let’s see. What happens now Oh, geez, I need to get out I need to get out I Tried I just panicked I just panicked there’s another exit here as well. Oh My goodness Why can’t I get out where are all the exits? Where are all the exits? That’s another one here? Okay, I think we stopped hearing where Bodhi is now as well Dude, none of the exits work this music It’s terrifying. I think I need one more and it’s right here. Come on. Come on, we can make it This is the last one we got it. Let’s go. Yes. Oh We did it.(*congrats*) Oh, we did it what’s gonna happen now? I’m just gonna run as fast as I can Am I good *motorcycle sounds(turn up your volume if u cant hear it)* Let’s see if I’m oh my god Did I do it? Congratulations connected all seven notebooks you completed after hours ending one Oh, What is there more endings for that no surely not I should have been listening to what he said He closed it close okay,*clap* that was kind of cool So terrifying, so okay that was um, that was that Wow that was baldi Realistic version. It’s like a remade version of the game He said he’s adding in first prize the sweep and a new map as well So guys if you enjoyed this, please leave a thumbs up, that’d be greatly appreciated If you want to see the next map me play the next one when it comes out then also, please leave a like That’d be greatly appreciated subscribe. If you are brand new to the channel as well to join a TDM today for daily videos, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. See you later. Have an amazing day. Good. Bye [Outro plays]


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