RECREATING THE TOMBSTONE PICNIC CARTOON – The Sims 4: Bendy and the Ink Machine – Ep 8
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RECREATING THE TOMBSTONE PICNIC CARTOON – The Sims 4: Bendy and the Ink Machine – Ep 8

Wait, Skeleton is eating. Where is it going? I have so many questions about the Skeleton lifestyle. Welcome back to the Sims 4 Bendy and the ink machine theme and This is adorable Bendy why you’re not more pissed about the color on the floor, get rid of the color. Thank you You know how we all feel about color. So when this video is uploaded it might already be old news to you Super Bendy and ink machine fans But the chapter 3 trailer dropped on the day that I am recording this I just have to record it way in advance Because I’m going to be traveling but anyway the chapter 3 teaser trailer was released and it looks pretty freaking epIc and Terrifying, the actual chapter is supposed to be released in September So in honor of the new Chapter 3 teaser trailer being released I’ve decided to pay tribute To the little cartoon that was played in the beginning of the teaser trailer called Tombstone picnic Where Bendy goes and has a picnic in a graveyard which is kind of creepy And Boris is there, and he’s mischievous toward Boris And he gets chased by a Skeleton I’ve decided to try and mimic that scene in the sims you know just for a change of scenery for this episode Let’s travel and we’re going to the spooky vampire area which by the way I forgot we took over the main vampire guy who will take over your house someday too. anyway I wanted to go to this cute little graveyard picnic area over here. Oh my God. What is this? We have actual skeletons This is amazing so yeah after I saw that little cartoon from the teaser trailer. He’s like Maybe I can get some skeletons in this series And what do you know I found a skeleton mod. Kevin’s legit stalking us. It’s making me creeped out. Oh now he is just standing there I really wish this skeleton mod was around when I did the undertale series But I only just came across it when I was making this episode and I gave each of them a different personality Let’s try it up our crew skills in this change of scenery There’s just one sad lonely Skeleton over here. Hello, darkness my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again. My God somebody ready-made hotdogs pack into a sack lunch. Yes Do that boris so you can make yourself a picnic like in the cartoon. Well that was cute okay now Can you eat your sack lunch over here? Oh? He’s packing it and putting it on the floor! This is new. all right now Let’s drag it over here and Here and you and alice are going to have a picnic lunch together and Bendy is going to get his own Wait! No, no, no No, that’s not what you’re supposed to do you’re supposed to pack it into a bag lunch look you made Boris leave! Bendy, oh there. It is okay. You take this and go have your own picnic over here you just ruin everything you know that. looks like there’s stairs by the graveyard where does that go? oh, this is creepy I guess this is where the skeletons sleep at night that makes sense everybody’s crowding in one bathroom really come on guys be a little independent. so everybody needs to up their skill to 8, for episode 8 so Alice can you just go sing somewhere? practicing it perfect we don’t need a microphone. Bendy you have plenty of people to be Mischievious with, well first do it sabores because in the cartoon you mess with Boris a little bit in the beginning. And then do stuff to the Skeletons, scared the skeleton. Ye Pretend to be slapped what? What the heck kind of interaction is that? I hear music. Oh, it’s her singing duh. Did anybody eat the bag lunches no oh no There’s nowhere for Sammy to paint though I’m gonna have to wait to go back home for sammy to up his skill and Boris start cooking for everybody, woohoo with Alice Boris No, oh my God skeletons use the toilet still interesting very interesting Whoa that scared me way to be a jerk Bendy pick it up. This is a weird situation right now Boris, I thought you knew how to cook keep cooking oh, God fire, fire! Boris! Skeleton came to the rescue Even though the fire doesn’t really- hehe and Boris just continues a cook Way to be late to the party Bendy. Bendy is like I know the fires out I just wanted to spray him with the extinguisher. wait what happened to the chicken Boris? Boris what happened to the chicken?Did it got burnt up in the fire? I just didn’t notice? alright We’ll try again. Wait Skeleton is eating. Where is it going? I have so many questions about the Skeleton lifestyle This is the greatest party ever, greatest picnic party ever! I mean come on Boris is playing chess with a skeleton right now I bet you never thought you’d see that level up in mischief skill. Oh yeah, I’ll get extra sim points if I up my skill! well perfect because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. Oh Bendy is getting a Call from that Random vampire that died, Ah no I’m busy. wow for once Boris is almost at level 8 like right on par with everybody else just keep grilling and you keep mischievous-ing-ing Mischievious-ing-ing? Mischieviousing! Devin no! oh no the picnic bag lunches all went bad Why did nobody eat them? wow alice can really just stand and sing until she dies she hasn’t moved once, she hasn’t eaten, She hasn’t gone to the bathroom, she hasn’t slept I know, I’ll use my voodoo doll, summon Johnny! even though it’s almost 1:00 a.m.. On a Sunday. Did you summon Johnny? Where is he? Where’s Johnny? Yes Johnny! What’s up, dude! do Voodoo, Soak! I want to see it happen. Oh? He just poured the water Every time he disappears right at the last second! ooohh There’s a mysterious fog over here Yeah, Boris cooking level 8! I think this is the first time you’ve ever beat everybody good job Boris is done surprisingly And he’s almost that mischief level 8 keep being mischievous to Little Boris here because all the skeletons fell asleep Alice how close are you? Oh your getting there And poor Sammy is like nowhere near, 0% complete toward 8 its ok Sammy we will focus on you when we get home It makes sense Sammy because you went part of the cartoon anyway, you’re a real person. Bendy you know who would love to be messed with and why he’s standing right here Oh you reach level eight anyway. Oh well give Sammy a little bit of attention Oh my God skeletons also have cell phones eww He’s like here. Sammy here. Have my scent that’s disgusting. Oh. He likes it though Did you see that Sammy liked it? I knew it alright so Bendy is done, Boris is the first one done and Alice is almost there. But we can go home so we can start helping Sammy well, thanks skeletons for the awesome tombstone picnic It was great squad move out on Alice cheer up Boris All right, Sammy start painting oh My God our ink blobs are walking so good the are growing up so fast Oh, wow the ink globs are starting to max out in all of their categories Maybe once they maxed out in their categories I will level them to a kid.oh if I do paint from reference I have to take a picture of what he should paint from reference. That’s cool There’s not much to work with though. Let’s see if you draw this yeah. Good luck sammy. Let’s see this magic Oh reached a level eight Alice can now write lyrics by clicking on the microphone Guitar or Piano Very impressive alice, all right all we got is sammy. Then come on paint faster! oh Is it gonna be like the exact image cuz that’s pretty awesome. Oh, who’s calling, oh god I should have known no Devon wow sammy. That’s pretty good Wow, wow, sammy. This is beautiful. This is beautiful work, so keep going Congratulations, sammy. Just finished painting a masterpiece wow It’s a masterpiece. What does that mean?sell to art gallery? Oh? Big leagues now sammy how much you gonna get for it. Oh you’re about to sell a masterpiece these are very rare. Oh Guess we should keep it frame it. Lets sell that one and stick this Masterpiece here Bendy!Bendy!look at my masterpiece Bendi!Bendi!Did you see my masterpiece? Aw Bendy Didn’t Notice. I must keep going until Bendy notices my work. Oh my God. He painted another masterpiece I can’t tell if it’s chicken feet or trees but either way I guess we will frame it and put it on the wall it may burn Bendy’s eyes though because it has color in it. You are on a roll Sammy, Lets just keep going! Oh my god is this a grilled cheese sandwich? Another masterpiece. Oh my God find it idiot does it tell me things I can do to up my skill quicker You are admired three paintings at a museum. This is a masterpiece, so we should frame it and put it on the wall. Sammy We’re taking a trip to the art museum to see if this helps up your skill quicker ah yes Do you feel inspired Sammy come view the art with my admire admire? They just admire paintings and none of them registered because this isn’t a museum. It’s an art gallery. That’s ridiculous You can have reward Potions to help my mood now. There’s nothing to really help him with is art ability, alright we’re at an actual Museum this time admire, admire, Admire will this work? no what the heck! Sims you lied to me! Go home, Bendy or go home. Sammy games rigged wasted my time Go right back to painting oh my God. Yes I’m going to get calls from Skeletons now but no we’re working on something wait wait wait Why is this a masterpiece, but the other one was not of the same exact photo, this doesn’t make any sense! there Yay, painting level 8 Good job, Sammy Bendy is probily going to hate these because they are super colorful. His aspiration says stargaze with random skeleton, That’s amazing! Oh no, bendy is coming he’s not happy. Oh he’s not happy about all of color Sammy is like I’m so sorry my senpai. Oh no. He’s taking them all off the wall. Oh Oh, Sammy’s mad about it. This one is color too. Wow Bendy just took all of them, and then walked away Sammy, I’m so sorry are you okay? Okay? He’s just being crazy. So we’re just going to slowly go away and With that and everybody skills leveled up we get to go take over another house Lets go so this episodes’ comment winner is MonkeyBug73 on the Sims 4 community they use hashtag use my sim in the comments below with their Ea username And if they wanted me to use a specific household and here we go Lauren please use this one I will do that two girls a little boy perfect. I get to use my new child’s custom content. Yay We have arrived go knock on the door infiltrate squad infiltrate why hello there Where’s the rest of your family? Oh there they are prepare to be cartoony-fied Oh, yes, welcome and enjoy your new home I love the kid custom content, but it’s where the ink like got into his eyes So it looks like he has irises even though I blacked out their eyes pretty creepy. I like it So yes, this is their new ink – out cartoon it out home. Enjoy it Bendy Squad Move out! Well, I think that’s going to be it for this episode of the Sims 4 Bendy and the ink machine theme How many we’ve done so far that’s not even counting that love cottage vacation home? I did we have almost half of the map done We have 9 cartoon-ified plots and 12 left to go to clear this whole map so not half way But almost as always guys if you made it this far into the video make sure to give it a thumbs up for you go leave a comment below with your Sims 4 username and Hashtag use my sims if you would like to have the chance to be Selected for next episode subscribe if you are new to the channel I put out new videos Every single day and as always. I will Z you guys soon.


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