Recycled Plastic Picnic Table by Kedel – Derwent Junior Range

Hello, my name is Lewis Walch, I’m one of
the directors of Kedel Limited based in Colne in Lancashire, and every time I come out here
to talk about our products it seems to look like it’s going to rain. And I’m hoping I’m
not going to get soaked. This is very typical of British weather. And the Products that
I’m talking about, it’s very appropriate today because they’re completely impervious to water.
The look like wood; but we call it ‘synthetic wood’, or ‘plastic wood’. It doesn’t rot.
It doesn’t absorb water. It’s impervious to frost, insects. And it’ll last far longer
than any wooden bench you could ever buy. And you’ll never have to paint it. It’ll never
need any kind of maintenance apart from wiping down. It doesn’t rot, doesn’t crack, doesn’t
warp. And it’s become very popular with institutions and schools in particular because we can make
them in very bright colours. You’ll see that we’ve used security screws on these. And you
might think that there could be a problem with graffiti; you can wipe any graffiti or
marks off the table very easily with WD-40. And of course you can use a bit of ultra fine
wire wool – As you can see it comes off perfectly. It’s as if it wasn’t there. The product is
actually made from crushed CD cases. It’s all recycled plastic from British waste plastic.
As you can see I’ve got here a blue one, a red one, a very bright yellow, and a green
one. We can also make these in mahogany, or in oak. And if you have a school colour or
nursery colour that you want us to emulate, provided you order enough, we can make even
in those colours. And these tables are designed just to suit children between 4 and 10 years
old. The seat height is 360mm and the table height again matches that. This is a really
beautiful product and will be much easier to raise money for because if you have to
go to your PTA to raise money they like to get something which has long term value. And
these will last at least 5 times longer than a wooden bench. I believe you were involved
in the PTA getting these – why did you get them? – Really because the children needed
something better than what they’ve got. All they’ve got is a blank canvas really. – But
why get recycled plastic? – Well why not? You want something thats going to last and
durable…So if you’d like to have one of these, or several of these picnic tables,
all you have to do is go to our website:, and or them online. Or you might prefer to
give us a call to discuss what you’re needs are, in which case you would call: 01282 861325.
The winds getting up, and the rains on its way. But thank you very much for listening.

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