Red Cedar Picnic Table with Attached Benches from
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Red Cedar Picnic Table with Attached Benches from

Here is a great red cedar picnic table featuring
the traditional A frame design. But, with the rich western red cedar wood, it elevates
it to a higher styling. If you look at the construction, especially here where the attached
benches meet the table, you can see the expert and sturdy craftsmanship that will allow you
to enjoy this table without worrying about it being damaged or windblown during a storm.
Of course, many customers choose stainless steel hardware and stain/sealer. It further
protects it from harsh elements. And, if you’re looking to create that true, restaurant-style
outdoor dining experience, you can add a two inch umbrella hole right here in the center
of the table. We’ll do that for you at no additional charge. This picnic table can easily
transition from burgers and dogs to fine wine and cheese tasting, and serve you for season
after season. If you notice all of the edges and corners, they’re sanded until they’re
rounded and completely smooth. This not only contributes the table’s overall beauty,
it’s also an important safety measure for those in and out of the benches. This is top
quality, made in the USA, you’re going to love it year round with your family and friends.

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