Red Lodge Provincial Park Campground | Alberta Camping Review
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Red Lodge Provincial Park Campground | Alberta Camping Review

hey everybody welcome back to Alberta
Camping I’m out here at a Red Lodge Provincial Park checking out the campground
here not a bad little campground looks pretty good I’m in the A loop A9 is
what I’m in right now there’s quite a few small sites they’re not huge it’s a
small loop as well, it’s reservable, I’m going to check out some other loops I know D loop is not
reservable so it’s the first come first serve just to give you guys a little bit
of a tip when you come out here I’d suggest bug spray as soon as I got
out of the truck when I got here I’m basically swarmed by mosquitoes and it’s
very very bad mosquito bites so I would suggest you bring some mosquito coils
and other things to keep these things off of you so I’m gonna take a drive
around I’ll stop in some other areas and we’ll do some shots and let you guys see
the campground so driving around the campground
I noticed the C loop and A and B loop are basically all reservation only that
means that you gotta reserve parts of the C loop which is powered there’s a
few sites in there there are first come first serve doesn’t look like too many
some of them are pretty small now one thing I did notice about the the
loops the A, B and C is especially the C loop it actually is very tight sites are
very close together so you’re really right on top of your neighbor and there
is a few sites that aren’t too bad but most of them you’re on top of your
neighbor so that could be an issue it’s right on little Red Deer River so that’s
kind of good which might explain the mosquito issue out here it’s a slow
moving River so I think that’s why we’re seeing quite a bit of mosquitoes would I
camp here? good chance I think I would spend a week or a weekend here no
problem I want to bring some mosquito coils or whatever you use to chase away
those little buggers but other than that it’s not a bad little campground there’s
a lot of trails around it is a provincial park so you can check out
different trails and take you to different areas I’ve heard good things
about this campground I I think a lot of people enjoy it and
like it it’s a little bit of our lesser known lesser used it’s actually
west of Bowden on highway 587 and about 16 kilometres west of Bowden
so yeah it’s definitely not a bad campground it’s got showers it’s got
outhouses throughout nice playground for the kids there is a couple of group
camps actually there’s three of them and we’ll will show you those now but
those three group cramps are not for campers they’re actually for tenting
so if you’re an RV looking for a group camp you’re not gonna find one here it’s
only gonna be tenting and they’re fairly large so those are right next to the
shower house but otherwise yeah it’s a pretty nice little campground I would be
if you’re gonna reserve I would definitely recommend you to follow the
guide on Alberta Parks reservation website on how big a unit can fit in to
the site you want to reserve I find they’re kind of liberal sometimes that
they do say that you know the length you can probably be a few feet
longer our trailers 28 foot and I do see quite a few sites that we could
squeeze in but we just be just be in there
and there’s definitely a few sites where no you could not squeeze a 28 foot unit
into it so those of you who have you know the 40 foot units or you know
anything over 30 feet you definitely you would want to make sure that the site
you’re reserving can’t accommodate you I even saw one of the sites over in the C
loop with one of them I didn’t even see a place you can park a vehicle it looks
like you can pitch a tent but there was nowhere to actually park a vehicle there
even if you were just tenting so yeah I did notice yeah the C loop definitely is
a little bit tight, you’re right on top of your neighbors I’m in the D loop right now
next to the river the D loop wasn’t too bad I noticed
the neighbors aren’t quite on top of you as there are some sites actually
where you’ve got lots of room around you but yeah that’s definitely in the middle
of that C loop was very tight I wouldn’t want to be that close to my neighbors on
some of those sites for sure unless you’re coming up with family or friends
who are gonna be next door to you wouldn’t be so bad then but you
we don’t want to be that close to your neighbors sometimes it’s definitely a
campground I wouldn’t hesitate to come to
rating I’d probably give it about a seven out of ten it’s it is nicely treed
I’ll give it that much it’s got some nice evergreens and it’s not like some
parks where you only get you know some shade in the summer so this is
definitely a decent park but tight so you definitely want to scout out where
you’re gonna be and make sure you’re following the reservation tips and
actually you can actually look at the first-come first-serve sites on the
reserve Alberta site and you can check and see what lengths some of these units
can be accommodated so after a quick tour of the loops here I’m gonna be
saying I recommend you look at the D loop specifically 73 71 72 74 anything
along in those areas actually is very nice
lots of room big sites they’re not too close to the neighbors and they’re right
on the river so those would definitely be the sites I would use and check out
if I was coming to this area they’re first-come first-serve not
reservable so yeah if you’re looking for a site out here those are the ones that
are prime obviously but the D loop is the one you want to go for other than
that A loop was very mosquito infested and it’s right next to the highway so lots
of traffic these ones are a little further in which is definitely is a
better place to be thanks for watching happy camping don’t forget to Like and
subscribe to this channel and we’ll have more all summer long right here on
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