REI Presents: A Walk In The Park
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REI Presents: A Walk In The Park

(wind blowing) Your body’s just so
messed up from the swim. But if you don’t you know, eat food, if you don’t
get into your dry clothes, I mean, it would be so easy to just quit. You gotta get that food in. You gotta get that water in. You’ve gotta get to the next step. (light guitar music) My name is Kelly Halpin and I spent the majority of
my life growing up in Jackson right on the border
between the National Park and the National Forest. So it was just like an endless playground. I grew up staring at the Tetons and I’m a professional illustrator so basically watching
the whole cycle of life of animals migrating, dying, you come across carcasses
in the woods all the time and just seeing that cycle of animals, flowers, trees, snow, rain, and it’s hard not to be
inspired by that. (laughing) I feel like we’re on this planet for a very very short period of time and it’s silly to waste your
life not being happy and not pursuing you know your passions. Kelly grew up on a ranch
since she was a little girl. And I think it really had
a huge influence on her, as an artist and as a
mountaineer and as a person. Just staring at the Tetons, I think really influenced
her as far as like wanting to be in those mountains and wanting to explore. Wanting to find a way to get up there. It seemed so improbable but it’s an incredible
adventure to get up there. Woo hoo. How you feeling? You know those mountains
and the lakes and things have been here forever, but it wasn’t until
recently that Dave Gonzales meshed all of ’em together. David Gonzales’ picnic idea is to do a human powered natural
obstacle course in Jackson. It’s an adventure of the mind. It’s an adventure in the Tetons. You can do it however you want. The whole idea is to go
out and challenge yourself. The picnic is kind
of also a joke in a way. It’s not necessarily picnicking. It’s one of the hardest things a lot of people have ever done. It’s not for like a gold medal or a bronze medal. It’s just whatever you can accomplish and if you can accomplish it. – Picnicking is 23 miles to
Jenny Lake from town on a bike and then 1.3 miles
across the lake swimming, three miles flat to the
Lupine Meadows Trailhead and then 6,000 feet
straight up. (laughing) And then do it all again in reverse. (sizzling) When my partner, Brea last year, she got really sick on the descent and blacked out and it was just really really scary. I mean like, the mountains are all
fun and games until … Until they’re not, you know. So this is my checklist. I need my headlamp, sport legs, sunglasses, my GoPro, iPod, ax, Opedix tights, water tabs, water bag, Nuun, chicken broth, bacon, stinger bars, chocolate, Ibuprofen, squeezy bottle. I have just my water stuff here like … Wetsuit, booties, cap, goggles, rope, boogie board, dry bag. I don’t swim. I hate cold water. I hate water in general. And Jenny Lake is what like 250 feet deep. I mean it’s terrifying. (upbeat banjo music) Just got done doing some
last minute shopping. Got my donut. (chirping) (water sloshing) I … am excited. (laughing) I don’t really want to go
swimming right now but … It’s not time to think about swimming. It’s time to think about going biking. We’ll worry about the
swimming when it happens. (bluesy guitar music) (rustling) (water sloshing) (gasping) I think this is the hardest part is getting out of the water. (gasping) You can’t really allow
yourself the luxury of resting for too long you know. You’ve got to get to the next step. You’ve got to get moving, that’s how you stay warm. (upbeat rock music) My doughnut is in a sad state but … It’ll taste just as good I think. Getting to the midpoint
in any of those picnics, whatever the summit is
of the middle of those and being like “I’m here. “Now I just have to go
backwards and do it all again.” (laughing) I mean there’s something
very beautiful about doing all of these things in Jackson that are right out your front door. Before I started doing these crazy picnics that David came up with, I had no idea what I was capable of. You could totally apply that to so many aspects of your life I mean, with work or with a a relationship. It’s amazing to reach that, that kind of exhaustion, and be able to push yourself through it. Just like when I was in the water and I was swimming across
the lake for the second time and there was a really strong current that was pushing me away. (light piano music) I’d just like to thank
cheeseburgers for existing because that might be the only reason I made it across (laughing) was for a beer and a cheeseburger. I was so hungry. In the end it’s just to
see what you’re capable of. So many people won’t do things because they don’t know what’s gonna happen or they’re scared and when you can get over that hump and push yourself and you know see where it takes you, you know, it can take you to some
pretty cool places.


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