Relic Hunting With A Military PI Metal Detector – Vallon VMH3CS

This is my new toy. A military (pulse induction) metal detector. Intended to find mines in war zones. It’s called “Vallon VMH3CS”. I bought it used. The coil. The manual doesn’t say anything about coins… Stormy weather, hopefully nothing falls on my head. I will be using a pulse induction machine for the first time. I bought a home made unit (without G.B.) once, but it was not working in my soil. I will learn how to detect with it, as I’m making the video… Please don’t expect miracles. The arm cuff was broken, but I “fixed” it with kydex. Feels solid. It weights 5.5 lbs (2,5 Kg). I’m turning it ON for the first time outside. The vibration is not working. I have to activate it by pressing three buttons and turning it on. Now it works. First target? Pinpoint button. Hmm… Strangely inconsistent. One second please… What is this? The detector doesn’t like my Garrett pinpointer. It not only reacts to it, it actually affects the pinpointer. I think, the detector is reacting to the soil and not to a target. Look, it’s the soil that is giving the signal. I think, I have to use the “mineral” mode. I will try to ground balance it. I read the manual before this trip, but I’m not sure if that’s the correct procedure. I think, I released the button too early… One more time. I hope, now it’s correct? It was the mineralized soil. It doesn’t react to it anymore. I’m trying a 20 Cent coin. It seems to work… First real target. Iron. This detector has no discrimination. It reacts to all metals (iron included). WWII shrapnel. A flat piece of iron. I’m reducing the sensitivity a little bit. I have to play with it, to observe what it does. I don’t know… Probably deep iron. We will never find out… I assumed, this is iron, because of the double beeps… I apologize for the noise. I tried to change the frequency… …but I changed the tone frequency instead. I should have taken the manual out of the bag… It’s a round iron object – sorry for the camera angle! I tried to remember, how to set the G.B. manually, but I failed. I will have to use the “auto” function. A small bird… It’s raining, but the detector should be water “resistant”. I mean, it rains during war too… I apologize once again for the wrong camera position. I had to improvise, before leaving home. It was a chunk of iron. Iron again… The forest looks beautiful. I think, I missed a signal… It’s hard to believe, but I think, I found a button. The detector beeps every two seconds to indicate, that it is working. A quite useful info for the soldier… A piece of iron. Be quiet. I’m short on time. Another chunk of iron. There seems to be something else next to it. It’s a silver coin! “1/48 Thaler” (1776). GPS (“POI”) #1. I’m in shock. I wasn’t expecting this. The pinpointer is not even on :). He clearly doesn’t like it… Another signal in the same spot. You can’t even imagine, how annoying it was for me… Part of a brick, or just a stone? It’s a musket ball. It’s still working. There is still something… The signal improved dramatically, after I removed the leaves. A small change, with big impact. It’s round… One second please… A tiny silver coin! Max sensitivity. I think, that was it… A piece of iron. It’s a musket ball. I thought the strong signal came from the musket ball… …that’s why I was happy. Another musket ball. One more. It slides down… Another musket ball. The trees are making noises again… ??? What was that? It came from the sky. You like it don’t you? For him it feels like home. I have to check, if I’m still alive. Not again… It’s like ice. I will never learn… Aluminum can or something… Hmm… It fooled me. Just a washer. Maybe it was located on edge… Could be positioned this way… It’s iron. A piece of wire. The rest… It’s an ax. It’s time to go… I have mixed feelings… Please wait for the pictures… …you may also take a look in the description for more details. The musket balls. The button. The smaller silver coin (1700’s?). ID? Cleaned a little bit. The first silver coin: “1/48 Thaler” (1773). Not cleaned. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: 2h:30min

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