Renegade Restoration Win the July Camping Giveaway | Fort McMurray, AB
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Renegade Restoration Win the July Camping Giveaway | Fort McMurray, AB

Hey Fort McMurray We had a big draw in July for our customers anybody that test drove a vehicle got an entry for this draw anybody that purchased a vehicle got a second entry We’re giving away this entire camping gear set We’ve got chairs here, we’ve got the beautiful
double chair, we’ve got another camping chair here, a cooking set, full cast iron cooking set, We’ve even got the camping kitchen comes with a grill stove combo We’ve got our lantern package here Full kitchen with the table, cooler, the cups and the chairs to go along with it Ton of gear here. We want to announce the winner! I got my man Tony here He is going to open up this tent and reveal the winner What do we have in there Tony? Surprise!!!!!!!! Hey Fort McMurray Don’t forget we are also giving away with this tent the mattress and the sleeping bags as well So in here I’ve got the names of everybody who test drove and bought a vehicle last month. Tony will you do the honours? and the winner is….. and the winner is Renegade Restorations! Congratulations, you’ve won yourself a camping
package Thanks so much for coming down and helping Legacy Dodge find you a perfect vehicle We’ll be contacting you shortly Congrats guys! Let Your Legacy Start Here!

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