Returning the RV to the Dealership ~ Valuable Lessons when RV Shopping

And today, is the day we return this
Class C Motorhome to Sky River RV! Miraculously everything did fit into the
focus! So we thought it would be a nice time, while the RV is clean and we still
have it, to talk to you guys a little bit about the things we really liked. And the
things that we kind of compromised on in this Class C.And…. I think the lesson
always to be learned with an RV is, you’re never gonna find one that ticks
every single box! Nothing bothers you, unless you build it yourself from
scratch! But… It’s finding the one that ticks the most of your boxes and the few
things that you personally feel comfortable compromising on!…. So a quick
wrap around the exterior of this Motorhome…. It is a 2016 Leprechaun
Coachmen. It is for sale at Sky River RV. They let us drive it around for like
three weeks and make videos. It is a great motorhome. Like seriously, we put
this thing to the test for three weeks! There are obviously a few little things
that need to be fixed. Like nothing big! Like a little switch for the fan in the
bathroom. Little stuff like that! But you’re always gonna have stuff like that.
Never think you’re gonna have the perfect experience when you’re buying
anything! There’s always gonna be glitches…So, power awning, love that
feature! Definitely getting one of those! Something our class 8 doesn’t have, is
the ahhh…Fan in the hood above the stove! Doesn’t vent to the exterior. It just
kind of comes out above the microwave! Defeats the whole purpose! So I liked the
exterior vent and I like these small windows because we’re able to leave it
with some level of security, knowing that unless you shove your toddler through
there, no ways of breaking in! “Billy, Billy, unlock the door!”…. This storage bay
is humongous guys! We didn’t even have a chance at filling this thing up….They
even have ice chests in here…Yeah and they have drains…And shelving which we’ve shown you before but it
really is awesome! And then because it’s such a big-ass
compartment, you have a rear entry. Alright! I know a lot of Class C people
have to deal with this but not having a separate wet Bay kinda ached me. And
having to shove the sewer holes into the bumper… Such an!… I don’t know.I just didn’t
dig that because you had to disconnect that 90 degree piece that goes into the
actual sewer hookups at campsites! Just, you get way too intimate with your sewer
holes when you’re dealing with this stuff. The outdoor shower was great because I
washed off our fishing rods and over time you’d use the heck out of that! You
know, you don’t have just like a gravity fill for your freshwater tank so you
hook it up to there.This is a flushing for the black tank. Didn’t
use that but I’m sure it works fine! What else did I like over here?… So the
driving this thing… It is great because like I’m a big dude here! I feel small
driving this thing like there’s all kinds of room! It’s like, that’s a lot of
headroom being a 6-footer! So the driving was awesome!…. And I’ll throw in my two
cents here! I thought that the captain seats in this RV were the most
comfortable RV seats I’ve ever sat in!…. Yep they are!…Super comfortable….But… What we deal with in our Class A
is there’s a slide out right behind me So…. A lot of times I’m driving old Nellie
like this…. Obviously it’s a whole different layout but….
Yeah! This is great! Like totally comfortable!….. And real quick, another
cute puppy! This little guy is Jackson. Cute guy!…. Now for the inside! I have to
say that having this bed over the cab is pretty awesome! Even if you don’t have
anybody sleeping up there, it is incredible for storage space! And
then this, is really awesome because… To keep you from rolling out… Well to keep
people from rolling out but also when you’re driving them to keep stuff up
there so it doesn’t fall on you!…. So this is the only TV in the house and… You know,
it was nice enough, it’s, because it swings out… Make sure you don’t bonk your
wife in the head with the TV or your elbow…. Yes please!… And so you kind of watch
the TV….When you’re in bed! So it is a long shot…. But it doesn’t angle this way!
I would replace that with something that angled up and down so you could be
comfortable watching it from the…. And a 12-volt TV because you do have the old
12 volt cigarette lighter hookup up there. That way you don’t have to be on
the show power! And now…. Our buddy Steve! Good morning….Gosh! We’re coming up on
like 20 years of friendship….. Oh yeah! But we’re gonna be coming back up to you
guys because we have to come back to the Central Coast. So we’ll spend a weekend
together. We’ll like plan it out…And do a good visit…. Yeah! Maybe even do a little
hunting…. Yeah for sure!….. That’s a can arm side by side over there…. And you are a
new RVer yourself…. Correct!…Went from, Yeah!..You went from a cab over to that
big old toy hauler! Awesome!…. Loving it! Thanks for letting us crash here!……Oh no
problem!It was a pleasure!… That is a cute puppy… Yeah!A pain in the butt though!….Okay! So the next
thing to point out is, I loved how many vents we have in here! Nellie is 10 feet
longer and it only has two vents! This one has three. It was so nice to be able to
move air, leave them open while we were away so that fresh air exchange would
happen! I think we would personally add those covers that go on top
of the roof fence…. Yeah rain covers and wind covers so you can drive with them…. And actually there’s 4 with the one in the bathroom. I forgot that one…. Yeah! And Nellie has 3….Yeah!…. So we love the cabinetry
space but no matter what…. You’re always gonna question and say this…. “What were
they thinking?”…. And this is…. What were they thinking? Like… Put… Maybe a dollar or fifty
or two dollars worth of like hinging…So this would just hold itself up! Trying to
load those was…A nightmare!…. Yeah! It got frustrating!…. Yeah! So there’s two of this extra cabinet or extra counter space!…Yes! Digging that and
our next RV is gonna have something very similar!…. I know all of the new RVs have
great drawers now but I did really like how this has a significant latch. And
when you close it, Its closed… And they’re deep… I love sturdy feelings…..
Totally cabinetry! Loved all of it.Everywhere! So talking about cabinetry, this and this…
You know, it’s: “What were they thinking?” Love the use of space but…. You open this
cabinet and it only goes there and you can’t have anything on the counter here
or else you can’t open it! So if we were to buy this rig, we would probably put
some type of…. Yeah! Just remove the door and put some type of a retaining
decorative bar there. So we could just access it and this is a hugeeeee cabinet…You know, you could, stuff…. Organized properly, it’s amazing! So if
you’re gonna buy this rig, you just have to buy some organizational bins to
put everything in so that it’s easy to grab and things don’t fall over on each
other!….. So moving on to the bed and sleeping area. This bed is like
surrounded by walls on all three sides. Obviously that’s a sacrifice when you
are in a 23-foot RV but….. We’ve come to the conclusion,
there is no way of making this bed and keeping it looking neat without spending
what?….A twenty minute bed making…It took a while… So I’ve heard about these beds in a bag and things
like that. I think that would be ideal! What we ended up doing was putting a
fitted sheet on the bed and then our two pillows and we each had a blanket. And
then at the end of the night, we would fold the blankets up, put them at the end
of the bed. It looked neat and clean and in the
evening you got into a comfortable bed and you grabbed your blanket!…. But you got
to remember, it took us years to dial in our RV called Nellie
back home in Alaska. So….. You know, yeah! Don’t expect everything to be perfect
and make it your own!…. The padded headboard was nice! The little lights up
there, one shelf over there was adequate, there could, and we would, put a little something over there!….Ah,
you kind of liked having the thermostat all within reach!…Hahaha! I loved that!…Even though it was just
the two of us on this trip. I really liked that there is a curtain you could
draw and make your sleeping space separate!…. Yeah!…. And, there’s curtains for
up there privacy…. The fridge, I actually kind of liked how it defrosted itself….. And
when you close the freezer, it goes like…. How does that go again?….I don’t know because I
just choked myself but…. It’s seriously sealed! Like ours doesn’t do that at
all!… Yeah! But… Old Nellie is a 99…. Yeah!… So storage space for clothing, actually
pretty amazing considering how small this RV is! The only thing I would say is
that, it’s kind of a challenge because one person ends up with a tiny drawer
and one person ends up with a big drawer! Now we you did utilize swinging around
to all the cabinetry above the bed. Clothes got stored up there and folded.
So one of the features that we love….. Is this RV has a dry bath but… Keep in mind,
you get a lot in this 23-foot body. But…. It is a little
tide in here. And I know I’m not petite but we were able to function in here. But
it did get a little… Tight spinning around!…. And I know a shower enclosure is
a shower enclosure! But we found that we’re constantly knocking things off
these shelves! So we would probably put some type of shelving for your shampoos
and stuff up here in the areas where your shoulders are not…. And this cords
not gonna knock things off but…. A great shower! And liked having the door. That
was pretty cool! And…. the skylight is not just decorative it actually gives you
head space because it’s a shower enclosure and you lose like six inches
there for the plumbing…. Like in the kitchen here, this cabinet could use some
redesigning! Because no matter what, everything is gonna fall out when
you open it!….. So the last couple of things we really liked, there are tons of lighting in
this place! And its really nice, soft lighting! Uhhhm…. Also, loved not having any
carpeting. Nellie has carpet, this has all window aluminium floors. It was so easy to
just sweep it up and keep it clean! Uuhhm… Can I say something real quick? I really,
really liked this but I’m gonna be all the way back here. But the big open space,
it’s really, really nice…And I swear that I know Nelly has a slide but… I really do
think, it maybe just be an illusion, that this is wider than our 99 Allegro!…It feels like it!It’s just Very spacious! And especially considering
that this thing has no slides…. Yep! Which is not a bad thing!…No!… I was really worried
about not having slides. I thought it’d be miserable because the slide makes
such a difference in Nellie. But in this one, it was very comfortable! It’s totally open!
We loved it!…. Yeah!… And one thing that I will have on the next RV because we’d
always thought we wouldn’t want one of these, is an u-shaped dinette! You can be
comfortable here for working, eating relaxing….Yeah…..And it’s all set back here
and we set on the sides…. But it’s spacious… It’s not like ahh… Like a big guy, getting
up into a booth at a restaurant. Where you know, like this. It’s like oh wow, there’s all kinds of room…And this is where I set to watch Tv..And I put a pillow at the back here,and I got comfortable and I could have like a book or my computer or whatever here…It was awesome!…We’re gonna wrap this up!…I hope that this helped you to just think about
things that you might like, the things that are, you know, I’ve got to have it!
Deal-breakers for you versus things you can compromise on! This was an awesome
rig and if you would like to buy it, it’s for sale at Sky River. After being in it
for three weeks, we are very comfortable in saying, that it is a sound rig! It is
well built! And while we pointed out the little things that bothered us, they’re
all fixable number one. And number two, it’s a lesson to you! If you’re looking
for a Motorhome, that you’re never gonna find one that’s perfect! It’s just like a
house! You move into a house and then you fix the things that bothered you! But
there’s so many things in this rig that are great and things that we realized
for our next rig that we’d like to have! So…. Hopefully this helped you to
be thoughtful about what you need when you buy your next rig. And… Things about a
Class C that we didn’t know we shared with you as well!….. Alright dude! We’ll
see you in a few weeks…. Alright, alright! Sounds good bro!… Alright!We are back at Sky River RV in
Paso Robles. Ahh services is going to ahh… Take this awesome little RV off our hands and….
Then we’re are RVless again!! Well, we still have an RV! It’s just in Alaska
right now!… Hi there!…Hi…How did it go?…It was great!.. You had a great time?…. Yeah!…Fabulous!… We made a lot of great videos! Now I need to
edit them…We sure are crammed in here! That is full! And you can imagine the
trunk is just as full! So I have a video idea guys and they are agreeable here at
Sky River. But what do you think about a “Behind the scenes at an RV dealership
video.”… I used to work at a Ford dealership, you know, when I was younger!
So I know there are many, many aspects to it! And I thought it’d just be great to
educate everyone as to what actually goes on behind the scenes at an RV dealership! Alright! We have arrived! Alright guys! We are done!
We’re in Oakland, at ahhh… Becks mom’s house! And we’re gonna stay in one place, for
four nights. Only four nights!… But ahh..Thanks for riding along with us! Thank you to
Central Coast Now and Sky River and to all the RV parks that we stayed at! It
was a great journey!…And…All the businesses we worked with… Yeah! Totally! It’s so much fun! So incase this is your
first video that you’ve seen, go back about… You know, about 15 other, 20 other videos
and you’ll see everything we did here on the Central Coast of California! But….
Thanks for watching! Hit that SUBSCRIBE button and we’ll see you later!

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