Reuniting With Our Son
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Reuniting With Our Son

– As I get closer to Chad and as the time gets closer
for us to see him again, I keep getting teary! I was getting teary over my eggs did you see me crying over my eggs? – I just though they were spicy (laughs) – Can’t wait to see Chad. (laughing)
(clapping) (inspirational music) (car skrrting) (engine roaring) (inspirational music) I did not think that I was going to cry
because I feel like I’ve kept such composure over the last few months and as its getting closer and closer to as I get closer to Chad
and as the time gets closer for us to see him again (sighs) I keep getting teary! I was getting teary over my eggs, did you see me crying over my eggs? – I just thought they were spicy (laughs) – I was just emotional.
– I was getting teary too but that’s because of
the spice of the tobasco. – Kevin (laughing) so hot! – Kevin! Chad sent us this poem and he asked us to memorize it. I don’t think Chad realizes what a, how hard of a task he was
asking his mother to do because I don’t have room in my brain to remember things like lines. (laughs) Any production company that’s
ever worked with me knows that I do not memorize lines
but, I memorized this poem and I think its really sweet. Kevin memorized it too so if I mess up, will you step in and help me? – Yeah. – Okay. “I walked where ancient ones once lived. “My head I lay in their early dwelling. “Moving night wind whispers “how they honor their belonging place. “To begin anew is my hearts desire. “I now seek my belonging place.” – Nailed it. – Nailed it. So, we just finished up
with a parent meeting we’ve been in some training
for a couple of hours. Just getting to know what to
expect when we go see our son maybe a reminder of what kind
of mindset we are having. Chad essentially is
gonna be our Trailwalker since we’re new to the
trail and we don’t know what we’re doing, he is
going to be our guide. So, I’m really excited to see
him in that leadership role. What’s also struck me as very eye-opening and very interesting was, in this parent meeting, all of these parents were so different. There are parents from all
over the United States. There are parents here who are single, there are parents here
who are step-parents. So, we’re all different, but
yet when we’re in this room and we’re talking, there
are no inhibitions. There are no topics that are taboo. – Well, there’s no differences at all. – There’s no differences! We’re all the same and we all, in that commonality is,
we love our children. And we want what’s best for them. And we’re doing our best. That’s enough to make us the
same, that’s enough to bond, that’s enough to connect us. Just the love that I
feel in this experience and the love I felt in that
room was just so powerful. And if we could all be vulnerable, like we were in that
room, if we could all be, if we could all just walk
through life vulnerable, how peaceful and loving
this world would be. I’m just so grateful I
get to be a part of it and to have a little
piece of this experience. Can’t wait to see Chad. (inspirational music) We’re getting closer! (inspirational music) So, all of the other parents
brought hiking backpacks and we have to bring luggage?! Kevin! Why didn’t we get a backpack? – I was told it was less than 100 yards. (wheels rolling) – You, did you bring your foot spa too?! – And my calf massager. – Where’s the outlets? We’re spoiled. – This is nice and smooth. – We were told setting
bear traps in the woods is the language we’re
gonna use for um, you know. – Going number two. – Going number two. And they suggested we find a
nice smooth rock to help… – And get it wet.
(laughing) Instead of toilet paper.
– Instead of toilet paper. And so I told Kevin this is a terrible wiping rock. – That would be terrible.
– That would be terrible. But this one wouldn’t be bad.
– But, this one, is smooth. I think that would work. – Mm-hmm. (laughing)
– What about this one? – (laughing) No! You use that one. We found our little camp area. We were told to find a juniper tree and we could sleep on the
ground under the juniper tree because the ground is
maybe a little softer because of the leaves. Now that we found our little camp spot, all the parents have separate camp spots. We’re all about, 200-300
yards away from each other so that we all have our
privacy with our child. And now, we wait. (inspirational music) Oh my gosh! (laughing) (clapping) (Mom laughing happily)
(Kevin clapping) (Chad crying)
(Mom laughing happily) (upbeat music) – You don’t smell near as
bad as I thought you would. (Mom and Kevin laughing) – Let me see you
– I haven’t seen your face yet – [Chad] Now you’ve seen it! (Mom and Kevin laughing) – You look so good!
– Holy crap. – You look so good. – [Chad] You guys are just… (Mom laughing) I haven’t seen you guys in forever! 10 weeks now. (crying) That’s crazy. Okay. Let’s get things going. (Mom and Kevin chuckle) Guys, where do I even start? – [Mom] I don’t know. – [Chad] Like, where do you guys, like… – [Mom] I wanna know everything and I want you to be the one
to lead the conversation. – [Chad] I’m the parent now, holy crap. – I know!
– You are! I’m… – [Mom] We don’t know what we’re doing! – [Kevin] I’m at your mercy here, Chad. – [Mom] Chad, so, show us– – [Kevin] Show me how to survive. (upbeat funky music) – Dude, its a camera!
– Or do you guys want To fully be present?
– I haven’t seen like, our camera in forever. It’s so crazy. This is a bow. This is what you use to spin. This is the tree called Juniper. I actually snapped my bow yesterday from, my very first bow. I snapped it yesterday. So I had to hurry and
grab one for you guys. This is my knife, I have this
antler and I got the blade, and I shoved the antler in the blade. And then, inland turquoise a C into it. – [Mom] You did the C with turquoise? – I did this whole knife, yeah. – Whoa.
– Yeah. – [Mom] That is amazing. (upbeat funky music) (sawing) (upbeat funky music) – So this is all shaggy bark juniper. I actually found this like, yesterday. And, I just break it up, really superfine. – [Mom] Do you find that
on the tree or do you. – Yeah, so, you find it on the tree and you pick off the bark.
– Yeah. And its super fine wood.
– Yeah. – But you gotta break it up till its like really, like, really fine. – [Kevin] I wanna hear
all of your crazy stories. (Mom laughs) – I’m not even gonna be
able to tell all of ’em. – [Mom] You’re gonna be telling
stories for years to come. (chill tropical music) (sawing) – [Kevin] That is so cool! – Yeah!
– Look at that! (chill tropical music) – [Mom] (gasps) Oh my gosh! There it is! (chill tropical music) – [Kevin] Man, I’m just gonna let you light my pizza oven from here on out. (Mom laughs) (chill tropical music) You did awesome. – [Chad] Yeah. I’m surprised I did this. – [Mom] This is awesome. This is the best fire ever. (car engine roars) (car skrrts) (engine roars)

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