Review the New Lance 2465
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Review the New Lance 2465

hi I’m Bob Rogers I’m director of
marketing at Lance Camper and we’re at the RVIA Show and Lance is introducing a couple new products this week which we’re really excited about One is our all-new
2465 Travel Trailer it’s our longest ultralight travel
trailer at about 24 feet and it’s really excited about because it’s a
dual slide and it has some really cool unique features One is a roof rack. We’ve
had a roof rack on our truck campers for years and now we’re putting it on the
travel trailers So that allows guys with kayaks, canoes, and that kind of thing now can strap it on the outside of the trailer and it works really really well Another really cool feature is on our brakes. We’re gonna offer disc brakes as an option. Traditionally disc brakes are help for
the large fifth wheels and toy haulers and so forth so we’re one of the first, if not the first, ultra light travel trailer to offer disc brakes as an option on a trailer so stopping power is reduced about 35% from traditional drum brakes which is really cool. Our customers tend to be very technical
engineer type people and they’re very interested in technology and innovation
and safety so we’re excited about that. Another really cool feature on the front
end of the unit, can’t see it from here, is we offer what we call our tri 5 LP tanks we have our dual propane tanks but now you have an optional third tank so you can see it right down in here so for dry camping a lot traditionally people are going more off-road, more dry camping, not a traditional campground. You have a lot more LP capacity to run your
heater and so forth, refrigerators. So we’re really excited about that on the inside of course on the exterior is traditional Lance composite
construction so our fiberglass all Illume technology builds a very strong, lightweight camper and would of course incorporate that into our 24 footer. So on the inside 2465 again our brand new model I referred a little bit about the
flush countertop. Countertop space is at a premium in travel trailers so you want to make use of all the counter space you can by using sink covers we have a hidden wastebasket container back here with a cover on it. Again a flush range. So when you’re not using your range it becomes a very usable countertop. Where the camera is located is actually what we call our front living lounge area so we have a mini Jay lounge as well as a full recliner. We have our sky view window which has become very popular it really opens up the front and gives you a great view of your camping spot should you have some really scenic places where you’re camping. The dinette slide-out goes down to a bed,
a nice kid sized bed, so forth Plenty of dining room space of course the optional fireplace actually does put off a little heat if you need it but more for ambience One of the 40 inch LED TV optional there. Then if you move to the
back of the coach follow me back here into the master suite again in ultra light travel trailer first time you see a king sized bed California king, plenty of room, plenty of comfort back there and then you have another 40 inch LED TV here that’s on electric switch so I’m going to scoot right by it real quick. so there you go Lance 2465


  • Darrell Hancock

    To bad it doesn't show the bathroom, it's the one weak area for Lance unless your a Barbie Doll. I love the roof rack, King Bed and disc brakes. For smaller families if that couch can make a bed and the bathroom is useable it should be a homerun for Lance. For smaller families with say a boy and girl the dinette for one and couch for other should work, but does couch convert to sleeping space? Lance found away again to rise above other ultra lights with the King Bed, I sure hope they didn't screw up the bathroom.

  • Giles Scott

    Things I know. The bedroom TV is optional which is good. The slideout will be flush to the floor, which is good. Whether it will be towable by a 1/2 ton….I don't know. Also, I have questions regarding the bathroom (as was mentioned), outside storage, whether the couch can be replaced by swivel rockers (or euro loungers) as an option, battery storage, etc.
    But I can say, I really like it–so far, and it may be our next trailer.

  • Frederick Stalbaum

    It looks like it has 2 a/c units. Whats the mater lance , cant put central air in the camper. You have central air in your toy haulers. You try to sleep with a noisy a/c unit over your head.

  • Matt Leary

    I really wish they would go with a wrap around front cap. This is coming from a person had major water damage on both sides of their front leading edge. Although it wasn't a lance products.

  • Rene Hunter

    noticed WIFI sticker under TV? also this savvy buyer wants 4-600 watts of solar on roof- no mobile panels- can these requests be accomplished?

  • Mike

    FYI, I called Lance about timing on the 2465 and it has been pushed out to "sometime this fall". We love the idea of a Lance TT, but the current floorplans just don't hit the right buttons…this one very well could. I'm guessing the bathroom is going to be similar to the 2285 model, given the sink is outside of the shower/toilet area.

  • Dathi Isaac

    It's the full booth that I first noticed with lance, it would be nice to have that option in this. Also a queen bed with bigger bathroom and living area for guests/family.

  • Dr. Phil Yamamoto

    Nice video but lose the music…it's difficult to pay attention to what he's talking about when you have the disco music blasting so loud…. Ugh.. lose the's not needed… thanks.. 🙂

  • Bill Cabrera

    If production of the 2465 was 12-18 months out then the marketeers (Bob Rodgers) should have been up front with the public and the retail sales side. There should not have been YouTube videos enticing the public. There is still no finalized 2465 floor plan, though hundreds of deposits are being held.

  • Pat Gwin

    Poor customer service and marketing, to say the least. December to August, still no production, still no factory explanation.

  • Leon Allan Davis

    This guy seems to be pretty squared away. Kind of an engineer type. Not trying to hype it. No superlatives. He was honest about the fireplace. "It might throw off a little heat but it's mostly for ambiance." Stuff like that is good to hear. Maybe it's a positive reflection on the company. Maybe they give a shit.
    So yeah, I'm gonna believe what this guy has to say. Maybe 95% of RV salesmen are shysters. They'll tell you anything to make the sale. "Sign here and fuck you very much!"

  • Mike

    The 2465 is showing up at dealers now. Price/MSRP with normal options (electric jacks, solar) is about $62,000. No that is not a misprint.

  • Spud Bono

    Well, this thing is on the market now and the fatal flaw is virtually NO exterior storage. I just don't understand this design. It's like it's made for someone that wants to stay in RV parks, but that is not their niche, and others do it better for less. I've never seen a Lance product I don't love, but this one needs to go back to the drawing board. Even the dealer I visited was scratching their head when their first one came in.

  • Steve Rossi

    Lance is truly one of the best. Why haven't INVERTERS been placed as an option? With todays 6 volt AGM batteries and solar, only makes sense. Makes it nice to use small 110 appliances without having to run a generator when dry camping👍

  • TheOtherMike

    At $55K-$60K, it is simply too expensive. Most folks know by now that the entire RV industry is unregulated and pumps out subpar products as fast as they can. Since all brands suffer from poor materials, components and build quality, you might as well buy a less expensive brand/model and save the rest of the money for the inevitable repairs that will come shortly after the purchase.

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