Roasting the Perfect Marshmallow – Camping Vlogs 2016 Summer Vacation
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Roasting the Perfect Marshmallow – Camping Vlogs 2016 Summer Vacation

– Is she your best friend? Yeah. (dramatic music) Good morning, everyone. We are camping. How’d you sleep last night, Jake? – Good. – Ooh, got a thumbs up. How’d you sleep last night, Bailey? Good? Bailey actually slept
in her friend’s tent. She and her little friend slept in that tent over there, and the boys and Jessica and I slept in our big luxury hotel over here. I didn’t sleep much. I’m gonna be honest with you. I did not sleep very much because Parker woke up
a lot and was crying. When you aren’t in a place
that has soundproof walls, a crying baby, it stresses you out so
much ’cause you’re afraid he’s waking everybody
else up in the world. That was fun. Now it’s the day and we’re
getting the day started. Last year, the kids were
like mountain biking, like zooming up the hill
and roaring down the hill, going crazy on their bikes. Jake couldn’t ride his bike barely at all. This year, he’s like mountain biking. (heavy metal music) We heard there was a lake here. We’re gonna go try and find it. (peaceful music) This is Catherine. I don’t know if you guys know Catherine, but she is very good friends with Parker. Is she your best friend? Yeah. – Can Bailey go to the, get past the big rock? – [Chris] Bailey can go past the big rock. – No, my daddy goes past the rock. – [Chris] Your daddy goes past the rock? – No, my dada. – [Chris] Your brothers? – No, my eye, no my brothers. – [Chris] I don’t know what you’re saying. – My Jojo. – [Chris] What is she saying? – Jojo. – [Chris] Jojo goes past the rock? – [Catherine] Yeah. – Ooh, canoes. ♫ This is the night ♫ What a beautiful night ♫ And we call it ♫ Bella Notte – [Parker And Catherine] Hi mommy! – Did you see my baby? – How cute is that? They’re adorable. – That’s my girl. – Alright, everybody is
coming up from the lake. We’re gonna have taco night. We’re making some taco meat. – I am trying to make a fire. I can’t put my stick in the fire
while people are roasting for safety. – [Chris] And if we stick it in the fire, the fire clings to it. – Oh my goodness, look I’ve
got dirt all over my face. Parker, Bailey, Jacob, all
of them, covered in dirt. They can be just out of the
lake and relatively clean, and then the dusty dirt
here just like poof all over their face. It’s kind of, I think it’s cute. I think it’s like childhood charming, but I know a lot of people
thinks it’s disgusting, so I’m sorry to those of you who can’t handle watching camping. – We have to be quiet because
Parker’s sleeping, we hope. The big kids are gonna do s’mores. (whimsical music) – [Jessica] Now I’ve got my little swivel. I love it with the
chocolate on the swivel. John didn’t make it for me anyway. Do you need some help? – Perfect roast. – By the way, if you hear a child
screaming in the background, it’s not Parker. Just don’t worry about it. That’s just some other child
that’s very sad, not Parker. Just… We’re all good. – This is all chocolate. – [Chris] Okay. – It’s chocolate, marshmallow, this is an Oreo cookie, and then there’s chocolate inside and then there’s another Oreo cookie on the other side of one of them. – [Chris] Let’s see it. How is it? – Yes! – [Chris] This is how much
Bailey’s roasted hers. What do you think? – I don’t like it. – [Chris] You think it’s
gonna be melty on the inside? – Yeah. – [Chris] We’ll see. It’s okay, it’s still good. Did you get it perfect? – Uh-huh. – So, you probably can’t
see anything right now, but bats are flying like
this close to our face. I’m gonna try and catch it on the camera. I probably won’t be able to, sorry. Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that if you can’t understand what somebody’s saying, just ask their best friend to translate, we learned that this is what
the perfect roast looks like, and finally, we learned
that if you hear a child crying in the distance in the woods, as long as it’s not
Parker, I’m cool with it. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. – This is my dream stop. I’m so excited right now. – A newspaper menu? – [Jessica] That’s right, sir!

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