Roblox Camping Walkthrough (TURN ON CAPTIONS!)
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Roblox Camping Walkthrough (TURN ON CAPTIONS!)

I don’t really know what to say to start this video off, but let’s just say that this game is one of those Roblox games that seems innocent at first, but turns into something spoopy a few minutes in. So don’t watch or play this game if you don’t like blood and horror elements. I would also Like to mention that I played the game with 0 volume because the audio doesn’t match up at all. Every map has five items hidden in them. One of which is the medkit, which is easily the best item in the game. I somehow got lucky and found it behind the brown tent. I waited for the barriers to go down and got the medkit first. The Roblox recording software isn’t the best software, but is is MUCH better than the recording software I use for my top 10 lists. You can’t really see the medkit until you get closer. The medkit is an item that heals a lot of your health. The best part about it is that you can also heal other players with it! You can only use it 4 times, though. The Medkit used to have 5 uses instead of 4, but the medkit got nerfed. This is basically the game’s backstory. If you look closely, you can see tally marks carved above the door in the broken workshop. Yes I know, the intermissions in this game are pretty long. While I’m waiting, I’m trying to look for other items. I think the other players took the rest, but I decided to look anyway. Although I couldn’t find any more items, the intermission is finally over. I couldn’t really talk to others in this game because I changed my privacy settings to where you can’t talk and you can’t hear other people’s comments. That’s because there’s always that ONE PERSON who basically spoils the game for everyone else. I guess nobody gets to hear my story, since I can’t talk… Hello there. That Monster’s now gone, but I think we’re now down to 5 players. Probably because the other 7 players either left, or got killed by that monster at the campsite. Yep, rain can hurt you in this game. It it were acidic, It most likely would’ve destroyed the tents- but video game logic swoops in and saves the day! Yay! awiix567 probably followed me back to the tents, and I didn’t see her when the other 4 players ran somewhere else, so I guess we actually have 6 players left now! On rare occasions, sometimes lightning will flash and bright up your screen for less than a second and you will see the monster from before to the right of the door when your in the brown tent, but it didn’t happen this game. Another long intermission is over! Time to move on to the next day! Whoops. Hello there. I didn’t come here to be informed about bear traps, I came over here to play respects to the deer. At 6:08, I pressed the tab key to see how many players were left, and there are now only 4 of us. awiix567 and someone else left. Don’t worry, I’m not quitting my Denpa Men series. I’m just playing Roblox until I can afford a somewhat expensive add-on to my tripod that can fit my phone. That way, I can record my videos without hearing that annoying ticking sound coming from my old camera. If you want to be my friend on Roblox, My username is DenpaMenBestGame. This is the cave that the narrator introduced to us when Day 2 started. This is most likely where the other 4 players went to during the rain. I like how the time changes from day to night when the narrator says “Night is approaching…”. It doesn’t change from night to day when the narrator says “The sun is rising…”, though. I’m pretty sure four people can fit inside one tent… I turn my back for one second, and now Zooter15 is gone?! I remember the first few times I played this game. Everyone was fighting over who should get the picnic basket because everyone had low health, and the game was at a standstill for around 5 minutes until I attempted to get it and died. If you happen to step on a bear trap in this game, you will take some damage and move a bit slower for a few seconds. Occasionally the monster will poke his head out of the well when you’re trying to walk back with the picnic basket. It probably didn’t happen this game because I was too far away from the well. I nearly forgot about my medkits! I run through acidic(?) rain for me and the remaining players to be rewarded with a sandwich? Worth it. How did we find out one of them was poisoned? blueberries3124 was the one that got poisoned, so I threw my medkit at her when she was standing still. If it missed, she wouldn’t have made it. The person who gets poisoned will lose 100% of their healthbar, If you use the medkit when you’re healthbar is getting drained away because of the poison, you will survive, this tactic most likely won’t work if you have 40% health left or lower. If our good friend “Video Game Logic” didn’t exist, the cave would’ve just fell down on us. If you go the wrong way, you will fall down onto spikes and lose 40% of your health. Both fourquaters and blueberries3124 went down the right path, and they didn’t take any damage. Hello there. Can we get an F in the chat for fourquaters? I had to stop and start another video here because the Roblox recording software can only record footage for around 13 minutes. I don’t know why. I used another Medkit to heal blueberries3124. I am now down to 1 medkit. I’m surprised how fast the cave began flooding. Was it raining THAT hard? Yes, I can see that. Why can’t they just save us now? 9 people disappear all of a sudden, one person drowned in acid rain, and we’re just supposed to stay here for another day?! Yes, stepping on a bear trap will hurt a lot, but the pain you would get from stepping on one is nowhere near the amount of pain you would get from stepping on a lego. Zoinks I will make another Miitopia series called “The Less Cringier Miitopia Series” after I finish beating TDM 1, 2, and 3. … There we go. Somewhere around this time in the footage, you’re supposed to hear a low pitched screaming sound of some sort. Of course, you can’t hear it because I turned the volume off because of how the audio didn’t match up. … …why? I started to get a bit nervous, I couldn’t find blueberries3124 anywhere, and it was going to start raining soon. Although it began raining, I managed to find her and we made it to the blue tent in time. I decided to use the final medkit on myself, we wouldn’t want our main character to die on us, would we? This is the final obstacle in this game. The power of the high ground will always triumph over evil! Y’know what? I’m just gonna shut up now so you can enjoy the ending cutscene. Top 10 Anime Betrayals

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