Rocket King Camp Stove
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Rocket King Camp Stove

Hey everyone this is Chad and today I’m in
beautiful Stone Mountain Park just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. This is one
of my absolute favorite places to go. There’s a beautiful mountain right
behind you and I climb that sometimes as many as four times in a week. I love
coming here. I have not really spent much time in the picnic areas but I
thought this would be a great place to do this video and the reason for that is
a friend of mine, he’s here on YouTube his channel is GreenShortz DIY. He
just lives down the road from me and his name is Tom Mills and he’s done a
Kickstarter on a camp stove called the Rocket King. This is just a five
piece set up that the packs flat not only does it pack flat but you can
actually use a d-ring and carry it all at one time. It’s kind of a cool design
that he came up with there’s a little hole right here I could just D-Ring
this all together. It also comes with a bag. Now this here happens to be a
prototype it’s made out of cold rolled steel. his actual Kickstarter is for a
stainless steel and I’ve supported it I think it’s a great little stove. This is
my first time actually putting one together. I’ve seen his in action but I
have not actually put one together so let’s put this together real quick and
then we’re gonna take it over here to the grill area and we’re gonna fire this
up. The reason I wanted to do it here is because I’m trying to demonstrate the
fact that you can be pretty much anywhere just get some scrap limbs or
stuff, twigs that have fallen off the trees start a fire and in a very
short time boil some water. now what’s a short time? I don’t know I’ve not used
this stove I’ve never tried to boil water on it but I will time it and I’ll
let you know at the end just how long that it took. I’ve got to hopefully I have a
timer on this watch I’m not sure but we will figure out some way to figure out
what the time was to boil water so let’s put this together real quick it’s just
five pieces as I said this is gonna be the back
besides in the front so the Front’s got the opening on it and try to do this as
quickly as possible so that’s it that’s all together and
let’s go over here and fire this baby up all right collected all that in about to
two or three minutes and then I noticed this collect it up a little birds nest
here I might I might get a few more things but here’s the fire starter this
is by fatwood fire starters kind of cool-looking
fire starter I’m not gonna actually use this part of the fire starter
it comes with kind of like a practice one and since I’ve never done this
before I obviously want to use my practice one
this is the scraper you scrape off the wood I don’t know why I’m telling you
all this let’s just get started without so
Sooey you look right here and align right to
the 16 ounce mark well I’m not sure what its constituting
a boiled but you’re gonna pretty do something boil
and we are at seven minutes I can’t read that can you
right at eight minutes I’d say that’s a solid boil what y’all think all right
nine and a half minutes for definitely a solid boil somewhere between eight and
nine minutes well there you go if you want a stainless steel a version of this
with a beautiful little pouch to carry it in definitely check out the link
below and as always have a great day


  • PhunKiss Artistic Creations

    That sure would be handy on a hiking or canoeing trip or even tailgating. It's size is just big enough to roast a few hot dogs or just keep warm. Best of luck to Tom on his campaign.

  • GreenShortz DIY

    Chad! An excellent demo of the stove. Thank you for the profile and the link. Friends and fans of ManCrafting…if 5 of you support my Kickstarter, I'll give Chad his stove for free. If 10 of you support the Kickstarter, I'll give Chad a second free stove to give away to a fan. Thank you for the kudos in the comments as well. [Tom from the Rocket King project]

  • Mike L

    Probably would have boiled faster if you knew how to build a fire…Nothing special about his design. Stoves like that are already on the market and have been for years.

  • Hey I'm a Maker

    Wood Working and Fire go hand in hand 🙂

    Thats where all of my failed projects go… Have to destroy the evidence!

  • AmplifyDIY

    That's a really neat stove – more compact than my little propane guy I use for backpacking – though it does boil water a little slower… On some of my deeper backwoods stuff though I'd appreciate the lighter stove for sure.

  • Mike Trieu

    Nice flat pack stove, but I think I like the Vire design better. It's got a 45° gravity-fed hopper that makes it a bit more of a hands-off affair. I'd prefer to spend the bulk of my time tending to the food rather than stoking the fire.

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