Roman Tornado Self Inflating Mat + Pillow
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Roman Tornado Self Inflating Mat + Pillow

G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here and
today we’re having a look at the Roman Tornado Self Inflating Mattress and
Pillow. Now, unlike a lot of other self inflating mattresses this comes with a
detachable pillow as well, so you’ve got the option of having just the mattress
with the pillow, using the pillow only, there’s plenty of different versatile
options you can have with this one. So, when you get it out of the box, it looks just
like this, now it’s around about 66 centimetres long by 16 by 16 and it weighs
around about 2.3 kilos as well. So what we’ll do we’ll open it up, have a look at the
mattress itself. Now it comes in this storage sack here, so we’ll get that out.
And our storage sack actually has another use, which we’ll get to a little
bit later but I’ll pull it out for now. So, we’ll get those off as well. Alright,
so let’s get this one rolled out. Now as we roll it out, we’ll get a couple of
extra bits in here. So we’ve got the, the pillow and also the easy roller as well,
we’ll go back to that a little bit later when we’re packing it away, but
that’s a really handy feature on, on the Tornado. So one of the great things about
the Tornado is that the valve is actually about 30 times larger than all of its
competitors, that means that it inflates really quickly and it’s also a lot
quicker to deflate as well. So, what we need to do to inflate is we need to
open up the valve casing here, so you want to undo both the two end valves and
that opens everything right up, get the air in. There we go, so starting to inflate
now. Now if you want to add a little bit of firmness to it, bit of extra air, you can
do that manually, so you saw over here there were three valves. We opened up the two
side ones before, I’ve now got them sealed up. You can open up that, that one
in the middle – the green and just give it a few breaths. Alright and that will just add some
firmness. Alright, so the mat thickness now is around about 5cm. And as you
can see, it’s not very long, so it’s only 160 cm long, so it’s really a product for kids. If you’re an adult and you want to use it, this is where the self-inflating pillow comes into play as
well. So we’ll grab the self-inflating pillow here. Now you can see it’s got a valve on it as well. We simply open that up and we’ll let the
air do its thing, so like the mattress, get open it up early on and
give it plenty of time to fill up because the reality is that when you first
get it out, it’s gonna take a while but after that it should only take one or two minutes.
Right, so whilst we’re waiting for that to inflate, let’s have a bit of a look at some of the
specs of this, so the top material on this is a Peach polyester. Underneath you’ve got a 180T polyester PVC and the filling in this as well it’s
a an open-cell PU foam, so inflates quite a fair bit, opens right up and it’s nice
and warm as well. Now this pillow’s starting to get there, I might just give it a few breaths to help it on its way and we’ll get it pumped up. Alright, so pillow’s all good to go, so
now it actually attaches to the top under your mattress, so this is where we get the easy roller from before. So what we wanna do is get this the, the groove here on
the easy roller, so we’re gonna line it up and we’re going to slide this pole here
into the groove like that. You wanna get all the way to the end there. So, what we wanna now do is is bring the pillow down and slot it in there all the way into the pillow
and now this is the back half of the mattress, the second section of the
mattress here, let’s get em in. Beautiful. Just slides all the way through. Your
pillow comes over and there you have it, pillow and mattress all-in-one. Right
now I said before that the, the bag that it comes with actually has a couple of uses, now this
is where it comes into that second use. Now if you get your bag and you turn it
inside out, you’ll find you’ve got quite a nice little fleece inner on it and
then you’ve also got one of these poles here, like the pillow and the, the bed I’ve
got so it can attached in and what this becomes is a nice soft pillow case, so if
we take the pillow off and we, we slide it on into our pillow case here, we can
then reattach it, I’m gonna slide it on in to the groove just like you did
before with the pillow and through the other side, beautiful, there we go and
there you have it so now you’ve got a nice comfy fleece pillow case on your pillow. You got
your mattress here, it’s an all-in-one sort of unit. This is it in all its glory, now
we’re going to pack it back up again, so effectively just a reverse of where we
where before, let’s get our easy roller off, we’ll get our pillow outside of
our bag and we’ll start to deflate that. So we’ll open that up,
start letting the air out. You can hear it already coming out there,
that rolls out and now this is where the easy roller actually has its second function. Like I said before, this mattress is really great in respects to that they’ve thought
about everything, they’ve made a few things actually work in a couple of ways.
So, what you can do is if you slide your easy roller back on over the ends here,
actually means that it, you know as per its name, it makes it a lot easier to
roll back up again when you’re done, so pop that on there, that’s all good. Come down this end, where we got our valves from before. We’ll open them right up, fair bit of twisting to be done. Now we’ve got that open, now we’re going to roll
from the other end we’ll push all the air out using the easy roller. We’ll seal our valves back up. Now, we’ll just quickly unroll it again so
we can pop our pillow inside. Alright, so now, got our elastic straps from before, pop them back over, holds it all in place for us. The other strap as well and back in the
bag. So now you can see that even though we’ve unpacked it, it still fits really
quite nicely back inside the bag. It doesn’t pack up too big at all. Now what you want the option of here as well as that with this little elastic on the
side you can tighten it up, you can loosen it so that if you don’t pack it down
quite as well, you can still pack it away and it’s a nice fit in this bag. So that’s pretty much it for the Roman Tornado. Now, as I said before, this is a really
great family all-around camping option, really versatile, comes with a 1-year
warranty, so you got any issues, you can always get it fixed up. It’s available
right now from with fast free delivery to most of Australia. Until next time, happy camping.

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