Ron & Jen’s Rocky Relationship | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Ron & Jen’s Rocky Relationship | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Pauly] Yo look at that storm coming. – [Ron] There’s a storm a brewing. My life has been pretty
crazy since The Shore. You know, I live in Vegas, I have a girlfriend, Jen. I’m a soon to be dad, it seems. I’m definitely grown up,
I’m definitely an adult. As much as I make mistakes or I might of strayed
or do the wrong thing I always try to do the right thing. – For the rest of the trip–
– I’m scared. – For the rest of this vacation, you shall address me by My Government. – Incarceration? – [All] Oh! – [Pauly] Oh, damn. – I like you! – [Deena] Welcome to the family. – [Jenny] Welcome to the family girl. – I wish I could get in the jacuzzi. – What? – I wish I could get in the jacuzzi. It sounds so good.
– It’s too hot, right? – Has it even been used yet? – Huh? – [Jen] Has anybody got in it yet? – What? – The jacuzzi? – Uh, just the first night when
all those people came back. All those girls or whatever. Vin offering out the jacuzzi services. – Yeah?
– Yeah. – Were you in there? – Who the hell that?
– Who the hell that? – Maybe housekeeping hasn’t come yet. – Angeliners?
– Shut up! – [Mike] Oh that’s true. – [Vinny] Hey! – Awkward. Holy, it’s Jen. What the hell is Jen doing here? – Ron is not here. – I’m scared, hide me. Get up. – Do you guys know what
happened last night? – We don’t know what
happened, but we saw– – [All] Hello. – He’s not here right now? – [Mike] No, he’s not. – Ronnie’s our brother
at the end of the day, and we’re looking out for
him because she looks mad. So, we’re just like, “I don’t know. “He was just here a minute
ago, he must’ve stepped out.” – Last night, he was on a rampage, texting me every name in the book. – Well, he was saying
that you blocked him, he couldn’t see the baby,
that’s why he was going crazy. – I blocked him because
he text me over 300 times how I’m a whore, I’m a slut, I’m a bitch. I didn’t even read it all, it’s just text, text, text,
text, text, text, text. – But we also don’t know if
you’re like triggering him, and you’re pushing buttons. – Where’s the baby right now, too? – She’s with my friend. – Okay. This girl, Jen, leaves a brand new baby to come out and probably get into a fight. That only shows me how
crazy this girl actually is. – Ron met his match with Jen. No matter how hard Ron tries to clap, Jen claps back 10 times fold. – Ron, you’re texting me
I’m a whore, I’m a liar, I’m a (mumbles). – Cool down, Jen, calm down. – [Jen] No, I’m not gonna calm down. – Sit down so I can talk to you. – No. – So, after we were supposed
to hang out last night, you blocked me. – [Jen] I don’t want to
hear your whole story. You text me at 1:30 slut, whore, liar,
cheater, bitch, all this. – Right now, Jen’s freaking out. – You’re calling me a whore? – Screaming, yelling, the same
thing that always happens. It’s gonna be chaos. You are driving me crazy. – How?
– You keep holding my kid over me! – Because I blocked you, how?
– All the time. – She’s home, bro. – Every time.
– She’s home. – All you do is use that kid as a– – You’re a psychopath. You’re a loser. You’re a piece of. You’re a piece of. – [Security] Whoa, okay, okay. – You’re calling me a whore, what the? – Ronnie is crying right now. Something must be going on that
you’re not telling us about. – I’m going through hell with her. Every move I make, I’m scared
that my child’s gonna be gone. – He’s finally started opening up to us and we see all the demons coming out. – I have nothing to go home to. – You got a crazy bitch pregnant. She’s gonna always win,
until you become a man. – When she says, “I’ll take your kid.” She takes my kid! You don’t get that. Like, it’s at a point
where I gotta go like this to see my kid. – It blows my mind that
Ron doesn’t understand that he has options. He can file the proper
protocol and legal steps, and then let Jen up. – I think he doesn’t want
to take the final step and actually really go
through the legal process because he doesn’t want his daughter to grow up in a single household. – There’s nothing wrong with
being in a single household. – The only one that’s gonna
lose in the next couple of weeks is the baby, okay? In my mind, the baby’s gonna lose. – She’s gonna lose if
you guys stay together that’s how she’s gonna lose. Are you scared? Like, do you love Jen? – I think he just doesn’t
want to lose the kid. – Fathers get chances. – No they don’t. – She has a record. You have a better chance. – [Jen] Hello? – [Ron] Hi. I’m leaving Ariana with my mom right now to go see the roommates. – Have fun. – See ya’ll later. – And I just want them to see
Jen the way that I see Jen. – See you later alligators. Have a great time. – They’ll see the person
that I fell in love with. The person that’s funny,
likes to have a good time, and I love her, and I want
everyone to see why I love her, and why I fell in love with her. – Yo, so who’s gonna say something to Jen right away, anybody? – No way. – I’m scared.
(laughs) – [Deena] You guys. – Somebody gotta call her out though. – They’re coming. – [Jenny] They’re here, they’re here. – Uh-oh, uh-oh.
– Oh my God. – Take off your seatbelts,
Jen’s coming to dinner. – I don’t know what to do with my hands. – Oh there they all are. (party horn) – Hi.
– Oh my God, hi. – Hey girl. – I think we’re all
getting a little nervous. I need like four more wines, two shots, a Xanax, and I need to go
find a hole to crawl in. Your mugshot, you look hot. – Oh my God. – Yo, that is the most gangster mugshot. – So gangster. – There goes Jenny. – Awkward.
(police siren effect) – Nobody was talkin’. It was awkward, felt the need to just let’s make a joke, guys. – Now they’re calling
me The Incarceration. – Oh. – They’re like “Who’s
the Incarceration now?” and I’m like damn! – Karma, karma. – I apologize. I know everything sounds
so psycho and crazy. – We want the best for
you guys, both you guys. We want Ronnie to be happy. – When Jen apologized to everyone, I feel like it shows character. She loves me and respects me enough to know that these people will be a part of our lives forever
and you have to respect them. – On that note, I say we have a toast to Mr. and Mrs. Taters
and the future and family. – Salud.
– Happy Birthday! – [Pauly] Oh yeah.


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