Ronnie Surprises the ‘Shore’ Crew | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Ronnie Surprises the ‘Shore’ Crew | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Tonight,
Jersey Shore Family Vacation is all new. – You guys speak to Ronnie? – I haven’t talked to him. Last time we talked to Ron he got run over by Jen in a car and he
was like in the hospital. He didn’t come to Seaside. – We saw his arm in his story. – I saw that. – [Nicole] All of us
are concerned about Ron. We don’t know what’s going on with him, but he’s our family, he’s our brother, and we just want to make sure he’s okay. (techno music) – So I’m heading to
Deena’s party right now, I’m hoping to surprise her because I wasn’t there for her when
her father passed away. – When my dad died it doesn’t matter. You come up to me and you
(bleep) tell me you’re sorry. ‘Cause you knew my dad. You were (bleep) there. That (bleep) killed me. – I feel like me being there for her and surprising her shows
that I do love her. (upbeat music) – [Lauren] Look at this dog, it’s so cute. – [Jenni] It’s beautiful. Are you happy? – [Deena] Mhm – [Jenni] Good. (chatter) – [Deena] Oh my god! Awe. – [Jenni] Oh my God! – Thank you. – It says Deener on it. – I can’t. (laughing) Dear baby Pauly or Paulette, sorry I couldn’t be there today, can’t wait to find out
if you’re going to be my niece or nephew. Looking forward to spoiling you. Love Uncle Pauly. – Awe, that looks so cute. Wait, I can’t with these stickers. – Subtlety is not one
of his strong points. With my outfit really matches, if you look at this pinkness. – [Vinny] It’s just funny it’s actually something he would wear, like in Vegas. – [Mike] Yes, I would. – [Vinny] He was busting out some… – I had the flamigas.
Brought out the flamingas. – [Vinny] …some weird colors. – [Nicole] Oh, (bleep)! How’d you get here? – What? Holy Sh… you just walked past me! Oh my God! – What are you Rico Suave? – [Vinny] What the hell? – Who are you? Ron? – Yes – [Vinny] What the hell
are you doing here? – What the hell? I feel like I’m seeing a ghost. Wow. He’s been in the hospital, and now Ron’s like hair
gelled, he’s showered, so I’m like, what the (bleep). – [Jenni] I walked right by you! – You look so good! – [Jenni] Oh my god! – Honey – [Mike] What the… – [Lauren] How’s your arm? – It’s good. It’s good. – Seeing Ronnie is like seeing Bigfoot, like you hear about him on TMZ everyday, and then like to see him
in person is kinda wild, you know what I mean? Like I don’t really know how to react. – Oh my God, Ron! I didn’t know you were coming. – [Ronnie] Congratulations. – [Deena] What a surprise. – The gender reveal party,
its a huge moment for Deena. – I’m so happy you came. I’m so shocked. – I’m here for her no matter what. I’m happy for you and Chris. – [Narrator] After that, it’s time for your favorite new show where
people get tattoo’s they hate. How Far is Tattoo Far? – Yo, I have a special
surprise in store for Nicole when we reveal this tattoo. I am very excited to
see this final product. – Same – And because of that, we’re going to put some shades on you – Why?
– For this reveal as well. – Why? – I’m confused. – This tattoo is so Jersey, you are going to get to
take your shades off first. Close your eyes. – I don’t like the dark. (laughter) – I can’t see! – Alright Tiffany – [Nicole] (screams) – [Nicole] Oh my God! – [Nico] Tiffany! – [Nicole] I’m shaking. (dramatic noise) – Nicole, I’m going to
give you a countdown. – I know how this works, Nico! I live here. (laughter) – [Nico] 3! – Is there something in
front of me? (laughter) – [Nico] 2! – Stop! – [Nico] 1! – [Nicole] (bleep) (screams) – [Narrator] All this and so much more starts at 8/7 central on MTV.


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