Ronnie Takes a Dip w/ Jewish Barbie | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Ronnie Takes a Dip w/ Jewish Barbie | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

It’s nice right
it is relaxing Jenny Jenny and Nicole
if your significant other. Was in the Jacuzzi
with another person. That was the opposite sex At 4am alone
Cheating Yes or No Oh it’s Cheating
cheating cheating. Tater tot would not be happy
about this. Bro are
you kidding me. I wouldn’t let Vinny be in the
Jacuzzi alone with another man. Why would you go in the Jacuzzi
with Angelina’s friend. Why you only setting yourself
up to get destroyed. You’re going to get killed
Your baby momma is crazy. Oh my gosh. Oh my God.
What. Who what’s that.
Who is that. Says Jen. Ron’s Baby mama
is currently texting me because she can’t
get a hold of Ron because she’s in the hot tub
with another girl. I don’t know to do. Why are you talking to her. I’m not answering that
she’s going to kill him. There’s a girl who’s trying to
get a hold of her man who’s about to cheat on her. I know but he’s our friend
of course friends Friends can still be (bleep) Stop cheating. he’s a good guy.
He is a great guy He’s a bag of (bleep) He needs to be single Yeah we need single ronnie
so he can do this. He is single. What do you think
he’s saying to her now. I am the president
and CEO of the I’m
(bleep) foundation. This is so bad Ron’s gonna
need to change his name his age his nationality
his Social Security he’s going to have to be legit
Puerto Rican Jesus in Puerto Rico.
I can’t I can’t understand. What goes on in that man’s. Mind. This man
is a legend. I mean yes like this
is just shocking to me. Like I want
to be upset about it. But at the same time I’m like I can’t believe
this man this man is a savage. History books are going to be
written about savage Ronnie That’s a sick tattoo all of them
I like tattoos there is movement
pass the mother (bleep) popcorn I feel like they can see in, cuz
of lights. You have any Camo?
Maybe It’s already happening and if we
even try and intervene he
probably would be pissed so might as well
just watch I got camo on guys. She put a camo on I meant black
We’re not going hunting for deer Can they see us?
No she’s camo you have popcorn!? I mean Ronnie is definitely
digging his own grave right now. But we are enjoying the show.
I mean this is better than anything
that would be on TV right now. This guy is epic. The name of this movie is called
I cheated.


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