Ronnie’s Baby Doesn’t Need A DNA Test | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Ronnie’s Baby Doesn’t Need A DNA Test | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Narrator] Tonight, Cabs are here. (honking) Jersey Shore Family Vacation is back. – [Jen] Hi. – Ariana and Jen came to visit before leaving town to go
visit her family for a wedding. – Look who’s here. – I’m really excited for
everyone to meet the baby. Those are her aunts and uncles, she’s gonna be playing with their kids and she’s gonna grow up around them, and we’re gonna be like one big, giant, dysfunctional family. – I don’t have my glasses on. – Oh my God!
– Uncle Stitch is here. – [Nicole] Where is she? She’s so cute! – Oh my God. She’s gonna be so scared if she was awake and all
these people like, ahhh. – When I’m telling you that Ariana is Ronnie’s twin, all day, you don’t need DNA test with that little girl. Oh. – Oh my god, I think she
pooped, I smell something. – Nope, that’s Ron. (laughing) – Aw, you’re so cute. Oh my god, seeing Ariana, she’s gorgeous, my little nugget, I love
her, she’s my niece. Good job, Ron. – Oh my god. – All right hold. – Oh my god. Big Daddy Stitch has
never held a baby before. – [Aunt] Hold the head, there you go. – Oh my God. – Move back and forth. – [Male Friend] Mike ate
burritos bigger than that baby. (laughing) – [Woman] There you go,
hey, you’re a natural. – Ohh. (cheerful music) – Oh my God. It’s going to my neck. (laughing) (group laughing) – Corey, let’s go.
(laughing) – Holding this little, innocent life, it was just an amazing feeling, honestly. Her little cheek rested in my neck, and I was just melting. – Who’s your favorite
uncle, Pauly D, isn’t it? You can say yeah, buddy. – Four guido’s and a baby. – You’re never allowed to go out, you’re not allowed to have any boyfriends, not allowed to talk to anybody. – Actually, you’re gonna become a nun. – Yeah.
(disk scratching) (gasping) – [Woman] Is she smiling at you? (squealing) It’s Daddy. – [Uncle] She looks like
you when she smiles. (laughing and cooing) – [Narrator] Need more? Check out these top spiraling
moments to get ready. – [Men] Spiraling! – Hey-o! – [Ronnie] Level one, Dina falls down three times in the club. – Safe! – The DJ stopped the music for it. There was like a (disk scratching). He was like, “Is she okay?” – She gets up like no problem, though. – I don’t understand how
she didn’t break something. – She was literally spiraling. – When it comes to Dina and drinking, it’s like looking into a crystal ball, and then tonight she’s gonna fall. – [Male] Whoa!
(laughing) – I got hurt, I got hurt in my shin. I had to break the meatball fall. – Oh (beeping). – She went down, my back
hurt, it was bad bro. – [Narrator] Two hours, don’t miss it. Only on MTV.


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