Ron’s Scary Phone Call 😬 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV
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Ron’s Scary Phone Call 😬 | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Oh, my god.
Get the [bleep] out of here. Is the baby all right?
You all right? You stayed there? Where’s the baby? Sleeping? I don’t buy it.
Not for one second. Jen is up to no good.
Because the last time I talked to Ronnie
he had blocked Jen. I think she’s just doing this
to get Ronnie to talk to her. [bleep] get Carmen and get
the babies the [bleep] out of the house. Go to the other house.
Why would you stay there? You’re not making
sense right now. If they come back then
what are you going to do? Can you not stay there though?
Why would you stay there? You got broke into the house
while you were sleeping and then you found a … pack of bullets
in your backyard. I think you should get the …
out of there. Well, can you
please leave now? Because now me [bleep] scared
and I’m half way around the
country. If she can make something up
like this, it’s scary. Go to the other house
and call me when you get there. Because I don’t want you
in the house with the baby. I’m befuddled, if that’s a word. We have another house to go
to that no one knows about. They’re not going in. Just go. This whole situation
with Jen is crazy. There is a calamity or crisis
once a week like clockwork.


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