[Rookie King BTS Ep 8-2] Picnic in Fall with BTS inside the house, what happened?
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[Rookie King BTS Ep 8-2] Picnic in Fall with BTS inside the house, what happened?

Rookie King
BTS X; Unknown
X Man; Unknown existence Real Situation
BTS X Man Hello.
(Bows) (Browsing through his bag.) (The members are excited to go on a picnic.) Suga: Is it okay to go? I heard a storm is coming. A storm is coming? (Worried.) (You never know your luck…) (Typhoon Danas is moving up north towards BTS.) (Rain falling down.) (It doesn’t look like the rain is going to stop…) Today, the weather is cloudy for the whole of Korea. Crew: It’s raining a lot outside. Let’s move to the studio for now… (The members faces’ are stiffened from never-ending rain.) (Knew it.) (The saddest day of my 20 years.) (J-hope has given up on everything…) (All outdoor schedules cancelled due to bad weather.
But, can’t cancel filming!) (The crew looks very busy.) Jimin: What are you doing? RM: I don’t know what this is but we’ll help. (Showing forced smiles…) (They prepared a lot for today.) Let’s go. Follow me. I did not want this. (We didn’t want this either, V…) Rookie King
BTS (2006! Good Sunday X Man that made all of Korea go crazy!) (From ‘Of course!’ to ‘Fly Frypan’ game!) (BTS will reenact that program.) Real Situation Tuesday Good Tuesday Channel BTS
X Man! Season 1 Channel BTS X Man
Amazing cast: Jin, J-hope, RM, V, Jimin, Jungkook It’s raining a looooot outside. (Rainism~) Suga: A picnic was prepared for today. Unfortunately, typhoon Danas is coming to visit us.
(All outdoors schedules cancelled due to weather.) So here it is! Low budget! High quality! Channel BTS X Man! (BTS Cue cards created with the crew’s hard labor.) RM: It was a metaphor. Suga: I had no idea we would be doing X Man. Hey crew! These cue cards! The quality is good. (Agreed.) J-hope: Why are you wearing sunglasses? (Sunglasses indoors?) V: He got a media shower. (Sunglasses complete celebrity fashion.) (I’m the original of sunglasses fashion.) Suga: Actually, I have a sty eye. They are like bb gun bullets. (Call him MC sty you boys!) (Thinking of viewers before himself, icon of consideration, icon of MC-ing, MC sty!) Anyway, let’s start X Man. (Psychological detective variety, Channel BTS X Man!) (X Man has to lead his team to lose. After all games finish, the members has to vote on the culprit.) (If the members’ guess is right, everyone except X Man gets to eat tangsuyuk. If not, only X Man gets to eat.) (The most famous part from X Man – X Man’s party!) Dance welcoming! First up, J-hope. (Gwangju’s talent! Gwangju’s hope!) (Here I am! BTS’ smile angel, J-hope.) (His sexy aura is exploding!) (OMG it’s a mess. Hip party J-hope!) (He’s good.) Next up RM! (Move away!) (I’ll show you what dancing is all about.) (Write this down right now~) (Eyesight destroyed! Innocence destroyed!) (This is real destroying poppin.) (RM, no, Kim Nam Joon’s all-hearted popping.) (Is it my turn yet?) (Come on! It’s my turn!) (A complete new history of Korea’s dancing world.) (A godly wave!) (A real skilled man of an iron hand in a velvet glove.) (So cute! It’s Jin!) (Get outta my way bros!) (Don’t belittle me because I’m young.) (So bright like 100 lamps on.) (You shine, gold baby Jeon Jungkook!) (Is it my turn now!?) (This man… Liking him more the more I’m getting to know him…) (This is his definition of seduction.) (There’s no one in Korea who can win me in seduction! Seduction King!) (Hm… The party starts now.) (Music off…) (V hasn’t come out yet!) (Thank you.) (Music restarts.) (Be aware, his dancing is coming to life.) (The crew’s jokes and plots don’t matter to me.) (Do you see? Do you feel it?) (Then react to it!) (Moderated twirking!) (Immortal dancing prince! V.) Suga: Have you not watched X Man before? (Watch me dance!) (This is real dance welcoming.) Real Situation
BTS X Man Channel BTS X Man Team Selection
Team RM
RM, V, Jungkook
Team Hope
J-hope, Jin, Jimin Who is going to be X Man? (X Man Selection TIme)
6 members will receive a call from mission PD. Only one person will be selected as X Man. Warning! You can find the X Man by watching the members’ facial expressions. First up, Jimin. (All ready.) I will be back. (X Man’s room is waiting for the members.) (First up, Jimin walks in.) (Playing around.) (Mission PD)
(Drag to answer.) You are… (Jimin is so shocked he’s lost for words.) (Touch. Touch. Touch.) (Oh I have to drag it.) You are… (V’s perfect poker face?) (Jin’s awkward face is only acting?) (RM is screaming?) (J-hope giving the thumbs up?) You are… (Jungkook’s subtle smile?) (BTS X Man Selection complete!) (The members are waiting for the last one.) (Pokes his head out.) (Curious.) (Doubting.) Is Jungkook X Man? (Quiet.) Channel BTS X Man season 1 X Man selection complete! Only 1 X man! Who is selected as X Man? BTS and X Man’s breathtaking psychological games! Starts now! (X Man has been chosen.) (Who is X Man out of these men?) 2013 The best blockbuster!
Who is X Man? I wonder who X Man is? Who are you, X Man? Who is X Man~?! Who owns X Man? Who is X Man!? Real Situation
BTS X Man Mission 1: Take off the hat (Take off the hat rule)
Look at each other and wear a connected hat. Only use your face to make the opposition take his hat off. First up on both sides, Jimin vs V (95-ers.) V! vs Jimin! (V…?) (Burps.) (Lost one’s mind.) Friend, calm down~ (Two granpas came out for a walk.) Suga: V is just breathing. Don’t laugh!! (It smells.) (His breath is nothing…) (Can’t hold it anymore!) Jungkook: What did you eat? (V who ate ‘something’, wins!) (Cough) I brushed my teeth 10 minutes ago. (V’s breath is innocent?) (Doubting)
Oh? X Man? I think he lost on purpose. (Professional acting? Jimin is X Man?) Jungkook vs Jin (Shy) (Jungkook is too shy to look at handsome man that close.) Jungkook… Shh! Don’t say anything. Don’t say anything. (Bro…) (Ah!!!) (Shoulders are only thing I have… will you take me?) What are you doing? (Bro.. My answer is…) Australopithecus! (Jin knocked out by Jungkook’s spit…) (Doubting)
X Man? (If love is a sin, I’m in for life! Jin is X Man…?!) Suga: You’re misunderstanding something. That’s normal for Jin. You can lose with no intent so don’t get confused. (Is he really bad at games or is he X Man?) Mission 1 Take off the hat
2 : 0 Team RM wins! (Like our exam papers back in the days,
rain won’t stop pouring.) (Break time talking about ‘take off the hat’ game.) V: My breath is fine. Isn’t it? Jungkook: It doesn’t smell. V: I’m serious. J-hope: He’s panicking. I’ve never seen Jimin like this. (Is Jimin really X Man?) Mission 2
Pig wrestling Pig wrestling rule
A member of each team is sitting with their hands under their legs and must push the opposing member over or out of the ring. Let’s start the game. Who’s first? Jimin and V. (Evil doing always catches up with you…) (Again, Jimin vs V) Let’s start pig wrestling! (Worried.) What’s up with the stage? What is this~ What happened to the budget for picnic? Thanks..! (So cheap! Here’s to low budget games.) Suga: What happened to BBQ we were supposed to have. RM: They used it all on tape. Tell us the truth! (Sorry… We thought you’d just go past it.) (Wagging his feet) Milky way in the blue sky~ (Neighborhood granpas watching puppies fight.) (Shaking) (V touched the floor?!) He lost! Did I win? Suga: Explain this, V. J-hope: Why did you touch the floor? V: I didn’t know. With MC’s rights, replay! (Yes!) (Team Hope objects.) It’s MC’s rights! Suga: He said he didn’t know~ I’ll win once more.
(Jimin is confident.) (Will Jimin beat V again?) (Who’s going to win?) (Can’t believe this.) (The members are getting more doubtful of Jimin.) (Using V’s bimbo-ness as a strategy?) (Jimin hides his face.. is that to hide himself as X Man?) Suga: We have an X Man in BTS. (BTS two wooden dolls.)
RM vs Jin! (One two, one two!) (Pumping attack!) (Another mistake like V?) (RM touched the floor.) RM: I really didn’t know. If you didn’t know, you’re out. (Jin won that game just with screaming.) RM: I’m actually X Man. I’m doubting you… (RM is the real X Man?) MC Suga suggests to play poem game. (Get a head start of the enemy!) (What will the last two members show?) Jeon: Jeon Jungkook! Jung: Really, Kook: You’re handsome to a national level. (This was planned?) (MC Suga is not happy.) Why are they making love confession? You’re handsome! Thank you. (Let’s hear Jungkook’s poem.) Jung: Really, Ho: Hoseok is Seok: more… (more what than Seokjin?) (more what than me?) more ugly. (Love hunter J-hope failed to find his new love.) (You, I cannot have.) (Hobby is humming to hide his anxiety.) (Can’t see those busy feet.) (Sudden attack!) (Oh you!) (He’s funny.) (One more! Hurricane attack!) (I will beat you!) (Hurricane attack was useless.) MC Suga: J-hope, you lost. Good game, bro. Was I the only winner?
(Shoulder prince is the only winner in the team.) (Ignores.) (With Jungkook’s win, team RM wins!) Real Situation
BTS X Man Mission 3
Of course! Of course! Rule
A game where two members face off in asking each other (embarrassing) questions and the opponent must say “Of Course!”. A member loses if they are unable to say Of Course! or are knocked down by their opponent. (BTS X Man is more fun with low lost tape!) MC Suga: This tape is is useless as you can see. If you step away from it we’ll take it as you deny what the opponent says. Who’s first up in team Hope? I will take you down with your shoulders! It’s Jin! Who’s up against Jin in team RM? The best looks, the best out of all, Jungkook! Golden baby Jungkook vs Icon of awkwardness Jin! Hey you! (The members crack up from Jungkook’s ‘hey you’.) (Jin does not find this funny…) You know your life is awkward right? Of course! Jungkook is 5 years younger than Jin. There’s not much to say about Jungkook. Of course! (Jin lost his chance) You know RM can dance better than you, right? (How dare you say that!) (MC Suga comes in to calm down the boys.) Put the game aside, do you think you dance better than RM? (Original creaking dance! RM!) (I’m worse than… him?) (Me…?) (Shoulder dislocation dance! Jin!) (Have been mastering screeching dance for 22 years.) (What is his answer?) Of course!
RM: Robots can break dance. (Joking around.) (Jungkook’s turn.) Hey you! (Gotta hold it in.) You know that people only say you’re handsome on TV, right? (Shocked.) (Jin walks away holding onto his last string of pride.) (Jin is really sulking?) (Life is like that bro…)
(Only Jimin goes to make him feel better.) RM vs Jimin! I’m a bit tall for you, right? (What?) (J-hope is more excited about this.) Of course! You know, before bedtime you told Jin to be quiet, and you snored. That was strong! That’s true. Of course! You know your snoring is up to my level, right? (Members agree.) If I beatbox with snoring, he does moon walks with snoring. (The two boys create snore-mony every night.) Like Beethoven and Mozart! Of course! Hey you! I like this game~ (Jimin is happy to talk informal to RM.) I have a question. You know you look like a chief, right? (RM is lost for words.) (V rolls on the floor laughing.) (RM is left with scars.) I’m Korean!! V vs J-hope Suga: Start! Hey! This is not so nice. (Agreed.) (Jin tells Hobby-mom what happened to him.) Shh! Do you like me? (Confident.)
(Confused.) (What is this… a drama?) (Wondered what this meant…) (Winning doesn’t matter…) (They only wanted to check their minds on each other.) (‘The Final Boss’ made V-Hope couple.) (My answer is…) (Hurry up and answer.) Of course! (Oh.. Is that right…) I’ll be serious now. You enjoyed that kiss, right? Your lips were shaking! I thought you had a cellphone on your lips. Manner mode V lips? Of course! Did you enjoy it? You’re getting noisy now, right? Of course! You… then… (What is he going to say?) You know your tongue came out, right? (What did he say?) (Shocking!) (OMG!!!) You know your tongue came out, right? (The studio is in shock with J-hope’s attack!) When did I…? (J-hope tells the truth.)
I was only kidding. I did not put my tongue out. Only lip vibrations. I was there when that happened. Do not misunderstand, tongue thing never happened. Now, go back to your place. Mission 3, team Hope wins!


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