Roomtour Altmetall-Rally-Team: Selbstbau Expeditionsmobil aus Iveco 90-16 vom THW
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Roomtour Altmetall-Rally-Team: Selbstbau Expeditionsmobil aus Iveco 90-16 vom THW

Ah, you’re doing now … I’ll do the flap for you. Yes, now we see Egon here and his owner and also builder. It’s a Iveco 90-16 No LF 16 TS but from THW, right? That was from the THW, exactly. Original blue – white as you know it from THW. The connoisseurs will recognize this directly at the bumper because it has a real drawbar, there was never a stem pump. There was no stem pump here, exactly. With the drawbar, the front is original, only different color implemented, the turn signals are installed here at the front, but otherwise original. And the IVECO Lettering is missing in the middle. OK. Conceptually you have everything
a bit more original than for example us. You have kept the double cabin. Yes, I kept it because it is a nice concept for the overall appearance of the vehicle for me. I really like the double cabin, that was one of the reasons to choose the 90 16. So not just because of the air-cooled engine and because of the all-wheel drive but also because of the look. I like this big, edgy and also that Double cabin. And we stayed so low with the box body that everything adds up to one height. This is of course a bit disadvantageous as far as the standing height in the box is concerned, but visually it’s just nicer as if you take the double cabin and have a very high structure on the back. And there are three of you .. Right. Two adults, one child. The little one is 6 years old, she has enough space in the back and it works with three persons quite well. Since it is a THW, we have a double seat on the front Passenger side and accordingly
we sit in a row at the front and also works very well while driving. And where the seats in the back were you have a bed now .. RIght. Originally the vehicle is designed for 12 people, that means in the back is a double row seats, we left it that way, this aluminum checker plate construction has remained. On the one hand, it serves as Storage space, sits on the other side the
electronics is in there, like the batteries, Current transformers, solar transformers etc. And on top of that is a bed. A large double bed, 140 x 200 cm. My wife and I are sleeping there behind that is the passageway we built so that we can get back in the box. And there’s a bed at the back 200 x 70 cm, the little one sleeps there. On the outside you can also see that a brutal roof rack has been installed Yes, what does brute mean, but it is already powerful. But that fits for me on the look of the vehicle. What I definitely wanted was these branch bumpers I think that’s very nice because the look supportes the car. A large LED bar sits in the front and the roof racks is actually intended for carrying the solar panels. So there are solar panels screwed on top. Branch bumpers are also useful because the windshield is very difficult to get. Exactly, and because it is very wide. You can see it a little here and by the scratches on the side … so we already have had often enough
Branches and twigs and something. So from this side that’s already quite
meaningful. It protects the window, exactly. Otherwise you can see directly,
you put bigger tires on it Yes, that was also one of the first
acts. Change to single tires with the MPT 81 with a three-piece rim. We are actually very happy with it and of course it also supports the look. So first and foremost, it’s always a question of optics. Whether we need them in every situation is another question, but it just looks very, very good and fits to the car. So this overall concept had to fit optically. In any case. And I think he did with the 365 80 R 20 also great, especially in the sand. Yes, of course, with the air deflated accordingly, but we are satisfied with what the tires deliver. OK. You didn’t have anything done on the engine or injection pump, right? No, it’s all original. Shall we take a look inside? We can do that. You have the lift gate from the THW on it .. yes, it is now also folded down. I can briefly demonstrate what it looks like otherwise. Clear away a few things.. I put built the box into the box, that means, if we close that now, it’s very, very original and this is also important for us because we like to camp free. The little one sleeps in the back and because we are not immediately recognizable as campers, so a bit of stealth camping, that’s a little safer. So this is the original
tailgate from THW. We’ll do it up and down and we use it as
Seatin,g as a work surface when cooking and so on. So extremely practical. And the original rolling grilles ensure that everything is optically closed and also
save. They can also be locked we think we are doing relatively well here. In any case. And no scratches on Windows or something. This has many Benefits. The tailgate already has stops so that you can really use them as a step level .. Right. I think it can easily be loaded up to 250 kg so you can walk around on it it’s made of aluminum, so it’s relatively light. And it folds all the way down here, then you can work or walk on it. So that works very well. And behind that is the actual box. It is built from a screen printing plate. Isolated, so there is an Armaflex in there, an air gap and then another Screen printing plate set against it. That serves us as living space, as sleeping space, as Lounge, you can see right away, there is a small kitchen in there, one small seating area and we have rear
a little more storage space underneath, so here is the bed, including the storage space, there is also the water tank, water pump and boiler. How much water do you have on board. We currently only have 50 liters of water in a 50 liter tank. Of course we also have a water bag on top with 20 liters. When the weather is warm and you can warm the water up a bit, you can take a shower with it. So we get a total of 70 liters. Yes, your concept is that you travel a lot and self-sufficient don’t have to last for a long time. You can get water almost everywhere. Exactly, we can stand for a few days, we have drinking water additionally with us, of course this is not the problem. But we’re dealing relatively good with 50 or 70 liters so long. Of course on longer off-road trips, there is also the normal government tank below, so we don’t have a 600 or 700 liter tank. So for diesel
we’re always committed to drive back to civilization anyway. But that went so far without problems. So that went well in Turkey, that went in Georgia, in the Ukraine and here in Morocco it’s also possible. So the infrastructure is relatively good today Yes that is true. So, here you have to pull your head a bit, because of course we have no headroom. We have a big roof window in there, so I have headroom here. But it was about to illuminate the whole thing a bit so just to make it a little bit more comfortable. Here is our little kitchen. Sink,
down here is our compressor cooler it can be pulled out and then of course normally opened. Is an Engel compressor cool box, we are very satisfied with. How did you secure that down there, it just looked great. These are heavy-duty rails, which are usually with these two blue locking levers on the side I took them off and put an aluminum rail on it. What I do now with one foot is exactly what you do with the two levers. It fits well. So even when driving on the slopes nothing has moved yet. The Heavy duty rails are wonderful there and we don’t have the problem that we have to store the cool box somewhere open, but we can put it here underneath, use the space and at the same time it’s our little stickerwall. There are switching units up there a bit of USB charging things and where to put that pump and turn on the lights around .. there are also the fuses behind it, there is a fuse box. There you can also see the display from
from the water tank, so the filling display. And otherwise that’s our little kitchen. What I built here is this little shelf for the cups and so on. There is also a warm air pipe from
the diesel heater, what ends up in this cap. So we get a little warm air to the front cabin and warm air in the room here. The air vent can be turned, I thought that was really cool. Then we can see our passage here. It is big, that’s the maximum what was structurally possible. It is closed with a bellow, because the front and rear cab work against each other, so it has to be flexible. What I’ve built here is just a thing lies on here, so it’s a little softer to crawl through. It has Armaflex on it so you can crawl over it accordingly. I think I’ll copy that from you [laughs]. That’s great. That works well and it has to be mobile because it must not be firmly connected. But this fits great and it is much more pleasant to get through here because you always climb through this bellow and hit your knees. Yes, of course, what do you think, how many bruises we already had. Really cozy with you, what height do you have here? I would like to say that it is almost 160 cm. I have here normal plywood panels above
as a ceiling, including Armaflex. So there is the
original aluminum ceiling from THW, Armaflex is glued to it, underneath is one Air gap and then the plywood panels as a cover for the ceiling to make it look a little cozy. You just showed the power indicator, you have solar on the roof .. Yes, there are two panels at the top of the cab, so 320 watts. We still have some space on the roof rack, so we could have two more panels when we needed them But at the moment it was always without problems. What is your battery capacity?
I have 150 amp hours. That is I have 150 Ah. This is not so much, there are also
possibilities here, down the seats in the front area. But so far we have also had no problems with that, actually because with the solar current and with what
in doubt when driving from the Alternator is charging, we always got along. We have a voltage converter from 12 to 220 volts because my wife very often uses a thermomix. So we cook with Thermomix, so there are no hobs here. We have a normal gas stove that everyone has, such a normal camping stove otherwise quite a lot with the Thermomix and even that works problem-free with the batteries and the electricity that we have on board. The Thermomix place is then here that’s why it’s built like this. Then come in. Boah, that’s cozy. Here we have my daughter’s bed, you can see that on the toys, the teddy, what’s all here. There is a little storage space up there, of course there is the former roller shutter box behind it the other roller shutter boxes are here, they are insulated and covered. The table is moored with this well-known holder from the boat facilities, that’s also the only one that works quite stable for large tables. This means that it can be swiveled. What was important to me when a friend of Edda’s is with us, then we dismantle the table and put it down here. Then we have another second lying area. So that’s no problem. Otherwise we sit here and can
eat, read, work here … There is really a lot of space. As soon as you sit and you sit most of the time anyway … Yes, exactly, and of course that’s also storage space. Here under the seats. That means the diesel heater is here underneath and there are thick winter clothes that we still have
have and shoes and so on that one not always need. They are
housed down here at the sides. The Thermomix is ​​down there. I have the closet system I thought it was relatively simple and
extremely practical. We do it all with Euroboxes in an aluminum construction and for the euroboxes it was for my wife important to be able to look into the boxes from the front that’s why we have these Euroboxes with such a hinged transparent window. You don’t always have to pull them out, you can also reach in from the front. We have that here on the clothes side, as well as on the kitchen side, works very well. Also holds very straight and as I said, you also see what’s inside the boxes. What’s also practical for us, we don’t need to carry all the things with travel bags in here. We take out the Euroboxes, take them with us at home, put our things in and then just push the boxes in here. You have just mentioned the auxiliary heater, also that a pipe runs here. You insulated with Armaflex and it was quite cold these days. How much kW does the heater have? This is a 4 kW Planar heater from Autoterm. Sometimes that’s actually a a bit much. Of course it has to run at full load so it don’t
coked and that can of course produce a lot of heat for
this room and for the room forwards. it’s more than enough. Probably
a 2 kW heating would have done it too. But we now have the 4 kW. If in doubt
you have to open the window a bit However, it does the warm water, too. So we have this warm-showe-kit from TIgerexped and have here under the bed the
Water tank and here is where the Boiler is, too. I think Elgena is it. It works like a heat exchanger, where the warm air is passed through and heats the water. We have a pressurized water pump down here that means we have water with enough pressure on the tap and have a connection for an outdoor shower and can then shower outside with warm or cold water. You really have a large sleeping area and ultimately 4 sleeping places, as you said. Exactly, we have a normal double bed at the front, 1.40 mx 2.0 m that is quite feasible for two adults, maybe you could expand that a bit, but we need the storage space behind the seats. You can see on one side
the black bag, there are our Blidimax mats for the windows in the front. That’s just normal glazing and of course it cools down faster than insulated walls and of course it heats up more. At the fair we looked at the Blidimax mats and they are now also available in black. I always didn’t like that when you put mats for heat insulation in, that look like aluminum foil. These here now are
completely in black. We have them for all Windows
all around and we use them always in the evening to keep the warmth inside and during the day when the sun is shining extremely and we are in the heat in order not to heat up the passenger compartment to the extreme. So I have to say they are really good,
the investment was extremely important right now it’s a little bit fresher, so we also have the mats overnight and we now had
the case that between the glass and the mate, there was ice between, so it was frozen there, but the Blidimax mat holds back quite a lot from the interior. And as I said, we chose the completely black Version, because these are optically
pretty nice and it’s relatively comfortable at the front, if you have it attached. Did you draw the template for Blidimax yourself? You get a set like that for. The advantage is that for many different vehicle types they already have templates. I called and I said the vehicle, a 90-16 and then they said all right, we already have the template. So the dimensions, you have
nothing more to be measured, but you can specify certain things. For example, whether you have a go box in the front or whether a navigation system hangs on the pane so that corresponding cutouts are made. Otherwise, the dimensions are already there
and then you can still decide whether you want the 100 percent fit or even an inch more so that they really cover around the panes. That’s all Relative simple and they have many common vehicles There is also a table or file on the website. For many vehicles everything is there. And they are very quick in making it. It is not for nothing that you are called Altmetall Rally Team with your YouTube channel. Rally is no accident, is it? No it’s not. We bought the vehicle in November 2016 as a THW base vehicle, so it was from private, that was important to me because it was already encoded as a mobilehome and had an H license plate. And the boys who previously had it for just under a year, they dove it for 4,000 kilometers. That means everything already got a little warm and moved a bit. That was important to me, that’s why I also spent a little more money on the base. Then I converted it in winter 2016 to 2017, it became painted, disassembled and the box so far
modified that we already had the inner walls. But there was still no other inside construction. And in may 2017 we were on the “Knights of the Island”, this is a rally that starts in Brussels then up to Edinburgh in Scotland.
It is organized by SAC in Hamburg and there is driven with old vehicles. Here it’s not about being the fastest on the road. There’s a road book with different competitions and
there are also points for and at the end they will be settled. It’s fun. I participated wih two friends and we were able to test how the car works. About the origin: Altmetall Rally Team was created by us in Greifswald where I come from. A small
community of interests that are dealing with old vehicles. We come from the car sector and we had to have some team names for the rally. And that fits just fine. Old metal is our Community of interests, so we named us old metal rally team. We have back then started on facebook and instagram
to post already during the Rally and then it stayed, we took it over as a family and now we do on Youtube or
facebook, instagram there accordingly Videos, posts, etc. So that’s even under the skin here [laughs] This is the original scrap metal logo that we have in the Greifswald. And Egon, is of course already there. [Laughing]
And that is the vehicle that is at home. That is the hobby arm with things on it you like. Excellent! We were already together on slopes, the car did a great job. Has something turned out over all the time you’ve been traveling you would say, you have to lend a hand again? What we’ve definitely noticed is a problem in the past few days, is the underride guard. It’s already a little higher, we have already modified it slightly, but it did on the slopes, of course, what it should, but it has accordingly suffered. So when we we at home, I would like a foldable one rebuild version. Just to have a little bit
more angles at the back because that was really a shock when the thing back there hit the ground. There are also two 12 bolts sheared off. Fortunately nothing else happened but that is definitely an essential
Modification that we would now make for such off-road trips. But as we have already seen inside … in side everything has held great. That worked great, yes. So that was free of complications. Wonderful. And otherwise, we
had already spoken because of headroom? You still wanted to change something, maybe. So for the far future there is the idea of ​​having the roof in one Convertible folding roof. We wanted to do it but then got off again because we wanted to travel first That is, of course an
essential intervention, that means I have to build everything out at the back, have to cut open the roof at the back, that is a longer operation.
We didn’t have time now. And this is of course also a financial expense. We preferred to first be on the road. But that’s an idea we have for the future just to add a little more comfort, through the resulting Headroom. I would have a folding roof that is struck in the back and only
opened in the front. It’s the ded in the back, you don’t need standing height there and in the seating area it’s not so important. But in the front in the kitchen or wherever you moves or get dressed etc. it would be nice. Yes, really nice vehicle, have been traveling a lot
with it in a short time. Yes, of course is also great if
you just leave most of it as it is is already there and uses that as a base. Yes. Yes, that’s a very nice one
Vehicle concept and above all even if you are with the whole family
is on the road and wants to get to travel quickly. It is exactly like that. You also have a YouTube channel … Exactly, we have a YouTube channel, we also have Facebook and Instagram and when we’re on the go there are always vlogs on the YouTube channel such small diary entries from the different steps we did. Where you just a little bit
can read along and wherever we go Share experiences. That’s what
we always do this when we’re on the go are. So only when we’re on the go.
Otherwise I already have Workshop videos done from the
Workshop that I work with. Where we screw together on the car, there are also informative things, so just have a look and if it is
interested also subscribe or somehow turn that bobble there or that bell on. And you already did great tours, Georgia was there too. That was exactly 2018, the first really long tour with him. There were almost three of us Months on the road and have a Southeast Europe tour made. Are through the Czech Republic, Slovakia,
Romania, Bulgaria, once through Turkey all the way to Georgia. So Georgia was
the destination where we wanted to go Caucasus and then spent a while there, in Georgia and are over it black sea by ferry to Ukraine and back home via Poland. That was the big round was very, very nice and it worked good with him. That was so close to 10,000 Kilometers and the tour worked very well with the vehicle. We have very, very nice, friendly
Met people on the go, s that was really a very nice tour. Yes, then have a look on the canal and stay tuned, because from today it’s back in the sand, right !? Exactly, today it’s back in the sand, we’re here in Zagora right now and we will today when we left here and do the laundry done, then it goes back into the sand, exactly.


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    Wie hast Du das umgesetzt? Könnt ihr da noch mal näher drauf eingehen?

  • ooops372

    Interessant, nach den heute vorherrrschenden "squeeze it to the max"-Ansätzen hier einen so entspannten unausgereizten Aufbau zu sehen (geschuldet sicherlich auch dem großen Fahrzeug). 70 Liter Wasser ist schon ne Hausnummer (nach unten). Da hat ja schon die Weiße Camper-Ware mit mindestens 100 Liter mehr. Aber die Vegetarier in Campern sagen es immer wieder: Limit für die Autarkie ist eher das Gemüse, als Wasser, Strom oder Gas (oder Diesel).

  • MaOt`s Garage

    Moin, ich bin auch mal wieder dabei 😁. Dieser Ausbau ist ja auch mal ne gute Idee. Gerade wenn man so wie ich nicht so viel Geld hat für einen teure Wohnkabine. 😁 Ich denke mal ich komme doch schneller zu meinem Wohn-Lkw als gedacht. 😁
    Danke für das tolle Video über den schönen Iveco, mit sympathischen Besitzer.

  • Olo Sudelmann

    Cooles Fahrzeug,
    Habt ihr schon mal über ein Standard hubdach
    Zb. Von reimo nachgedacht.
    Sind erschwinglich und 1qm Platz reicht zum kochen und umziehen allemal.
    Schöne Touren wünsche ich euch.

  • Bernd Reinhardt

    Also das Konzept von Kai ist genau das was ich auch machen will . Außen soll er so bleiben wie er ist , innen dann wohnliche Gestaltung .
    Ich muss mir das unbedingt in Live anschauen .
    Wie sieht es mit Toilette aus ?

    Gruß Bernd

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