• Flor Rojas

    Why do they need to check bags? The Italian festival has been active for years; the presence of a gun is unheard of… I'm just going to leave that there.

  • ThatSounds AboutRight

    No one: "……………….."

    Yacubians: "This woulda never happened at "our" events" [then remembers] Oct 1st, 2017. Man kills 58 people and wounds 42 others at country music concert. "Fuq" 🤦 [then remembers] just the day before the Roots Picnic, mass shooting at VA beach which left 12 dead……

    Yacubians: "Well yeah but……." blah blah blah faq'n blah.
    *Stop comparing evils and be grateful you weren't affected by any of this!*

  • Jessie Barnes

    STOP THE LIES! WAY more than 5 people were hurt and I am one of them!!! A LOT of people got hurt and the organizers didn't even acknowledge what happened, did not explain it, did not offer any apology or anything along those lines!!!!

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