ROUND 6: Camping in The Valley of the Gods (accidentally)

Wow look at he’s f#!?ing rock on the
side of us So this is Valley of the Gods. It is? That’s what it says. If we turn right here I think we go down to it. Ben lost our drone. [laughs] We don’t know where it is. So he’s following the GPS of the drone
app to find our drone But like you guys look at this place I just had a total melt – ok wait, I’m going to talk to the camera So here we are. I don’t know if you can see how beautiful this place – ugh like my
f#!?ing head I bought this hat in the middle of
nowhere and it’s just taking up all – I don’t know if you can see this so we have been driving all day we started – where did we start? I’m trying to remember – Okay we started in Colorado and we decided that we were gonna go to Monument Valley but we had no
information on Monument Valley and what time it was gonna be open for us to get
permits to go in the backcountry so [cough] excuse me.
what happens is we got online with the one second of service that we had in the
whole day and it said that the permits office would be open until 8pm so I guess we found the drone Ben is literally, I don’t know if you can see [laughing] on the other side of the world! There he is – look, look at him. There he is! Right there. There’s Ben! [laughing] Literally thought he died I thought he was dead. Cause it’s getting late out here But look at this… Back to my story before my battery cut
me off. So yeah I had a meltdown. Like not a little meltdown like I cried and there were tears, sobs, snot, the
whole nine yards and I like I thought we were gonna I thought we were gonna die, I
really did, I thought we’re gonna die in the middle of nowhere because I didn’t
know where we were gonna camp but then we looked upon Google and thank God for
the internet because they sent us to this spot through a latitude and
longitude coordinat – coordinates? They’re coordinates. Longitude and
latitude coordinates and we found this epic spot which is so much better than
what we originally planned! Oh my god look it’s like a little bat! So anyways, hopefully we make it through
the night. We’re in the desert, there’s a lot of like creepy crawly animals everywhere
but I think they were going to be okay Look at this! I don’t know if you can see. [whisper] It’s so beautiful! It’s so beautiful! And Ben is alive. hallelujah. I thought he was gone, he was gone for a while and I thought he was going to die. Okay over and out! Good night! Bye! What are you doing? Throwing shit away. Why? Because we’re going to go to Monument Valley. What’s in the background? The big d!#?!!! Valley of the Gods, Shadow of the D!#?!! She’s got some proper red dirt on her now.

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