ROUND 9: Lesson Learned (When to not set up camp)
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ROUND 9: Lesson Learned (When to not set up camp)

We’re back! In Colorado. Made it all the
way to the Grand Canyon and now we’re slowly but surely going to make our way
back to Nueva York. We don’t really have any plans on where we’re going so I
guess you’re coming on this unknown adventure with us. See you out there! Hello! So these are the downsides of being on the
road. You gotta sit in the car and do your work and wait for exports while
the sun just fades away. And we’re going to end up getting to the campground in the dark and, I don’t know, like gonna set up our new poo tent in the dark. We’ve been at this City Market in Dillon,
Colorado for about four hours We got here at like one. It’s six o’clock It’s not six – oh yeah it’s six – shit Sun sets in an hour and a half and I really have learned that I’m
not a big fan of setting up camp in the dark or cooking in the dark I like like
getting to the campsite having time to build things and nest and that’s not
what’s gonna happen today so hopefully it doesn’t take us too long to find a
place to sleep tonight and then tomorrow I think we’re gonna head to Nebraska
to go see – what is it called? Carhenge and we will report back then. You might
even see a little bit of a clip right now of where we’re sleeping tonight
if there’s enough light left. byeeee It’s not all fun and games kids So this is what it looks like when you
get into camp and it’s really dark and you don’t have enough lights. You end up
coming up with crazy ideas like this one and breaking our off-brand max track. Literally if we could have been able to see there was a flat surface just over
here just over here pretty much everywhere around this little clearing
but we just couldn’t see it last night when we drove in because it was so dark. There’s a lot of things to be
said for going on the road but it’s very hard to set up camp in the dark.
Especially when you’re trying to level out a tent so that you can sleep well. At least it kind of looks mean coming over
the log. There’s one bonus. Sof’s making sandwiches for our day so we can
try and get to our next location a little bit quicker. In our cool little
kitchen. Makes things pretty easy. It’s not like being at home but it’s better than
trying to work off like the back of a car. We had the car fixed about a week
and a half ago maybe. Maybe a week ago. The starter motor died and also the
AC compressor died when we were driving across Nebraska trying to get to
Colorado and it’s been all good like the the engine seems great at the
moment, it’s a little bit underpowered, we’re losing power for some reason. I
think that could be something to do with like the exhaust recirculation systems
and it just could be the fact that the engine needs a rebuild because she’s old,
but we can deal with all that but we actually like getting a few little
noises in our in our front CV I think or it could be the front steering
arm. We’ve decided that we’re gonna just like take the risk and try and drive it
back to New York on those so we’ll keep you guys posted Ben is like always being way too safe
about strapping everything down [laughs] Are you ok? No No. Awwww We’re here having some lunch in this
random creek that we found on our way to carhenge in Nebraska. We took a
little detour to the Rocky Mountain National Park which we had to pay for.
We were a little bit bitter at first but after our little trip around it was like
one of the coolest things we’ve seen yet. So if you’re ever in the Colorado region
and you have time we definitely recommend going to the Colorado Rocky
Mountain National Forest, right? Ben says yes So hopefully we make it to carhenge before dark and with enough time to look
for camping. find a camp spot not too late again because we don’t want to do
that again so we’ll keep you updated

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