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Round Rock Honey, Just Do It (Starting a Business)-Free Camping Magnolia Beach Texas

That was actually a pretty simple
process to get my driver’s license and the license plates I also thought while
I’m here I’m going to go ahead and get a library card. Okay so they actually
charge a $5 annual fee since they’re out of the county system and you just have
to pay it online to renew. It’s great because you can actually check out books
while you’re on the road so it’s in digital format.
You just have to download this app called overdrive which I haven’t done
yet but we’re gonna try that out. Good morning Story Chasers! I’m still
here in Livingston Texas. I just got gassed up and ate some breakfast and let
me tell you it was cold last night. God it was cold. It was I think a low of 28
degrees and I had hooked up to electric at the rainbow Park here in Livingston
this part of the escapees RV park and I did that just so I could run the furnace
all night and that thing just couldn’t keep up and what’s interesting is
usually it works really really well but I just think it was so cold it just
couldn’t do what it needed you to keep it warm I had it on 77 and high and I
was still freezing the whole reason why I decided to hook up to electric is
because I didn’t want to have to run through all my propane so quickly and
you know it’s really difficult to put propane in that
the RV and anyone had to stop and go get it so I just thought I’ll hook up and I
had to go get my mail and everything so just worked out did you hear that
I said mail that’s the Texas twang already coming out I do that when I come
back here I started getting my southern accent back it’s been a long time all
right well we’re headed to Dallas and hopefully we’ll continue to have this
beautiful sunny weather much gratitude towards that and we’re going to the
family friends well hello story chasers I have such a
treat for you today I’ve left the Dallas Texas area and I’m headed down south to
Austin Texas specifically Round Rock which is just outside of Austin and I’m
visiting a high school friend of mine who started this amazing honey bee farm
I think it’s called a honey bee farm we’ll have to ask him and make sure have
the terminology right but it’s called Round Rock honey his name is Conrad
bouffard so we’re gonna go visit with Conrad today and see this amazing spot
to visit in Austin if you’re over here he has tours that he gives of his
facility where he actually makes the honey and he even has beekeeping classes
if you guys are interested in that but we’re gonna go visit with him today and
one of the other things that I wanted to talk with him about is what motivated
him to start this company because he did not start out in beekeeping he actually
was a school teacher and then decided to follow his passion and we’re gonna find
out what obstacles he overcame to good on this road I’m very interested in why
people start their businesses they always have this dream and I like to
find out what does that motivator what does that dream about hopefully this
inspires you to also decide what it is that you want and go after that’s why I
created this whole create do live principle that you’ve been seeing on my
youtube channel lately the create doula principle is all about deciding what it
is that you want and visualize what that plan is that’s the creation phase so
write it down on paper so the do phase is actually putting all of those action
steps that you created in the create phase and put them all into action and
the live part is well that’s kind of the juice of the create do live principle
it’s you’re now living out your dream so the cool thing is is that
have an eight week bootcamp that I’ve put together that teaches you exactly
this principle plus like how to actually put everything into action and create a
new business if that’s what you’re looking to do and work remotely I’m
teaching all about the nomadic lifestyle how to transition into it and start your
own business or find a job that you can work remotely so make sure you click
that link below in the pinned comment or the description box where you can find
more information about the eight-week boot camp all right guys let’s get
started it’s really good so we have two
different types of hunting there’s rhyme marketing and good being Center and this
is where both of them are bottled the key difference is that good bees honey
is a cost-conscious hi honey it’s mainly for people who don’t want to spend very
much on honey and you don’t mind if I honey is local or not local so it’s our
value brand ramratan is our signature brand it’s local and its highest quality
you can get yeah this is where everything is bottled back there right
now we’re gearing up to do a big big run for Trader Joe’s so do you sell under
their name are your name our name we don’t serve anyone unless they use our
they’re basically the way it works is you put the frames in and they spin
around and the honey produce again see outside drains down to the bottom just
figured over here into the box this was done by a guy named Dale help Federico
Archuleta when I was first out of high school I went to Southwest University in
Georgetown Texas I think it was a special education
teacher and I thought I went into thinking that I would teach for 10 years
because at that point in my career I wasn’t doing anything else I was
starting a few companies but that was all on the side and the teaching was my
main focus so I did that for 10 years and just like my old job at Mayflower I
kept getting into conflict 12 principles in 10 years so the school districts were
showing over and over and over again that they were willing to hire the least
among us to be the leader and I didn’t like that and so I told them I said you
know you become leader through fitness not because you’re willing to be a
lackey or something like that I got fired and then rehired and fired and
rehired one principal would fire me and the next one would say oh we know that
that principal we know why they did it so we’re gonna hire you over here and
then the irony of it was I came to work here in Round Rock ISD and I got fired
from Round Rock ISD on the same day I won a national Teaching Award and so I
mean how do you think like all of that
starting from when you graduated from high school you went into trucking the
the hiring of firing all of those things how do you think that affected you to
surround most people in a corporate job are willing to make sacrifices in terms
of they’re willing to turn away from what they really feel in order to
satisfy the needs of a boss or something like that
I was only willing to do that for a short amount of time before I couldn’t
take it anymore and then it was I would just respond and it was usually not in a
way that would allow me to keep my job and so so I thought to myself it’s not
that I really want to be the boss or anything like that it’s just that I
couldn’t work for other people absolutely that’s how you know when you
you really are an entrepreneur if you cannot work like constitutionally you
cannot work for other people and when you work for yourself it’s ten twenty
hundred times more financially rewarding and you have more freedom and everything
else then it’s kind of like you know that’s the universe telling you you need
to go in that direction so that was the big lesson from those years of my life
was that I it wasn’t that I couldn’t do the teaching because obviously I could I
got a lot of recognition for it and all that and it wasn’t that I couldn’t do
well in business it’s just that I couldn’t do well in business working for
other people and I think that the way that I operate
now really proves out my philosophy in that I take extremely good care of my
employees I mean I bought them almost all of them new cars we’re working on
the program we’re going to be buying them houses this year we pay them better
than they could get anywhere else and sometimes it’s not just a tiny
percentage better it’s a multiple better we take them all over the world like
David that you meant back there he’s been to Turkey with me England with me
in Argentina with me and all of that is professional development and so we’re
not only paying them better and rewarding them better they are getting a
significant percentage of the profits of this company in terms of compensation
that’s really key you and I share a philosophy because I’m the same way like
I’ve worked for a bunch of people but I would clash with them because I didn’t
agree with how they were managing because one it was irresponsible right –
it was a detriment sometimes the client it was very all just a mediocre
mediocracy was accepted and I couldn’t handle that it was very different than
that but and I agree with your philosophy to you about taking care of
your employees I think if you take care of their employees but Kyle like above
and beyond like you’re doing like buying on cars and buy them houses that’s kind
of old that’s time but they’ll take care of you – oh they do the companies are a
vehicle by which to allow good people that have not had an opportunity to rise
up to the full potential like a lot of my employees came to me like James came
from Whataburger Terry came here working for a dog place like a dog ranch
David was a janitor I mean these were all people that had the the common thing
among them was that they had a hobby in beekeeping and my rule is that everyone
starts in the warehouse everyone pushes a broom for a little bit and where I can
get to know them in there to work ethic and all that and then
after that the floodgates of so do you have any advice for people who
are wanting to start a business especially if they want to start it on
the road and kind of what it takes my kind of boilerplate advice for anyone
want to start a business is just to do it
ask yourself taken inventory and ask yourself you know do you are you willing
to make the sacrifice that is required in terms of labor hours and and just
life commitment to to run this business and is it something that will maintain
your keep your interest for however long it is that you want to run the business
then and if the answer that is yes and then go for it and because I believe
that intuitively if someone is truly interested in something if they don’t
know how to do it they’ll figure it out and if they can’t figure it out then
maybe they shouldn’t get into that business like I can’t figure out being a
heart surgeon so I’m not gonna get into it
but I can’t figure out how to bottle honey how to raise bees you know how
they my big thing is lying food manufacturing I like it because you
start over here with something you fill it up with something of value and then
you sell it it’s very very simple it’s a three-part process I don’t really ever
have jealousy or envy of other people but I’m except when it comes to travel
based businesses I really admire people that can have businesses that are
detached from brick and mortar because that’s a big accomplishment
and when I was you know I’ve done it before in by doing the the truck thing
that I was doing the 18-wheeler and I love that life in fact an episode of
that life was documented in the New York Times a New York Times interviewed me
and I think that they kind of the whole feeling of that time was captured in
that Oracle it’s one of the reasons why I wanted to
come here and visit with you I don’t like if I haven’t seen you in 30 years
but offer like a really cool place for people to come and visit your local they
could find honey take a tour of your facilities trying to see how it works
and then you said you have VPP in sports t right yeah we used to be in like nine
different cities and at that point we were the Lord has been keeping the
school in the world we ran I want to say that the total number people that have
gone through our beekeeping classes has been somewhere between 750 and 850
thousand people and I know that this year alone we’ve sold 260 hives that are
going all over Central Texas they have a copper town and then a super which is
where the hunting is made and then to brood chambers everything is coated with
wax which is why don’t you see that kind of stuff right there we’ve had a good
impact and and that’s what we wanted to do that’s all we wanted to do really
because the money made out of the beekeeping school is not significant
that where we make our money is off of the honey
and so this is really Conrad took me out to just one of the places he keeps his
bees in Round Rock and I must admit I was a little bit nervous so if I get out
of the car right now are we okay to get out yeah so what they’ll typically do is
they’ll dive-bomb you they won’t sting you on the first go go go warn you if
they start hitting your head if they do that then it’s time to be back Konrad made me feel right at ease and
provided so much education on not only safety around the bees but also the
benefits about bees and allergies and how they’re so beneficial to our
ecosystem they have over approximately 4,000 hives with this area being the
main one where the beekeeping classes are held wearing black and these
interpret black is a threat they’re kind of like bull seeing red they see black
and they don’t like that so if the bee start to Venus that’s them warning us
that they’ve had enough of us so if they come up and they bounce us off the head
like that that’s like saying you better get away because I’m about to sting you
but you can see just or not should we run or slowly walk slowly walk they’re
really not concerned with us they’re really concerned they’re not around us
at all right yeah yeah it would only if we got up really close now there may be
one or two that come up to us and especially the longer we stay here
especially wearing black this tall hive here is the strongest one out here
that’s got brood up through about half the hive and then honey on the top and
that one is a very defensive hive they they are very proud of themselves and so
that one is a little bit mean but the other ones are all pretty good we also
have a lot of other wildlife out here the Roadrunners they’re Mexican Eagles
there are rattlesnakes a lot of rattlesnakes scorpions bees of course
and it all sounds very threatening but actually it’s not it’s it’s a very good
and safe place to live and and the other great thing about if you live in Texas
and you eat Texas honey on a regular basis we’re talking two teaspoons a day
a lot of say kind of annoying health problems that you might have like
allergies and general swelling and things like that a lot of those will
just go away it’s just beautiful out here I love it this land out here was
essentially dead land before we move the bees out here they stimulate these trees
if you look at these trees versus the trees that are over there not this one
immediately but the ones that are way over there you can see how much more of
the bees have worked on this tree here versus those over there and so yeah it’s
like completely thriving greineder what an absolutely incredible experience and
placed a visit around Austin Texas thank you so much Conrad for inviting me into
your business and sharing with me or passion for bees good morning story chasers it look like
I’m in down what still I haven’t had on not in Mexico but I am by the ocean well
it’s the Gulf of Mexico kind of being quiet because there’s other RVs out here
I left Dallas I enjoyed my family so so much too had a great time hanging out
with that and then I was gonna stay in Austin for a little while but I was
feeling very overwhelmed is probably the best word I literally have not been by
myself since December can you believe that December I’ve been either with
people or in a city so I just needed to be in nature somewhere somewhere where I
could just really be comfortable and kind of recharge so I’m a true introvert
where I get my energy from being by myself I needed that a lot so I came out
here I drove three hours down to Port Lavaca I’m staying at Magnolia Beach I
thought it was gonna be a bigger Beach than this but let me turn this around to
show you the beach really just goes up to where my van is other than that it’s
like a little road right there it’s very tiny you can see there’s like a lo of
RVs your hands a bird singing and the beach is like this shell there’s like
little guest houses are places I think maybe people can write he’s not gonna give us anything so I’m
just gonna hang out here for a little while I don’t know how long I’m gonna be
here as long as I can there’s no science saying that you have
to leave at a specific time so I may be out here a couple days I mean you being
out here a week I’m will see benighted I can see out here a week it’s really
pretty it’s a little bit of traffic during the day on that street you should
only supposed to go 15 miles per hour but you know people don’t ever follow
rules so they go kind of fast and it kicks up this really fine white dust
thankfully um I think getting in my RV yesterday I had the windows closed on
that side so it stays pretty clean if you just have a window open towards the
beach side so I’m gonna go make some coffee now walk really what do you do
enjoy this nice sunrise and hey walk


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