Royce Brown At Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary
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Royce Brown At Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary

Inmate Brown is currently in ambulatory restraints. During the lieutenant’s check-in
at approximately 8 o’clock the inmate became disruptive and assaultive and assaulted the lieutenant while
he was doing the two-hour check. Authorization for immediate amb — uh — four-point restraints has been given by the warden. We are now currently placing inmate into four-point restraints. Brown: I didn’t assault nobody. Inmate Brown, do not resist my staff. Do you understand? Brown: I didn’t assault nobody. Little bit at a time. [Brown crying] Step through, step through. [Brown crying] Step out, slide him back, step through. Grab that arm, grab that arm. One, two, three. All right, secure him on the litter. Go ahead and turn the inmate’s head towards the door. Walk forward, place him onto the litter. Hold on. Slow, slow, slow. Next, secure him on the litter with the straps. [Brown crying] At this time, team, move him to X-Block basement, Cell 024. Inmate Brown, do not resist my staff as they escort you. Do you understand? OK, at this time undo the straps from the litter. All right, we’ll move the inmate onto the Reeves litter to the bed. Inmate Brown, do not resist my staff as they move you,
do you understand? [Sound of chains] Place the inmate onto the bed. Slide him onto the bed. Center him in the bed. [Sound of chains] My nose, I can’t breathe. Officer: Ready for the hand restraints, Lieutenant? Lieutenant: Yup. Inmate Brown, do not resist my staff as they
apply hand restraints to you. Do you understand? Brown: Man, I haven’t been resisting. [Sound of chains] Brown: Ow, ow. G**damn. Brown: G**damn, man. Medic: Good pulses. Good circulation. Place the sheet on the inmate. Inmate Brown, do not move while my staff exits the cell. Do you understand? Team out. Officers: Five out, four out, three out two out, one out. Lieutenant: Secure the door. Camera operator, step forward and get a visual of the inmate. OK, the time is now approximately 8:18 a.m. We’re currently in X-Block basement at this
time. Once again, at approximately at 8 o’clock the lieutenant was conducting restraint checks
on inmate Brown, first name Royce. Register number 03724015 During the check, the inmate became aggressive toward the lieutenant and became assaultive, by striking
the lieutenant with his head and striking the lieutenant underneath the
chin. The lieutenant immediately placed the inmate on the floor to gain control of him, called for assistance. At which time, when the responding staff arrived the inmate continued resisting staff once
on the floor. Authorization for immediate four-point restraints was given by the warden. The inmate was moved, removed from the cell and placed on a Reeves litter. An initial medical assessment was conducted of the inmate
prior to leaving the unit. The inmate was placed on a medical litter and moved to X-Block. The inmate was escorted to Cell 024 and placed into four-point restraints.


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