Rozwalili nam ogródek na Dirt Picnic 2019 | Godziek Brothers
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Rozwalili nam ogródek na Dirt Picnic 2019 | Godziek Brothers

He has forgotten… Yo! We are just in Suszec at our Dirt Picnic 2019 There are sooo many people, more than 100 riders sick riding level! So stay with us and see what’s going on here! The riders who came here (and there are maaaaany of them) will compete in 4 categories Pumptrack Amator, Pumptrack Pro with a little park the big line, Dirt Amator on two smaller jumps – the training jump and the training spine But also Dirt Pro, which everybody is awaiting! There will also be the Best Trick category. There will be emotion, huge tricks, so much fun! The atmosphere is cool, everything is getting started, the riders are signing up There are so many riders that we are already out of the riders’ wristbands – it’s SICK! We have 70 riders here sooo many of them We are just starting the Pumptrack Amator category, there are 70 riders, which is a huge number! Everybody will do one Pumptrack lap One chance and the best 3 riders will win prizes! Scary! It was so scary on this bike! Did you see my first line? It was like: I went up from the first jump, did 3 bunnyhops in the air, then the barspin and landed on my front wheel But I did well on the second jump! I admire Philip for riding these jumps on BMX Every of you will have 3 runs – one warmup run and two final runs You will get points for the 2 final runs and better run counts We will score the tricks and the winner takes it all! I am competing today but I don’t have big plans, because I’m riding my downhill bike today And I can’t do bearskins and tail whips Pumptrack Amator results – congrats! Kuba Sidzina – Pumptrack Pro Winner Make some noise for the boys – Dirt Amator Winners! Best Trick Pro goes to Filip Skowron! The second place in Dirt Pro goes to the rider from Australia! Paweł Stachak – Dirt Pro Winner! Allright, Dirt Picnic Suszec has just finished, emotions are slowly going down! The event was so sick, I am very happy about it! The amount of people and riders was unbelieveable So I hope that you also had so much fun! Subscribe, like or whatever See ya!


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