Running on the Field At 2017 World Series!
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Running on the Field At 2017 World Series!

(organ music) – Welcome to Game seven
of the World Series. After the game, whoever
wins, we get to go down on the field and watch the celebration! So that’s gonna be so much fun. (“Believing in You” by
Cacti featuring Frigga) – All right, we are here. The game is about two hours from starting. All the batting practice
stuff is off the field, they’re cleaning it up. It is crazy to be here for a game seven of a World Series. This place was crazy last
night, if you haven’t seen the video, go watch it, we’ll click it up here, but last night after the game, people were goin’ nuts! Astros came to play tonight. They just hit a home run, it is five to nothing, wow! It’s only the second
inning, they’ll probably gonna have to pull their pitcher, already in the second inning. Not lookin’ good for the
Dodgers, not one bit. If you’re an Astros fan, this is your night. All right, we got Lincoln a new hat, we went and got a selfie with Ken Jeong, he’s a really famous comedian, that’s super funny, and a bat. We’re gonna go sit in our seats! And hopefully we get
ourselves a ballgame, here. Let’s go! (crowd stomping and yelling) All right, we made it to the seats, it’s getting intense here, two guys on base, Puig is up. (crowd roars loudly) Ohhh! (funereal, foreboding music) ♫ It’s one, two, three strikes you’re out ♫ At the ole’ ball game – It’s almost over, we’re gonna go down on the field with the celebration, it looks like it’s gonna be the Astros. So this’ll be fun to see them, the MVP will get a new car, they’re gonna pull out the trophy that we’ve already seen, this is gonna be fun, here we go. Tons of media waitin’
for the game to be over. (hopeful, pleasant music) Bottom of the ninth, we are now in the, media room, there’s the
media thing over here where the players will talk later. All right this is Lincoln watchin’ the last out here. – Last out of the World Series. – The celebration. It’s a lot quieter
underneath in the media room, but it should be a little crazier once we get out there. – [Media] All right, here we go. I’m on my way out. – [Man] Look at all that media, oh my. – [Media] Stand by, stand by. – [Umpire] All right. I’ll be ready. – [Man] The umpires. – [Umpire] Thanks, Curtis. – [Official] Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. – [Man] This is too cool. This is too cool, we’re goin’ in, we’re goin’ in right now. There’s the celebration right there, with the madness. A mob of cameramen. We’re on the field. At the end of the World Series, right now! You’re walkin’ on the World Series logo! I’m on the field! I’m on the field! – I wanna step on the,
– There’s the players, right there, they keep celebrating. There’s the Astros’ owner right there, first championship. There they are. That’s gotta be a good feeling right now. Here’s the car they’re
gonna give to the MVP, it’s a Chevy Silverado. – It’s a nice car.
– It is good-looin’. – This is crazy!
– It’s so great! Look at the line right there. Yes! – It’s crazy, run the field! – Run the field! – I can run-
– It’s the end of the World Series. – I wanna run-
– Right now! There’s the Astros band, right there, there’s a section, where there’s the most of ’em up there! They’re a bit excited. We’re getting closed in
by barriers right now, well it’s getting tighter and tighter, we got this guy here. (dreamy, blissful music) They’re givin’ the trophy right now. Check it out. There it is. (team cheers loudly) Yeah-ahh! That kid up there just said, “I watch your YouTube channel!” Yeahhh! (triumphant, masculine music) This has been really cool to see, their family and friends are so happy! Very grateful to MLB and to YouTube TV for letting us come on the field, and experience this. We’re YouTubers! We make video, we’re just father and son, and now we get to be here,
at one of the biggest moments in sports. I’m truly grateful for this. L.A. Dodgers pitching mound, we’ve gotta check it out, we’re on the infield, come on. Look at that! That’s where they clean their cleats, right there. I’m gonna get a picture
of you and then, someday, maybe you’ll be in the
major league baseball, as a pitcher and this is the prelude, I will play this video back. Hold on.
– Get a baseball. Let us pretend like it,
it’s an air baseball. – Yahhh! – Boom! I hit a home run. Good try though. What is happening right now, this is rad! – I really don’t know.
– Yeah, that was great. Someday.
– Oh yeah! Oh yeah! – Better talk quietly.
– Shhh! – Talk quietly for media.
– Shhhh! – Okay, someday we’re gonna play back that footage of Lincoln
pitching on the mound, when he’s actually pitching
for the L.A. Dodgers or against the L.A. Dodgers. Deal?
– Sure. Deal?
– I’m gonna relate that- – I’m committed, to teaching Lincoln. I used to be a pitcher,
I know how to pitch, I’ve never really taught him. So, it’s my time, it’s all on me now. – Oh yeah, all on you. – The only one in the silver slugger, silver bat area, except for that photographer. Goodbye golden gloves. Goodbye trophies. Goodbye MVPs.


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