RV Camping – Camp 216 Needs Fresh Water!
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RV Camping – Camp 216 Needs Fresh Water!

Well I just got through filling up the water tank in the camp with a 12-volt water pump I’m having a little trouble with our well. I do have the pump guy coming out later on tomorrow But I did want to continue showering doing dishes and Drinking water in the camp luckily we have a potable water source nearby and I filled up four 5-gallon jugs and very easily transferred them with a 12-volt water pump, so hopefully I’m not gonna have to do that a lot But we’re good to go for another three days at least I am now off to my other little problem And that is to get the scissor lift up and running I got it going yesterday And then let it run for a little while And then very foolishly I turned it off thinking I would be able to turn it back on real quick I think actually I need to replace the battery that battery I think was on its last leg so I got to get it moved so I can get it out of the way and then Replace the battery this week lots of fun Good news is I got plenty of coffee Cut cut thanks for tagging along You


  • OH8STN

    I know I don't check in enough but I wanted to drop a comment. Watching you on the ranch is inspiring. Even though I don't comment very often, when I see you working hard, yet doing what you love, … you know the rest.
    I'm often so busy learning, building, trying to share and inspire, I forget to take a moment for myself and just enjoy the things I love. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Matt Howard

    Hey Doc, for basic fluid transfer, Lowes, other home improvement stores, and Miles Stair's wick shop sell a 2 D battery powered kero transfer pump that works for all kinds of fluids,.. except gasoline, for obvious reasons. About $15-.

  • Simon Templar

    David, it's been way TOO long! I miss you and Beth. Stop by the store sometime. 73, W1DUK And a shout out to OH8STN!! Keep at it! Great stuff! I send people in your direction, and David's.

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