RV CAMPING – Tour Our AMAZING Sheep Camp!

Hey there welcome to camp 216 come on in so we get a lot of questions about our camp Why it’s called a camp? Why we bought the camp versus another trailer and I’m going to kind of go over some of that with you today And I have to say this was the best purchase we probably have ever made And we use it a lot on our ranch down here in Southern Oregon so it’s called a camp Because it’s used by sheep herders, and also ranchers to just have on your property And then you’ve got a nice place to stay while you’re on your ranch, but we use it as a travel trailer We go all over we went to Yosemite in September last year I’m gonna have to say it’s probably more comfortable than actually another hotel or something like that, so we’re just Wrapping up a week unfortunately we have to go home tomorrow But we’ve spent a whole week here at the ranch celebrating my birthday and staying in our camp And saving us probably $1,000 by just not staying at a hotel That would be kind of close by, but then we’d have to travel everyday so our camp is really wonderful It’s got tons of storage. It’s a four season camp It has a wood-burning stove, which we’ll go over in just a second, but it’s also built to To allow you to be in the camp all four seasons Queen-size bed is a full queen-size bed that you would normally see in a home We have a TV that we hook up to Netflix. We also have two types of heat in our camp We have a propane furnace, which the control is right next to my bed Which is nice because then I can really crank it up at night sweating David out And then we also have our wood-burning stove which is right here This has been awesome this trip. We’ve used it a lot probably every morning and every evening We’ve made a fire in the wood stove and our wood storage box is right down here So we’ve got our wood storage right here, which you can actually load from the outside, so we’ve got our paper in here We’ve got our kindling wood, and we’ve got our hardwood And we find it easiest if you can cut it to this size. It just slips right in side. It’s a great stove I have to say the is probably one of the best features of this camp a lot of people Ask is it. You know up to specifications like a home wood stove is all This is like just like you would see in a home, but it’s actually in our trailer This is our bathroom door as you can see it’s a solid core door. This is not an accordion door It’s not a slider door. It’s not a flimsy door. This is a heavy-duty door. This is my kitchen Lots of storage and this is solid wood construction So it’s not that particle board stuff that you see in other travel trailers our countertops We got lots of storage in our drawers storage underneath the sink is plenty so coming over here to the stove We have a three burner propane stove and I also have a propane oven and I’ve used both of them a lot and Just really easy to click on click off one thing that I’ve added actually to my stove It’s made by the company made by the same company that made our stove at wood, and it’s just a cloth liner But it helps kind of protect your stove so that if you spill or something goes on there. This is machine washable It keeps your stove really nice and clean these switches help to control our black and gray water tanks because we have added Heated pads for them so by turning that on it actually helps keep the water inside our Tanks from freezing, so it is truly a four-season camp I’ve got lots of counter space for for prepping food and more storage over here for my pots pans mixing bowls I have the western theme going on in our camp because actually I really like it so that’s what we collect when we’re out Kind of doing our antiquing as anything kind of western theme, so this is our bathroom Which is a full bathroom? So it’s plenty big enough? We’ve got our toilet right there works great and also we have a little vanity in the bathroom Cupboards above to hold everything that we need cupboards below to hold two extra towels my blow dryer that kind of stuff Right here. I have my propane Refrigerator and freezer so we also have you know ice cream in here for tonight? we’re gonna have some nice salted caramel ice cream and then Everything else in here. We’ve had kind of just restocking it throughout the week that we’ve been here But it works great keeps everything really cold runs off of propane Up on top here. I have my microwave This works great, just like any other microwave So we have a generator when we’re here at the ranch we run that I can use my microwave. We’re good to go Extra closet space here, and then there’s extra storage also for food underneath oh one other thing I forgot to tell you about is our where’s our kitchen table. Well the kitchen table is actually right here David and I can sit on each side and When we’re not using it. We just push it right back in We also have extra cupboards here extra storage underneath and these pads come off with extra storage also Underneath here, so we also have a trendle bed. That’s right here. I’m going to show you how that works you just pop off your seating pads So we don’t full-sized bed right here, this is Matt’s bed looks like it’s got a little sawdust on it, but anyway a full-size comfortable mattress This camp also has all the safety features that any other trailer would have we have our smoke alarm right here and our carbon Monoxide detector right down here on the floor. You might have also noticed that we have these wonderful horseshoe Hooks we use them all the time for hanging our towels or hanging clothes One other item that we have and it’s actually right up above here And that’s our air conditioning unit so when it’s hot at the camp and it can get up over a hundred degrees We can come up here come in here the air conditioners on and your cool at 70 72 degrees So we either have to bring the generator over and run the air conditioner off the generator Or you can be hooked up to just shore power this camp came with two solar panels And we didn’t upgrade it in at a to extra so we have two on each side We also have two in the back and they’re on arms so they can actually be lifted and directional an additional item that we doubled up on was our battery the one thing that we need to do and we kind of wish that we Had done it initially was to install an inverter so David and I have been in our camp this time for about a week It’ll be a week by the time we go home and as you can see the space in here There’s plenty of room our son is 65 and he doesn’t even have to duck when he comes in here. This is a very spacious Environment, it’s comfortable. It’s warm. You might ask yourself. Where do I get the range camp? Contact Mike wheeler at peak outdoors RV. The links going to be down below Tell him Beth sent you and you’re not going to regret it. Well. Hope you enjoy the video I want to say thanks to max for sending David a message on Facebook This is the reason why we did this you have a lot of questions so tonight I’m really looking forward to chili, which we’re gonna. Have a woodstove nice glass of wine and some Netflix

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