RV Keto Camping Recipes: The Secret To Quick & Easy Keto Tacos

Hi, I’m Curtis with The Fun Times Guide.
Today I’m going to make one of my favorite easy Keto recipes that are a
snap to make no matter what style of RV you are living in or traveling in — or
even if you’re in a tent. This can be made outdoors just as well as indoors.
Today I’m going to make tacos and the key to keeping it Keto is to use specific
very low-carb tortillas. This particular brand has a net of 4 carbs per tortilla
— because it has got whole wheat and flaxseed mixed into it. So it’s a very
low-carb tortilla but yet it is very good size. We start off with a bed of refried beans followed by taco meat which has been cooked and drained with just your standard inexpensive taco seasoning. And then I mix all my vegetables together. In this
bowl, I have chopped tomatoes, chopped green onions, and chopped lettuce. It just
makes it easier if I do it all in one bowl. Because I like my cheese melted
I will put my shredded cheese on next. And dish on a generous amount of vegetables on top. You can’t go wrong with adding more vegetables. It’s like free food — because it doesn’t even count. On top of, this I’ll put a couple of dollops of sour cream. And maybe even a few jalapenos — just to
give it a little spice. There you have it! One very quick, easy Keto meal that you can make while you are camping. If it’s for one person or many,
everybody will enjoy it. I hope you enjoyed this video and I will catch you on the next one. One additional tip is don’t be afraid to have leftovers! Tomorrow morning, I will make use of every bit of my leftovers by dressing up
a nice healthy 3-egg omelet. Everything is pretty much low-carb. There
are carbs in the refried beans, but they are healthy carbs which will not impact
your Keto diet if you don’t go overboard on them. Keto is pretty much a state of mind — and once you get the types of food that are safe for a Keto diet
imprinted in your mind, it is easy to come up with recipes and meal plans that
have plenty of variety to keep you satisfied. Good luck on your Keto diet.
Thank you for watching!

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