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Just in case I didn’t clarify this, so camping
world trading in my 2016 Winnebago era 170c and did a collateral swap for this, which
it looks completely identical because it is, but this RV back here, which is my 2018 Winnebago
era, one 70 m and essentially they really are the same model. There’s just things that have changed between
the years and a long story. It’s been a little crazy, but I really wanted
to just give you an update on what’s been going on with our Varsity, with bloggin Brandi
and behind the scenes because a lot of you have asked about, Hey, will you share your
story? Will you show us some places that you’ve been
traveling and there’s so much that I wanted to share with you. It’s just been kind of hard to be able to
share it because of I guess where things have been at with the RV. If you can’t tell, we’re here at my grandma’s
house and it’s like pouring down rain, but I wanted to just kind of like update you on
things that have been going on and I’ve just released part one, part two and part three
of my RV story. So this is essentially like part four. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what
happened with my RV, so I really wanted to kind of clarify that for you. I’ll put links to all of these videos down
below this one. If you watched the first part of my RV story,
you will know that there’s a lot of things that led up to why I started RVing. I sold my house and I quit my job and started
trying to figure out how to make money on the road and I started RV’ing because of something
that I was healing and going through and I lost my child, that was a huge turning point
in my RV’ing life or why I started RV’ing. And then I kind of started traveling to heal. So I sold everything, bought an Rv, started
traveling, and then I was in a really bad accident from the RV that I purchased. And the first RV that I got was my travel
trailer. Well someone hit the front of my car and clipped
it. The winds were really bad and so I flipped
my travel trailer about three months after I got it. So I didn’t have the travel trailer very long. And so my trailer was totaled out and my car
that I had at the time was totaled out three months after I had purchased my RV and my
car, they were gone and totaled. So I bought them in like June or July and
they were totaled out in October. It was bad, really bad. And then I had to spend a year recovering
and dealing with insurance. It was such a mess. So now I’m like an Rv insurance expert. And RV buying expert. After the trailer incident. I was going through my recovery and then I
started trying to get back into the RV’ing. Got My second RV and my second RV looked just
like this one, which I think I’ve shown you if you haven’t seen my RV tours. I had a 2016 Winnebago era 170C that Winnebago
ended up just being a complete lemon. Okay. I bought this thing from camping world. Turned out to be a horrible process during
the buying process. I bought it at an RV show. I found it online. We went to the RV show that came to Atlanta
and I said, well, let’s go there. Let’s get it. It’s going to be cheap there. Bad idea. Don’t ever go to Rv shows to buy your RV’s. At least that’s just my philosophy, but you
might find a great deal. For me, I wouldn’t go there to buy an Rv, but it’s
a great place to go and look around at the models that they have available. Decided on this Winnebago I wanted it because
it was safer. The aluminum shell was there. It was supposed to be just a safer RV overall. And then Winnebago was a huge name and so
I did a lot of research and people say, oh, it’s a big aluminum shell. It’s totally safe. They’ve stood up over the test of time. Turned out to be a lemon. So let me fast forward. So that one ended up being a lemon. I cried and begged and posted on social media
and I hit up Marcus Lemonis. Camping world and Winnebago, I don’t want
to say and Winnebago, but camping world stepped up. Winnebago sort of stepped up at least in the
beginning and they said, look, we see everything that you’re going through. Marcus Lemonis stepped in who actually owns
camping world. If y’all don’t know him, it’s like the the
profit and all that stuff. He is super nice and he’s always responded
to me and he has tried to help me but I just don’t feel like he sees everything that goes
down on like the playing field and I get it, he’s super busy. I mean he’s, I don’t know like a billionaire
or something, but my RV has cost me so much. I’ve spent so much time taking the RV back
and forth to camping world both the 2016 and the 2018 so after all is said and done I bitched
and bitched and complained and cried about the 2016 all the issues, they deemed it to
be a lemon and they finally gave me, I don’t want to say gave me but sort of finagled my
way into what is the 2018 Winnebago era 170M so it’s the same as the 2016 but the
problem was that there was wiring issues and water issues and some other stuff, but it
was a big mess. And I’ve got this 2018 now, so this is the
2018 RV and if you haven’t seen the tour for that one, I’ll put the tour down below this
video. So I have a 2016 and I’ve had a 2018 same
RV, just a couple of different systems. Then the way they built the bed, like the
bed before was a pullout bed in the 170C and now in the 170M it’s like a Murphy bed, but
this is the one with the slide out. So this model has the slide on the van so
it expands and gives you a little bit more room and you can lay the bed down. And the other part of this one is that you
have a full bathroom in the back. Check those videos out for that. But I did want to clarify that they gave me
the 2018 and I know I probably seemed completely ungrateful, but just like somebody said in
the comments on my video, on the last couple ones, they said, well if you got the first
one it was crap and then you went back and got the second one, didn’t you expect for
it to be crap? Well, let me just remind you, there’s some
other parts in this is I had just got my RV and so they were actually willing to get me
a different RV. But the problem is the collateral. I had to do a collateral swap and with my
bank, since I just ran my credit, we couldn’t do another credit pull because they weren’t
gonna finance me for another RV. And that’s what it looks like to them is that
you’re buying another RV and it was just a miss between everything that went on. It was a mess trying to get it from the factory. And like I said, don’t get me wrong, camping
world and winnebago did go, I want to say out of their way or what they deem to be out
of their way to try to help me and compensate for this, but not compensate, just mitigate
the problem. Meaning if I had a water leak, they tried
to get me in, but it takes six weeks to get in and they would push me up the line and
they did a lot of favors for me and I’m, I am thankful for that. I do think you Marcus and Winnebago and camping
world for everything that you have done. But then when everything is said and done
and I’m crying my eyes out and I’m saying, y’all, this is cost me so much of my life
over the past couple of years. I mean, can you imagine having to stop what
you’re doing and go to Winnebago or go to camping world? And have to forego a trip that you’ve already
paid for. You can’t get your money back on camp grounds. And if you’re already halfway across the United
States and something’s breaking, you are kind of shit up the creek trying to find somebody
to come and help you. And the other thing about this small unit,
which I probably won’t ever buy another van. It’s great for some people and it’s great
for learning and I’m glad that I’ve gotten to learn on it versus I was going to jump
into a big bus, which is what I want now. Yeah. So now I’m looking at new RVs. I can’t wait to get rid of this one. I hope I filled you in enough on this. I tried to start sharing more of my journey
because at first I felt really guilty like I was bashing this company for everything
they’ve done for me. These are real life. When you get an Rv, especially in new RV,
the first year is all problems. But what sucks is this van nobody can really
work on unless you jack it up. So you can get to all the parts that are underneath
it. And it’s not like your typical Rv, you think
it was easy and simple and it just hasn’t been, I don’t know, it’s just been horrible
and I just wanted to heal and I wanted to be able to travel and get things done and
it’s just been more of a nuisance in my life than helpful. So the other part that sucks about it is for
those of you who don’t know, my name’s blogging Brandi and this is our Rversity, an university
for our RV’ers, but I essentially have another youtube channel and another business called
Blab boss and a book that I wrote and I’ve tried to put myself out there from another
aspect of business that I run and I’ve almost been forced to start sharing this part of
my life because I want people to understand, one, it’s a passion of mine, but two, I’m
not completely crazy like there are, there’s like a shit show going on behind the scenes,
which is why I don’t get to post as regularly as I want on some of my other channels and
this RV’ing thing is honestly consumed my life. I don’t know. My next steps are to get a new RV. I have my eye on a Thor outlaw. It’s a Thor motor coach. It’s a outlaw. It’s at 37 RB, I think they make an MB too so what do you think about this RV? We’re thinking about buying it on the roof
to own the room, appear on all the appliances can see you can draw down here because sometimes
they do. The best thing about it is I don’t have the
tow so I won’t have any trailer. If you haven’t seen my trailer videos has
been horrible. I hate towing and my trailer is a complete
piece of crap. So not only has my RV turned out to be a piece
of crap, but my trailer, my Kendon smart car trailer turned out to be a piece of crap. So Kendon, camping World, Winnebago, you’re
all not really on my good list but maybe Thor Motor coach will step up and help me. I don’t know. So I’ve been trying to keep a positive attitude
about it going forward. I want to start sharing more of my journey,
more of what’s been going on, more of what you really get to deal with in the RV life. Also, I hope to start sharing some more tutorials
and things that are really started this channel on. Just wanted to give you a quick update and
make sure you follow the Hashtag My RV story and if you have an RV story, I want to hear
about it. So comment below and let me know if you ever
had any issues with Camping world or Winnebago or Kendon for that matter. This story could go on forever, but I don’t
want to bore you. And this rain is really just setting the mood
for the whole video. We’re about to hit the road again. Uh, I’ve been traveling for literally the
last two years of my life, so it’s not easy moving your business. It’s also not easy moving your business and
then having to move your business and then being forced to pause your business all because
of this stupid RV. It sucks. And the other thing is like when your RV’s
in for service, you’re still paying for the RV. You’re still paying for the insurance even
when it’s not in your possession. It’s just a big mess. It’s not fun. It’s not fun at all. Trying to share more that you can find out
more about me, bloggin brandi and RVersity this channel is a university for RV on my
website RVersity dot com that’s pretty much it. So until the next time, I hope you’ve had
fun joining me on my journey, learning about my RV life and I’m going to be sharing more. So I’m excited to bring you on this journey. I’m excited to start sharing what all has
been going on. What is going to go on cause I have some really
awesome trips planned and upcoming. I lived in Vegas for a month and we just got
back from living on the island for a month and we went to the Biloxi and the casinos
and Mardi gras and things have been super crazy. Been trying to make it work with this piece
of shit. And now we’re just going to hope to get something
bigger and better and better to make life easier. I don’t know where things are going to go
from here, but that’s where my life’s at and that’s where it’s headed. So thanks for watching. Following #MyRVStory comment below with your
comments. Let me know your thoughts and for everyone
that leaves comments, I do read them and I love to read them, and I try to follow your
channels back and see where you’re at, especially if you’re into RVing. I love to read your comments, to know what
questions do you have so I know what to make videos about. This video could go on forever, so we’re not
going to do that too. I’ve had fun hanging out with me today in
grandma’s garage out here and with the RV, watch pouring down rain until the next time
I’m bloggin Brandi thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.


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  • Scenic Driveways

    Sorry for the loss of your child. Prayers said.
    Hope your RV troubles are soon fixed and your RV life becomes better.
    My wife Jo-Ann and I hit the road full time in less than 4 weeks. We already have a great heavy duty 3/4 ton pickup truck , so we choose to purchase a 2019 Outdoors RV Mfg. Mountain series Timber Ridge 24RKS travel trailer , this way we can use our pickup for running errands and sight seeing. We ordered our RV with the 2 swivel rocking recliners ( instead of a couch ) , and some other options and are pleased at the build quality of the Outdoors RV Mfg. Travel Trailers.
    Good luck in your travels.


  • Scenic Driveways

    NO!!!! Stay away from THOR , they make junk !!! ( so many people are reporting problems with them )
    Take a look at this 2 year old Thor in this video. Start the video at about the 1:55 mark and watch the whole tour of this 2 year old THOR. It's junk!! https://youtu.be/3svbyX20aLg

  • Rockstar Self-Improvement

    Huh great insights, this was very interesting thank you! I've always considered this. Great video and love the channel! Subscribed! Subscribe and support back if you get a chance, thank you!

  • MarcusJay214

    Thanks sooooo much for sharing! Ive been looking at class b…..the sprinter looks good. Ive been looking at the Travato GL and the IROK with Lithium upgrade.

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