RV Mattress Hack | Comfortable Bed for Less Money
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RV Mattress Hack | Comfortable Bed for Less Money

(light music) – So we are getting ready
to get our new mattress. And when you buy an RV
or a travel trailer, usually, you do get a mattress. The mattress they give you really sucks. I mean it’s really bad. It’s not built for comfort. So what our options were were
was to buy another mattress. An RV mattress is about
five inches shorter than a normal mattress, so we could’ve brought in
our other mattress from home and it would’ve been hanging
over, which wasn’t really good. We could have custom-ordered
an RV mattress. There was a couple companies
that I’ve researched that would be great for that. Plush Beds is one as well as Savvy Rest. They both make custom-made,
RV size, organic mattresses. Or at least all natural, non-toxic. But we weren’t ready to
make that commitment yet, so what we did was bought a
topper from Sleep On Latex, and this is the exact same mattress that I use in our home
that I absolutely love so I knew that we’d love it. This is a normal queen. I bought the three inch
one, the thickest one. This is a medium thickness. So we’re gonna put it out
here, show you how that works. What’s great is that
you can buy it in a box and it’s gonna come in
a box just like this so you can have it shipped anywhere if you’re on the road already. Really convenient, and then
that way, you can get it in and move around however it suits you. So we’re gonna show you what
it looks like, we pop it up. (plastic wrapper rustling) It’s been compressed for so long, it’s still gonna keep popping up and getting a little bit thicker. But this is what you’re looking at. So the queen RV mattress
size is right there, and then we’re laying on the topper. So what you can do is either
leave this on if you wanted to or you can just cut it off. Like an electric knife would
be great at cutting the foam or you could just get
some heavy duty scissors. And then that’s the way you can customize this Sleep On Latex mattress
topper to fit an RV mattress. So in the last video, we
rolled out this mattress topper made of natural latex, and I talked about wanting to cut it down because this is the most affordable option to get rid of this nasty bed and have something a
little bit more natural, a little bit more comfortable. So that’s why I’m
holding an electric knife because, if you could
see, and as I just showed, this is hanging way over. This is a normal size
queen mattress topper. This is a queen size RV mattress. So we need this to be cut down. We have tried to get these few
inches off by using scissors, by using a knife, a box
cutter, a ceramic knife. Nothing is working, so
our only hope right now is to use an electric knife,
which everybody talks about is great for using to cut foam. So we’re gonna give this a whirl. If this doesn’t work, I don’t
know what we’re gonna do, but let’s see what happens. (electric knife whizzes) (light music)


  • ianrsigel

    Although it will be covered with a fitted sheet, I would, nonetheless, place the cut end against the head wall just for aesthetics for those times when the bed is stripped-down for laundry day.

  • Tom Cook

    I Bought a $179.00 memory foam 12 inch mattress and used a handheld electric turkey slicer to trim 5 inches off of the top that goes next to the wall and rounded the corners and put the mattress cover and sheets and we have been enjoying it for two years.

  • Jeff Tullius

    Amazon has a 6" memory foam, queen RV size for $167. That's what I bought, came in a box and it opened just like this video and it's comfy.

  • Dingfelder Smurfalot

    Being tall, I didn't like all the disadvantages of a "short queen." So I cut some 3/4 inch plywood to shape to extend my bed to the standard 80 x 60 inches of a standard queen mattress, and screwed it in place. I lost some walking space, but IMO a bad bed will give you poor sleep, so it was worth it. I got a new queen foam mattress from Amazon with over a thousand reviews and a five star rating for $270.00. then I put a $60.00 mattress topper over it that I got from Big Lots. That's $330, plus $30.00 for the plywood for $360.00 total. Still dirt cheap compared to a standard spring mattress, and now I have a more comfortable bed in my trailer than I do at home.

    And not using the mattress that came with the trailer was a blessing in itself that's probably got a monetary equivalent to it somehow. It was worse than a box spring, both squishy and with the feel of its few large springs coming right up at you if you sat on it. No way would I want to use that. It went to the dump.

  • Misses Nóitáll

    We just purchased an RV and our “master bedroom “ looks exactly like yours and our bed is a little softer than our concrete walkway. THIS is an amazing idea, thank you!!!!

  • Carrie Bishop

    Thankyou this video was very helpful to make his I've been looking at latex mattresses. When you said you really enjoyed this one And it has support but yet softness and it doesn't build up heat ask to make you sweat all night long. I appreciate you doing this video take care, I almost forgot I looked on Amazon and they have the soft also the medium and firm. Which one did you pick? I am a back sleeper and I'm hundred and 35 pounds and I've been a waitress my whole life so my lower back kind of hurts a little bit. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • azimmey

    Nice video thank you I got lucky and I was able to put one in my spare bedroom a pillow top queen mattresses in the RV and it fit perfectly

  • pilot nelson

    Craigslist: Denver Mattress, Queen Full 80", Supreme Eurotop 11"… Brand new in box. $100….$522 on "E-Trailer." With patience… everything comes…

  • Andrei Fasola

    Do you think you could sleep just on those 3 inches of foam on a plywood? I was thinking of getting 3 inches of the 44 ILD for a car conversion for a bench/storage chest.

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