RV Shopping Part 1 before we begin rv living full time
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RV Shopping Part 1 before we begin rv living full time

(upbeat music plays) – So, here is rule number one if you’re going to vlog at an RV show and you walk out to the car or you park way out in the parking lot, before you walk all
the way to the RV show, it would help if you had a memory stick, memory card in your
camera because guess what? I didn’t have mine. So I got all the way inside, climbed in an RV and thought, “Now let’s make a great
picture, make great videoing”. Lo and behold, I got no card in my camera. So here we go at another attempt. But I am at the 2018
Fall RV Show in Tampa. It’s a first week in November. This is a smaller show. It’s more like local dealers, but it gives me a good
opportunity to get out and kinda see what’s
available without being chased around the salesman’s
lot and forced to commit, and also the good stuff so. I’m gonna be nosey, get to know some people. Let’s see what options are out there. Right now, Jill would be with me but she’s in Australia goofing off. So while she’s in Australia, I’m gonna do a little bit of pre-search, so stay tuned. (light-hearted instrumental music plays) (gentle instrumental music plays) Okay, so we’re at Lazydays RV. We opted to go without
a sale’s person today ’cause we just wanna
kinda not feel pressured. We just wanna walk around
and check stuff out. So that said, we’re here
to look at primarily sizes, with Lance, pull behinds. Mainly because the
quality of construction, the fact they’re made with Azdel. What was the other reason? I like the idea of the
aluminum channel in the walls that are laid in.
– Yeah, the whole way they’re made is better than most. – It’s just a better setup. That’s the goal, primary goal today is to go check those out and
also to check maybe, if we have time, go look
at the B+’s and the C’s but who knows. Right
now it’s the pull behind we’re trying to get off us. We want to just get on the road right now and not try to drop the
national deficit if we can. – Right – And go from there. So that’s where we’re at. So stay tuned. (gentle instrumental music plays) Okay, so we’re going to walk
you through the 2185 Lance. This one’s a 2019. They’ve got it at 25 foot, overall length 5,100 pounds unloaded. Comes with a smart jack. Go on in. This bed folds back out. Nice dinette. TV. Bunk beds. That’s where you’d need to come out. That’s the bathroom. Basically this bed, this couch folds down. Bed flops out on top of it. (gentle instrumental music plays) It’s quite interesting. So there’s two of these. One of these doesn’t have the booth here. But this one does. So that’s like the best one. There’s your TV. So let me see where we’re sitting. There’s the couch. They’ve put some ottomans there. The bed is right up here. Galley’s okay. Toilet’s straight on. Tons of storage space. Almost shocking how much. That’s actually a hanging locker. (dynamic instrumental music plays)

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