RV Tour: 2016 Winnebago Era 170A Class B Diesel Motorhome | RV Texas

Hey y’all this is Stacie with Tom’s behind the camera. [Tom: Hey guys!] Today we are at Camping World in Katy, Texas
checking out this Class B. This is 2016 Winnebago Era (E-R-A) 170 B…
[checks for model number] 170A! [laughs] and uh it is on a sprinter chassis a Mercedes
sprinter chassis so its a diesel Class B. I mean you can see from the size of it you
could drive this thing anywhere. You could have it in your driveway you know
and then be ready to go whenever the mood strikes you. So come on in and let’s take a look. One thing that struck us right away you’ve
got an uh electric awning that comes out. This is not extended all the way it could
go further. And it does come with LED lights which is
nice. You’ve got access when your door is open to
your TV. I believe it will [pauses as people walk by
talking] I believe this will rotate around it looks like it. I’m not exactly sure how it works though so
I’m going to leave it like it is. But my guess is you can watch it from inside
or outside. And you have access to some of your storage
from right here so if there are things that you like to use inside and outside that would
be the place to keep them. This is a really cool screen door. So you know when you a lot of ventilation
when you’re camping in the fall or spring when its nice outside and you want to have
the open air there you go keep your bugs out. And then you’ve got uh this piece folds down
with a chair that folds down and there’s an additional cushion in the back that can connect
and this actually makes this available to sleep a third person believe it or not in
this B. Now if it’s a short weekend that might be okay otherwise that might be a little tight
but if you’re a close family or group of friends hey you can sleep 3 people in this B it looks
like to me which is pretty amazing. So come on in. [Tom: while we’re going in down here is the
fresh water fill. You actually have a fresh water tank.] You do, you do have a fresh water tank. And this also comes with a generator so you
could boondock in this RV. [Tom: You could boondock, yep] Pretty phenomenal. Inside, you’ve got your TV, uh you’ve got
a stereo up here which is a Jensen stereo. It is available I believe are there speakers
on the outside? I cannot tell. [Tom: yes, yes there are] Yes, there are speakers
on the outside. So you could do indoor or outdoor. You’ve got storage up here which is pretty
darn deep. And then you’ve got your cockpit area in the
front. This chair has a seatbelt so you can carry
another person there and then there’s a table that’s strapped in the back that uh connects
right there for an eating area. You’ve got more storage up here. You’ve got your big vent right here with the
big blades which is nice a Maxx Fan. And then you’ve got your microwave oven right
here, you’ve got a refrigerator right here which for the size of this unit is pretty
good size refrigerator really. [Tom: yes it is] This is storage for your
additional cushion uh that is for the bed. You’ve got a 2 burner cooktop right up here
as well as a single bowl sink. This just comes up like that. And then this under here is all storage. [Tom: yeah] Lots of storage. These are your awning lights, your awning
control and your battery disconnect. You’ve got your group of doors back… DRAWERS back here. [Tom: these show your levels of your tanks
and stuff] Yes, all your brains and everything right here. Here’s where you start your generator, where
you see your generator hours, your levels for your tanks, hot water heater, water pump,
all that good stuff. Back here these walls go into your restroom. They fold back. This is a marine bath as they call it so basically
if you choose to use the shower your toilet and your shower are all one unit. Umm it’s a wet bay basically. You have a curtain that comes across um it
comes with a toilet sprayer which is nice and also a little compartment [Tom: to keep
your toilet paper!] to keep your toilet paper so it doesn’t get wet which is pretty darn
cool! And then if you’re not using it as a shower
you’ve got extra space to uh hang clothes and things like that or you know if you have wet
bathing suits or wet towels that’s a good spot for them. Close that so we can come to the back here. Back in here you’ve got a bed. If you put this cushion in the middle here
it becomes one large bed or you can have one person sleep on this side and one person sleep
on this side. It does have a TV back here mounted on the
wall and then these are all storage bins up in here. [Tom: I’ll show the TV] You have reading lights
back here which is nice as well as speaker umm speakers back in the back. [Tom: nice windows on both sides] The windows
do open at the bottom and uh they do have screens which is nice. So you know there’s not a lot there’s not
any I don’t believe exterior storage on this unit but we’ll take you around back real quick
and show you where the storage is. So as we’re walking around the outside of
this 2016 Winnebago Era we noticed that it does have a cable connection as well as electricity
so if you wanted to set up a TV out here or something like that you could. Again here’s are your stereo speakers as well
as some external lighting. And then you come around back and this is
where your big storage is. You even have a pull out tray which is nice. Here’s that additional cushion that I was
telling you about that converts the couch in the front to a small bed. [Tom: and that’s all storage back in there]
And that is all storage back up in there. Yeah, so you actually my gosh for a Class
B you’ve got some pretty decent storage in this unit. Coming around on this side excuse the indoor
foliage. [Tom: there’s an outdoor shower] You’ve got
an outdoor shower connection, the hose is on the inside there under the bed. Here’s your electric hookup and your hot water
tank. This is your water connection where your black
tank and gray tank come out uh your cable input, another water pump turn on valve everything’s
here tucked away. And your propane tank is located in that one. You actually have a quick connect for your
propane in the back so if you wanted to cook with propane you could just hook up back in
the back there. So if you want to just look in the cockpit. This again is a Mercedes Sprinter chassis
diesel Class B. So that’s it for this Winnebago it’s a 2016 Winnebago Era 170A. uh neat little
go anywhere, I’ll bet you’d get great gas mileage vehicle so if you’re looking for a
Class B RV check these out!

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