RV Tour: 2017 Thor Tuscany XTE 40AX Diesel Pusher Motorhome | RV Texas
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RV Tour: 2017 Thor Tuscany XTE 40AX Diesel Pusher Motorhome | RV Texas

Hi everybody! Tom Langland here with RVTexasYall.com. And behind the camera is Stacie Langland. [Stacie: Hey y’all!] We’re here at Camping World of Katy it’s on
I-10. Sorry for the road noise. We thought we’d come out here because they
called us and let us know they have a brand new 2017 Thor Tuscany XTE 40DX [ AX ]. They
just recently got it in. It’s a diesel pusher by Thor. The XTE model is next to the top for the Thor
diesel pushers. Just the Tuscany is the top of the line. Then the XTE is the next down. This is a non-tag axle so this is their shorter
of their XTE. It’s about from the name it’s about a 40 footer
I guess non-tag axle. So we thought we’d show you around the outside
right now and then we’ll swap and Stacie will show you the inside. Come on around. Well real quick, on the front it’s all LED
lighting and stuff on the front. So great lighting. Up here you have big huge side mirrors and
integrated in the mirrors are the cameras down the side. So when you put the turn signal on you’re
seeing down the side where you’re going which is nice. So you can see if there’s any cars down the
side before you change lanes. Very nice. The there’s a fuel fill on here so this coach
has I’m pretty sure dual fuel fills on each side. You can fill. And then all these bays here this is a big
storage bay which doesn’t go through. But other than this you’ll see that these
others are pass-through storage. So and this one has if I knew how to do it…
there we go. Comes out they give you a couple of extra
tiles that go on the inside. [Stacie: It’s really big] Yeah it is big. And then the bay next to it you can see it
from here I’m not going to open that door. But it’s a pass-through. It just doesn’t have a shelf on it. So that gives you they do one without the
shelf because it gives you a little more capacity because obviously the shelf takes up some
room. Okay also on the slide here is a nice TV outdoor
TV. It’s a Sony so nice brand. Also all this is kind of high right now because
they the air is in the suspension. When they leveled this coach here for us they
didn’t let the air out of the suspension so it’s sitting up quite a bit higher than it
normally will at a campground. You normally will let the air out of your
suspension and then level the coach. So if you’ll see the coach next to us here
this is what they did there so it’s a lot lower. You can see. Another feature I wanted to show you that
I didn’t show you it does have an awning over the door and it’s a lighted awning which is
real nice. You can bring that awning out and it’s lighted. Also it’s a lighted LED lighted awning on
the outside but what’s neat about this awning here on the Tuscany XTE is it’s on the slide
itself. It’s not on the coach so you get the full
distance of the awning. Your slide won’t take up 20% of your shade
area. So that’s good that’s a fantastic feature. Another thing I like about this one is the
TV is dead center of this awning. So that will help you so the sun won’t effect
you watching your TV. On those football days when the game starts
at 12 you might be in trouble about that sun in your TV but not with that awning like that. I guess this is your fresh water fill right
here. Take that off you can fill up your fresh water
tank. Back here towards the back of the coach is
your chassis batteries. So they’re easy to maintain. They’re right there. These are heavy duty doors by the way too. Very nice. They shut well. They’re thick. Back here you have your inverter for the inside. You have an inverter because you have
a residential refrigerator and stuff on the inside. So you’ll have house batteries. On the back this is powered by a Cummins diesel
360 horsepower so pretty good size motor for a 40 foot diesel. And I’m not positive about the towing capacity. I’m guessing it’s probably about a 10,000
pound hitch but I’m not sure. It may be 15,000. So that’s that. As we come around to the other side right
here is where your electric power is. Another very nice feature it has a surge protector
in there. So it’s a built in surge protector. And it looks like you have room in there that
if you wanted to add your own electric cord reel you probably could. But it doesn’t have one that comes with it. Oh I saw something else. There’s your house batteries in here. And they come with a system that you only
have to fill they’re all kind of interconnected if you can see so you only have to fill one
area to put water in it because they are maintenance those are maintenance needed batteries. Here’s your DEF fill. All diesel pushers now I think after the year
2007 require DEF and that’s where you fill that. You only have to fill it about once every
4 or 5 fill-ups on the coach normally. In here’s where all your hookups pretty much
are. This is where you’ll dump your grey and black
tanks. You actually have a propane shutoff here which
I haven’t seen on any other coach. That’s kind of nice. Water pump on and off out here. That’s nice to have out here in case you aren’t
at a place where you have hookups but you want to get your outside shower going and
you don’t have normal hookups. So you turn your water pump on so you can
get access to the water. You have good access to your water filtration
system on the outside. And obviously you have a black tank flush
right here. This is where you can put antifreeze and stuff
for winterizing. Again your black and grey tank flush down
there and I’m trying to see where your water comes in here. I guess it is right here. That’s where your city water does come in
here. Okay. So they’re just saying when you winterize
it that’s where you go through there. But this is where you would hookup to your
city water right there. And that tells you whether you’re using your
tanks or your city water. All of these are again the pass-through. You’ll see the one here how much more room
you have. There’s your Dirt Devil right there which
is the vacuum cleaner for the inside which is awesome. We have that on our Palazzo and it’s very
nice. [Stacie: we added it when we bought the Palazzo]
We added it. That’s right it wasn’t standard. And again this and you can bring this slide
out tray this way like I did the other way. It goes both ways. So that’s a storage bay again. And then right here is just you know just
some of your fuses and stuff. I don’t know [Stacie: hydraulics] Yep. And your what’s interesting is I don’t know
if Stacie can get it but on this coach the propane tank must be somewhere under there
because here’s the propane fill. And it’s not in either of these bays and so
this is where you can fill up your propane tank right here. So the tank must be under the coach somewhere. So at least it doesn’t take up your storage
space. [Stacie: this is a totally different kind
of slide than what we have] Yeah the slides are different. They’re hydraulic. They’ve gone to all hydraulic slides now and
then this is your other fuel on the other side. And the tires are Michelin tires which are
those are top of the line tires. Of course on these big heavy diesel pushers
it’s nice to have the best. So and they are they’re hydraulic jacks [he
meant hydraulic slides] They went to the hydraulic I think in 2016 it may have been 2015 but
of course the year after we bought it. But we’ve had no problems with ours. Ours have been fine. So that kind of concludes the outside portion
and now we’ll switch and Stacie will show you the inside. Hey y’all now we’re going to go inside this
2017 Thor Palazzo XTE [she meant to say Thor Tuscany XTE]. Again it is the 40 AX model. One thing I would point out this door is pretty
heavy duty and you do have 2 locks on it including what really works like a standard deadbolt
lock instead of a traditional RV lock which is nice. And you do have the screen door which you
can separate and just if it’s a nice day and you want to leave your door open and get some
breezes in you’ve got the screens to keep the bugs out which is nice. So come on in let me show you the inside. Okay so now we’re coming inside the Thor Tuscany
XTE and one thing I want to show you. You can probably still hear the road noise
behind me because we are right on Interstate 10 just west of Houston and it is a Saturday. Although it’s always busy. But when I close this door all that road noise
goes away. So it’s pretty impressive. This coach obviously has a good deal of insulation
to keep the traffic noise and just the general campground noise out so you can have a nice
relaxing stay inside. You’ve also got all of your switches here. You can turn on all of your lights, you kitchen
lights, living lights, cargo lights on the bottom outside. You can run your awnings, your awning lights. Everything from right here. And you can also where I’m standing right
now in this stairwell this is typical for your larger diesel pushers where they’ve got
a front entry and it’s right here at the passenger seat. So when you’re in camping mode and you’re
using the stairs its open like this. But when you’re driving you don’t want your
passenger to have dangling legs so with the push of a button there’s actually a cover
that slides across right here and goes to the door to make this a flush floor which
is nice. Now we’ll come up here. The front shades here are motorized. You’ve got 2 shades. The one you can see here the black one is
actually a solar shade. That helps to keep the heat out during the
summer. And then you’ve got a white one behind it
which is similar to what you see on the sides here. And those are privacy shades to keep you obviously
private. In the front here this is your screen for
your GPS as well as your cameras on the exterior so as you’re driving you can see what’s around
you. You’ve also got your radio functions and everything
through that. You’ve got your typical diesel pusher controls
in the front including your leveling jacks and your Allison Transmission controls. This is on a Freightliner chassis. These 2 seats also in the front will turn
around so when you’re parked and camping it gives you an additional seating area. And the passenger seat it looks like has a
reclining feature so you can put your feet up which is nice. The driver seat does not. You’ve got various controls and storage up
in the front here. You also have map lights for your passenger
as well as cup holders obviously. Up in here is where blu-ray control, your
winegard control for your satellite dish those types of things are. And then as you come in you’ll see you have
opposing slides so it gives you a lot of space here in the middle. It really feels roomy. On this side you’ve got recliners with cup
holders. And you’ve got a little bit of storage in
here for your remote controls and things like that. They do have seat belts on them so someone
could sit here and ride. And they’re very easy you don’t have to manhandle
them to get them to come out into the reclining position. And they’re pretty comfy. On this side this bed would be a jack-knife
couch it appears that would fold out into a bed. You’ve got good windows on the non-camping
side. You’ve also got a good you know a nice decent
window on this side. All these windows do open. They’re the kind of windows like what we have
in our coach which I really like because they open at an angle. So if you have your windows open and it starts
to rain it’s really no big deal. We’ve had that happen to us before. The rain just rolls off. It does not come in. You’ve got good storage up above. These are huge. This is actually one big cabinet up here. You’ve got your kitchen area. There’s a sponge drawer and then look at the
size of these drawers. This is kind of crazy. You could fit a ton of things in these kitchen
drawers. Your sink is a 2-sided sink. These are very light and easy to move and
actually there’s a place to store them right underneath. [Tom: solid surface countertops] Solid surface
all of this is solid surface. You’ve got more storage up in here. And what I like is they do have adjustable
shelves in here and the shelf does have a lip on it. So it really gives you a lot more flexibility
on how you use this cabinet. And things aren’t just going to fall out as
you’re traveling down the road which is nice. And they close really nice. Down below you’ve got additional storage. And then when you come over here this is a
Whirlpool microwave convection oven. It is residential size. Then you’ve got a propane 3-burner cooktop
right here. It’s an Atwood. And then this is kind of nice. Underneath they’ve given you drawers which
slide out. So easy storage easy access. You don’t have to try to dig around underneath
there. Coming back here you’ve got a Whirlpool refrigerator
with ice and water in the door. And this easy latch. On ours right now our refrigerator we have
a little screw we screw in to make sure the doors don’t open as we’re driving down the
road. It works fine but it’s a little bit of a pain. This is super simple. You come back here you’re driving you want
something to drink or something. You just flip that switch. And look how big this refrigerator is. I mean and I will tell you right now today
is hot this feels really good. But it’s a huge refrigerator and freezer. Before we leave this area I’ll show you this
other side. You’ve got another TV or a TV right here. You’ve got a TV right here which it’s a Sony
which is nice but it really doesn’t make much sense because you except for maybe your captains
chairs turned around you really don’t have anything facing this. So you see this in a lot of RVs but I don’t
really understand it. Nonetheless you’ve got a TV right here. You’ve got your dining room here. This does pull out and it comes with 2 additional
chairs. So if you wanted to sit 2 more people you
could. One thing is is the slide on this this has
a fairly decent size slide but it’s flush. You don’t step up into the slide. it’s even with the floor of the coach which
is nice. You have a big work space here, more windows
and a bunch of storage between down low and the uppers. And then above your this is what I really
wanted to show you above your couch here which turns into sleeping you have a big window
but you also have a televator. Which is your main TV on a rise basically. It comes out when you need it. So you’ve got a brain system right here. Thor has added this for 2017. And you can actually operate your entire coach
from here. You can see your fresh, grey, black and gas
propane gas levels. You can work your water heater. You can turn on your lights, off your lights,
your slides, your vents, everything, your AC units, all from right here. And one of those things that you can operate
even your cargo lights down below is your TV. You can say TV lift up and your large TV rises. So then you’ve got your large TV when you’re
ready to watch it. And when you don’t want to watch it when you
want the view and when you’re ready to travel just lower it back down. That makes a lot more sense to have a TV here
when you’ve got your recliners on this side looking directly at it. And also your passenger seat if it’s turned
around would have a good view of it as well. Another thing I want to point out is the except
for right over here underneath the dinette there is no carpet in this unit. Everything is tile so it makes it really easy
to clean. And then your heating ducts are not in the
floor. They’re up on the side so you’re not going
to have dirt falling down into your heating ducts which is nice. This is a 50amp coach. You’ve got one AC unit right here. It’s ducted so you’ve got the ducts throughout
the coach. And then if you come back to the back on the
way we’ll show you this is a bath and a half unit. So here’s your half bath. You do have some storage in here and you’ve
got a little bit of storage down below. These are the fancy push button toilets. You’ve got your pantry right here which is
nice. Everything is very easy to access. You don’t have to dig around in the back of
a cabinet. There are 2 of these. You can carry quite a bit of stuff and easily
access it. And then coming back into the master bedroom
you’ve got some closet space here with some drawers. And also this is an adjustable shelf that
you can take out and move down. You can hang things here if you like. You’ve got additional buttons for your generator
start, ceiling lights, bedding lights things like that, master lights right here on this
wall. And then a bunch of storage down below. And these drawers even though they’re in the
slide they’re decent size. Especially the ones on the bottom. You can really fit a lot of clothes in that
which is nice. So many of these once you get into the slides
the drawers are tiny. But this one they’ve used it well. This is another Sony TV back here in the bedroom. It flips up for additional storage. And it’s also got a DVD player back in here. You’ve got another AC unit right up here in
the bedroom. And I will say you know you can hear the ACs
but they’re not extremely loud like they are in our 2014 the Palazzo the ACs can be pretty
loud. This one you don’t hear it near as much which
is nice. The bed comes up super easy. I don’t even know why I used 2 hands on that. And you have some additional storage down
under the bed. It is on the hydraulics. And it is a Denver Mattress. So pretty comfy. Looks like a King size bed. You’ve got speakers up above the bed as well
additional storage for linens and things like that. You do have some side tables on each side
especially on this side. And then you’ve got some storage some skinny
storage down under here. But on each side you also have USB plugs for
plugging in your cell phone and your mobile devices. Now another thing I want to point out about
this particular unit that we noticed right away there is no step up on the side of the
bed or to get into the master bathroom. The entire floor back to front is level which
is nice. Especially if you’re clumsy like me. In the master bath you’ve got a sink area
single sink area with storage underneath. You’ve got another fancy push button toilet. And you’ve got a large closet area. I should say there’s 3 fans in this unit and
they are all Fantastic Fans which is nice. You’ve got push button fuses back in here
which is great instead of the little disposable ones. Quite a bit of storage this is also where
you’ll find your connections to the vacuum cleaner and the extra seats for the dining
room. And then back here you’ve got a stackable
Whirlpool washer and dryer. Now I will tell you we have a stackable washer
and dryer in our 2014 Palazzo. And when we got it I thought eh it’s nice
to have just in case. We have actually used it a lot. It’s nice to have. So and I like that this is right here it’s
in the master bathroom. It’s not in the way of anything. It’s not in the hallway. It’s not over the toilet. It’s a really good placement right by the
closet which is nice. And then you’ve got your shower. I will say I’m a little disappointed in this
latch right here. It seems like it could be a little bit more
substantial. But the shower itself is roomy enough. You have some little shelves for things and
I’m about 5’6″ and a half 5’6″ 5’7″ somewhere in there and it is above my head. So for the average person I think most folks
would probably fit. And then I guess the last thing I would point
out is you do have some night lights down on the floor. There’s one here and there’s also one in the
half-bath which is nice for the night. And then you’ve got wooden doors that separate
the master bath and the bedroom and then the bedroom from the rest of the unit. They slide really smooth and nice and lock
into place for traveling. So I think that’s it. Feels like well I’m not sure [Tom: they’re
LED lights] Are they LED lights? [Tom: yes] Okay so LED lights throughout which
is nice. It saves you on power. So that’s it for this edition RV Tours from
RVTexasYall.com. Thanks for joining us. I hope you enjoyed this tour of the 2017 Thor
Tuscany XTE. [trailer begins] Thanks for watching y’all. If you like the video you found it helpful
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