RVers Chat LIVE: Koffee With Kerry and Russ from The Roads We Roam 09/01/19
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RVers Chat LIVE: Koffee With Kerry and Russ from The Roads We Roam 09/01/19

all right looks like we’re live hello
everybody happy Sunday if you’re new to the show my name is Russ and I’m Kerry
and we are The Roads We Roam and I just realized right before it came in that I
had not put the volume down – oh I gotta watch out I’m gonna have feedback here
downside to running off the phone right next to that yeah so uh last night we
had a first we stayed at a Cracker Barrel for the first time yeah it was
good food as I said in my Instagram post the old magic 8-ball says that fried
chicken dinner was likely for my future so that it was nice it was nice and
quiet they had grass in the back where we were
there was only two other rigs so there was a whole bunch of room so this was in
Staunton Virginia and the only downside to that location is that it is very
close to train track yeah I think ghost train yes yeah you can’t see it I have
no idea where that train is going don’t even know the tracks where it’s coming
from but it sounds like it’s in the driveway with you it does I think
there’s a like a little hill and a culvert that hides it but it feels like
it’s gonna come right through the parking lot there but it only came
through once and so it really didn’t bother us that much a ghost train I like
it yeah so hey before I go any further this is just for me and you Kim just
popped in the room and there’s a an opportunity that we didn’t talk about
when we were talking about Jessica your sister Kelly yeah yeah we’ll give
you a call later Kim we got an idea for you
okay so let’s catch up here everybody else that has joined us this Sunday
Labor Day morning so you got a chat so we know you’re in the room if you’re in
the room hey guys so then that way we know you’re here ….a period, exclamation
point…. whatever 🙂 Rosebud’s Travels -they were here bright and early! hey
Louis and Katie thank you for joining us getting ready to go on their European
vacation I’m gonna hide in their luggage so I bet I bet they’re home right now
yes they’re home okay good getting ready to go to the EU
you a little envious of you guys I got to say I hope you have a good time
Donna delehanty I think starting to cool off in Scottsdale it’s only about a
hundred and ten dang I tried to show that we were a team a machine yes we
very rarely think the same but I think that works out well because then
together all our thoughts I end up losing her in the trailer sometimes I
don’t even know she’s in the RV what was bad was in the little guy max yeah I was
sitting over in the corner just reading a book… “where are you?” … where am I gonna go
really yeah it’s hard to get lost in there all right we also have I saw
barefoot adventures …Hey barefoot adventures and Arnold and Josie’s
hey guys hi fur babies we’ve got Susan Elwell with Dave Susan and David hey guys I your YouTube
stuff’s coming right along keep going guys
a Saskatchewan Saskatchewan is that where they are yes I don’t know if the
internet will stay connected okay well you’re here now and that’s all that
matters yes she Internet say that three times fast can’t even say it once normal
that’s not gonna happen I get the Internet in Saskatchewan yeah
I can’t do it either Tanna or auntie she’ll go by both I like
auntie but I’m trying to train myself too all right used to okay 91 degrees
forecasted today so hitting in the river is also forecasted for this afternoon
yeah tell you what did you see the reports that you should be able to see
some of the Northern Lights yes yeah Montana there’s a brief chance that you
might we’re so close to what is it the city pollution the light pollution
yeah we can’t see it we probably won’t but where you are you might get to see
it but yeah I saw somebody about saying swimming you know we pass through Pigeon
River just outside of Gatlinburg Tennessee and I got to tell you
Gatlinburg Tennessee it’s beautiful the smokey mountains out
here gorgeous but there was a guy fishing out there I saw the
crystal-clear water from the the bridge looking down into Pigeon River I could
see everything I could see a fish if there’s a fish land why I just said man
I want to go swimming so like even a pool now would be me I
want to get in that water I know we still got to catch up
well I saw that Karen I go Erin yeah so we are we are in Staunton Virginia yes
we are we are getting ready to go to Hershey Pennsylvania for the big show
here but we’re gonna be bop around a little bit it is ridiculous trying to
find camping here under 50 bucks you can’t do it
Yeah right now and we were looking for just a place to stay one night at a time
yes everything here is like three night minimum I don’t say three nights
sometimes I just want to stay a night well we’re gonna be at Hershey how many
days the whole show a week the whole week $55 a night just to boondock to
boondock Kim I just saw Kim says Logan says hello Logan SR nephew hey Logan I
saw a really super cool Bigfoot hat that I know you dig so maybe I’ll swing it
yeah now I’ve got to get it so I will get you that Bigfoot hair my guy Stacy’s
here hey Stacy we had an awesome time with Stacy speaking of Stacy and
Gatlinburg and we did the old smokey flight their whiskey tasting so if you
haven’t seen it yet check out Saturday’s video and when you check out that video
check out the beautiful wonderful comment that Stacy left just below it
spin in the comments we’ve handed and it just gave me goose bumps thank you so
much Stacy that yep was just I yeah I’m speechless with that but the part that
really got to me was how you talked about last year you had never been an RV
owner and now this whole world is opened up to you and sometimes you watch those
videos and say I wish I could do that and we are so glad that you got to come
and do one of our adventures yes yeah it was a lot of fun open invitation to all
of you so for coming through we would love to do stuff like that with you guys
and then she said she just figured out what Labor Day was about it’s an extra
day to recover from weeding your garden if you live full-time in an RV you don’t
have to worry about weeding the garden anymore no you don’t putting that out
there rod Schultz great holiday weekend in
Pennsylvania just watched our moonshine visit yes that was a lot of fun little
jealous rod we don’t worry we got some moonshine with us maybe we’ll save a
little bit left over from Hershey yeah I don’t know if there’ll be any left over
but I got to tell you one of the ones that I really enjoy is that pickle
they’ve got pickles soaking and moonshine so I am going to not open that
until we get to Hershey so whoever comes to our meetup tastes can get a little
taste of those pickles that we got from old smoke well Chris really liked it all
Stacy’s husband yeah well if I opened him right now they wouldn’t make it to
Hershey so I’m just gonna leave them unopened just need to see everybody’s
IDs before three for the radar V hey guys thanks for joining us special shout
out to summer I wouldn’t say that Lewis outside is here Louis hey brother
how you doing man and we got hot messy Missy art in RV hey
how you doing and she says hi to everyone as well yep and barefoot saying
greetings to everyone Don is saying hit that like button
yep please do so it helps everybody see us later on that’d be fantastic if
everybody in here would like would hit that like button
so rosebud said that when they were in Montana Montana one time they did get to
see the Northern Lights oh no yeah we didn’t get to well no but yeah it’s it’s
I would love to see that I definitely would love to see that okay so somebody
took you up on your just leave a little emoji or something
Kathy W hello hey Kathy you hello we’ve got Carlos and Renee whoo made it
finally awesome maybe you’ve given us
update but they live in Florida everyone so with the hurricane coming through
there I know they were Carlos and Renee’s name is live in the RV local
life and Donna said I cannot wait to meet up with you guys and she’ll babysit
awesome well we can’t hang out yeah busy babysitting so we’ll figure something
out yeah we’re all we’re gonna hang out Donna seems like a hoot there so that’ll
be a lot of fun Adria Chang Adria are you doing talking about I think I think
we’re gonna get to see Adria and Tampa so hopefully I’ll be another great
person to be said thanks to the sneak peek at the remodel or the last one yes
so we are going to next Saturday’s video will not be a lifestyle following us
around it will be tour video a reveal interior detailed refresh so that full
videos coming out next Saturday because I’ve had some people ask me about what
type of wallpaper this is already you guys are like keen I pick up on things
that I didn’t think you’d even pick up on so getting all that together for you
uh-huh messy messy I feel yeah she said I miss
growing my veggies you can ask Stacy I still couldn’t part with my garden plan
I had a printed plan on my layout and the rotation order and which ones I had
growing woods yes in case I ever have one I’ve got all that information I do
miss the garden myself you know I Donna Delahunt a just sent a super chat over
thank you so much Donna very much appreciated yes all that goes to
bettering the channel so thank you so much Donna and I’m sure to put Donna’s
information in the video notes below after the show yep that’s what we do
with all of our super chats here we’ve got a couple in there already from
yesterday Friday Friday Hugh Stacy and blue Avada exactly make sure to check
out I don’t think Stacy has a channel but she’s a super sweetheart and Chuck
Bob Blue Wave Odyssey out and Donna is she’s got a 320 so here’s the thing
if you go to Donna’s just hit subscribe so that way when she does get her stuff
all up and running yes she’s ahead of the game yep so we have hit that thumbs
up from our V logo Roberts T thank you hey Robert
he said it would be work camping if you have to eat a garden while living full
time in an RV I I agree I agree you know one thing I want to do I want to do a
work camping thing one time where I can ride horses I don’t know what will be
involved I know probably cleaning the stalls would be involved but as long as
I could ride one every now and then I’m down with that so anybody knowing about
those jobs let me know yeah yeah we’d never get you to come home hot Missy Missy asks what kind of show
are you going to in Pennsylvania so we’re going to the Hershey super show I
think it is or the big or the biggest RV show in America yes and Hershey one of
the great things are is that they’ve got some awesome seminars that we’re gonna
time we’re going to talk more about that coming up on the first day of the show
but it’s just gonna be an amazing show we’re super excited to get there and
you’re against journeys I loved your song yeah I feel great that’s how you
suspect in my head I’m gonna be singing all day thank you so much for that witzy
so Carlos Renee said that they’re doing okay so far you know they’re still in
the area batten down the hatches yep and hopefully won’t do all that great
renovation you did on your property with the patio and everything I just saw Alan
being popped in thanks for joining us Alan oh my goodness where’s your buddy
my Weller friend yes we had a good time at the Meetup tell Kelly we said hello
Lucy’s here from wall Nelly RV adventure Disney Lucy and Adria said yes she is up
for a Tampa Meetup awesome awesome yeah I get closer to that time frame we’ll
look and see what the options are yeah we’ll start putting out the schedule for
that we’re gonna start pushing the schedule for the Hershey meetup Hershey
meetup will be Friday night at 6:30 right Friday night 6:30 at the giant
giant Center it was just the boondocking area
section we’ll know more about the exact address and we’ll get our GPS
coordinates once we get there and we don’t where they have us but just put
that on your calendar save the date for that and then again like I said once we
get the sample we’ll put that out it’s the first time we’ve gone there so not
entirely sure what the setup is yeah nothing so if we did have to move it
last minute or something we’re familiar with the Tampa show last year we should
have boondock that the Tampa show but we weren’t we didn’t know what it looked
like and when we went they were like oh this would have been the way to go so we
will be boondocking that Tampa this year what’s hilarious is I was concerned that
we would get blocked in like they’d pack us in so tightly that if we wanted to
leave the show they leave a lot of space and we were so little then yeah in and
out of anything with that compared to what we do with this now yeah Robert
stitch said Florida lodging and attractions are often cheaper during
hurricane season but you probably will have a major interruption of your plans
yeah I would have I can see that my mom lives in Florida and she can’t get gas
when these emergencies happen like that she can’t get gas at the gas station
near her because the local sheriff’s department there which is Citrus County
takes over that gas station and it’s only for emergency use so mr. happy is
here and he asks are you Mexican and I know I’m not blessings
jessamy Christina’s Harvey van life hey guys hey hey guys give angel a little
rub behind the yes and you know they had a friend that checked us out and the
name is escaping me right now yes they came over yeah but they are building
they like totally tore apart like a camper van yep and they’re rebuilding
the whole outside I’ll find that link below after because it’s kind of cool
watching something get completely destroyed and they every wall roof
everything they asked about our generator that we used that’s right yeah
so ah thank you for that Justin which in cases the Energizer there
to ezv 3200 P I think we would have got the RV later any difference between the
two is the P you have to use a little adapter for your RV plug in where the RV
unit just already has that big prong for you to do that
examp look up directly to it that’s called the big prong oh it’s called the
big prong okay yes it’s under those RV lingo sheets we got to update that there
you go there you go back when you didn’t even know what a blue boy was I know
right I’m learning all the lingo now MIT Alan by the way I just saw your name and
we miss our live studio audience yeah huh that was fun having Alan around
actually have you live studio audience and just seeing the looks like if we
said something funny just that extra yeah what I say so we’ve got I’m sorry
guys I’m just running through here hot messy Wow how excited would love to see
that show I went to one last year while searching for a new home on wheels I
think it was in upstate New York there’s so many RV shows yeah the Tampa and the
Hershey ones we’ve heard we haven’t been to all of them but we’ve heard that
those are the biggest ones those are those are kind of the biggies but we’ve
been to some really good local shows in El Paso as well and I think you know if
you’re just looking at want to walk around units want to talk to to
like-minded people I think they’re good things to go to well the other thing
that I’ve noticed when you go to some dealerships they only carry certain
brands and so when you go to these shows sometimes you get in brands that your
other local dealers won’t always have so that’s another reason why to still check
them out and it’s fun they’re closer you don’t have to walk as far because when
we went to the Camping World in Las Cruces oh yeah man oh wait we had to
take a breather I was getting jealous waking that guy down come on okay we’ll
take the golf cart adrià said following the Mexican
question do you speak Spanish I don’t speak Spanish to you no no I can
read a little bit of French yeah I speak law-enforcement Spanish I’ve been in law
enforcement for a long time so yet they say banghak II you know rest can speak
pidgin really well because he grew up in Hawaii yes yes his family is half
Hawaiian half French yes uh-huh Missy Missy said not sure if you’re
interested but there’s a huge and amazing buffet oh he said the magic word
buffet I’m interested I’m in in eastern Pennsylvania half hour from Hershey
farm-to-table food run by local news Shady maple farms mind-blowing Wow
if it’s anything let the roll butter it’s the red barn and Raleigh yep if we
if they make some of the same stuff like that that would be yeah yeah that would
be great we’ll have to check that out I’m interested okay so it’s a half hour
from Hershey and we are gonna be kinda so there must be something going on here
at the Walmart because there are emergency vehicles coming into Walmart
they heard about the live show and they want to make a great yeah yeah yeah so
right now because we’re traveling in route we pulled over we are at another
Walmart parking lot with yellows right behind us so our self coverage is good
so way back when we had said go with what you know yep
we knew we had good cell phone coverage here so that’s why we pose says they’re
coming to take us away yeah we had thought about you know we’ll just pull
over at a rest stop on the way through its Fire Department and they’re going
right up there so I know there’s no law enforcement cause more of a medical
emergency probably or somebody pulled the fire alarm anyways and rods has
telling me to run but we were going to pull over at a what’s it called rest
stop but then we decided you know we just not sure what the Wi-Fi or what the
cellular connection will be at a rest stop
so like Carey said go with what you know when you’re trying to do stuff in the RV
life especially with YouTube go with what you know and we know that most
cities have good cellular connection mm-hmm hey mom which means hey mom hey
to to very mother my grandmother tutu is watching grandma
means to to to means grandma in Hawaiian Susan and Dave said we walked our feet
off at her she last year yeah I imagine we’re gonna do the same we walked our
feet off at Tampa and her she’s even bigger so I’m looking forward I’m gonna
have my my iPhone with me and I might count my steps oh yes thanks for Healy’s
yeah yeah remember our son had him all the time would move I think we’d be
going to an emergency room if you had those in life with patent with pet and
path hello hello hey guys thanks for joining us happy Sunday and Labor Day
weekend they said well they know Justin and Christina too because they said
hello to them yeah I see Justin Christina just said something about a
lot of friends in the live chat today I know it’s fantastic Jurgen I’m right
there with you he said Justin and Christina’s RV that
they make them tired because they work out and they remodeled yeah yeah we’ve
got a you know I’m gonna start working I’m gonna start watching that channel
quite a bit because she does have some really good workout things there and you
know I need to start working out but one of the reasons why I gave you a nice
yeah I can do yoga in here but but no I’m looking forward to following what
you’re doing maybe if you can get some stuff that are really like full body
type men’s workout things that would be fantastic and you’ll have me as a viewer
for those so Robert said I find that Spanish is more commonly spoken in South
Texas than just about any other part of the USA so more than 85% of El Paso it
speaks Spanish yeah El Paso is one of those cities where if you’re not
bilingual you’re in the minority there and you know it I just thought it was
amazing that so many people were bilingual when we’re in El Paso I felt
horrible for not knowing yeah I tried to take some up in high school yeah you
were a French person not mm-hmm well with a name like Lafleur
yeah Diary of a family hey guys thanks for joining us they just joined with the
sirens of excitement no we knew who joined and we had them so you had the
big grand entrance that’s our new that’s our new sound technical sound stuff when
we get when we get a celebrity in here we just hit that we also hit it for when
travels at Dulaney popped in here as well yeah they’re here promised Arnold
and Josie said you mentioned Hershey Pennsylvania which flashed images of
Hershey candy yes now translates to s’mores yes that’s so yeah I’m right
there with you we’ll have to get somewhere break out the kit and have a
fire and have some s’mores but we are going to the Hershey plant as well there
we’re gonna check that out travels with Delaney thank you so much Patti and
Patricia are and and Patrick they just gave us a super chat for nine dollars so
well ten dollars basically thank you so much for that super chat much appreciate
it guys you know you don’t have to but you who don’t know them which I don’t
know anybody here who doesn’t already we’ll put a link to their channel in the
video description below just after the show yep and we’ll also give them a
special shout out on next Saturday’s video so make sure you check out those
channels that we put in the video just some of the nicest people you’ll ever
meet we’ve had the luck to hang out with them a couple of times and not only are
they nice people but if you’re a small youtube channel they’re there willing to
help you out Patrick is a professor and he teaches a lot of social media and
marketing itself with Patrick yeah great Channel though Kerry and I learned a lot
from them so check that channel out by the way patty is the most fun person to
be around so if you ever get a chance to hang around with them yeah she had us
roll it take up there and you get to play with the puppies yes Truman and
Bess Bess just turned a year old yeah yeah um so hot Missy Missy said yes go
to the Earl plates I got a scroll back and look at
the name of the they also have a market by the same name free on your birthday
Wow birthday’s coming up it is yeah one price everything included and the
dessert I’ll have to check out that buffet for sure
Oh travels with Delaney said I’m making a pie and want to do a Carey pie do I
put my elbow in it before or after I bake it after no you put it in before so
that was put in and then I had to put it in the oven to bake it oh but it was
already done it has to be the left elbow not the right it makes a difference yeah
if you’re wondering what that’s all about we had a video channels with
Delaney came up with us a big hailstorm happened there in the Tetons so we all
ran inside a Boone but we said hey this is great content so Kerry had a pie
sitting on the counter and she got her camera out she started doing it and I
look over and her elbows right in the middle the Patrick he was able to
capture that moment yes bad thing of hanging out with youtubers yeah they’ve
always somebody’s got a camera going I had to apologize to Stacy and Kris when
we were walking around Gatlinburg I said Russ and I may enter mitten Lee just
fall back and not say anything and you’ll look for us and we’ll be filming
there’s a cell phone or a GoPro up in the air somewhere yeah there was one
moment where I was catching these really cool cars going down the middle drag and
Russ and Kris were ahead of us and Stacy said oh look I wouldn’t and looked over
at Russ and he had this big grin on his face like he was so proud of you said
I’ve been trained I’ve been trained yeah sometimes I forget I’m having so
much fun you know Kris and I were you yeah kin and stuff and I forgot to pull
the the camera out and I looked over at you and you were doing this I was like
well somebody’s doing a so we’re good so Carlos and Renee living the RV local
life said Oh will you be close to Orlando at all I
might not be able to make it to Tampa yes we are going to be in the Orlando
area from late November yes through mid January and we’re going to be going all
around so to also carlos and renee we would like to do a collab with you on
something we already do so working we’ll be reaching out and we’ll be
talking to you personally about this new segment series that we’re starting yes
and we’ve Stacy said working out with resistant bands might be good in a
smaller space yeah not that I would know and I’ve seen some of the things
Christina does shield should do that she’ll use the door as a to hold the
bands and stuff so yeah with our door work yeah of course yeah it just seems
really skinny yeah work for me maybe not the screen door but the main
door lewis said with lewis is this lewis outside okay i’ll teach you some key
words in spanish when we meet in florida just be careful when using them I think
I know a lot of those kind words yeah I know a lot of the key words it’s just
the thing to string them together oh no I forgot that you two you and Alan came
up with something when we were at the meetup in okay all right I don’t
remember that don’t forget when you guys come back through Alan is going to host
the show and he’s going to interview the two of us oh that’s right that’ll be a
lot of fun I don’t know if I should make him submit the questions in advance yeah
yeah we might have to have Alan we may have to have a delay on there but we had
a lot of fun interviewing travels with Delaney on their two-year anniversary
that was a lot to learn a lot about them yep there was a name that Stacy told me
to bring up what was it bear Bell I don’t know yeah Patrick does bear bell
ringing uh-oh ring a bell and don’t let Patrick touch
see the trim that’s just a warning yeah exactly
um Arnold and Josie said that they saw that video with the elbow and it was
hilarious yeah it was Jurgen said keep those cameras rolling we love it we try
yep it’s hard when you’re non-stop on the road you’d think that you’re you’re
trained but sometimes you just you’re so into a moment I need to do that so we
try to get the cameras as much as possible yeah it’s it’s more difficult
than one would think like when we went out on old smokey on that old smokey
video this last Saturday that we published we had carry cell phone my
cell phone all filming in HD 60 which 60 frames per second
I had the GoPro I had an extra battery battery for the GoPro and if I had more
room and didn’t look awkward I probably would have brought the other GoPro with
me but you know sometimes things just batteries go out and so I try to have as
many batteries as many SD cards with us but that’s a challenge of trying to get
everything you know that and a storage space yeah so if you are planning or you
are you do have a channel one of the things that we found is challenging is
you get all this footage and you don’t necessarily delete it even if you didn’t
use it for that car probably shouldn’t believe it yeah so we get the terabyte
hard drives you terabyte hard drives yep to those so you can store them because
you’d be surprised every now and then you think of something that you did
before and you’re like oh that would be great to pull into another video yeah so
you catch a lot of stuff you may not have it used for it right away but don’t
get rid of it just find a way to store it and I know
we’re going way off subject and I don’t even know if anybody’s interested but I
used to categorize things by date you know this is a date that we did it but
sometimes you don’t remember the date and it’s really difficult to find
there’s a lot of stuff that happens in the month of March and you’re thinking
okay this happens sometime in March I know that but you don’t remember if it
was March 1st or March 30th so now you’ve got 30 days of content that
you’re searching through so I would just if you’re gonna do the month if you’re
gonna do you know by date also have in keywords like for this one it would have
been August 2019 Gatlinburg and then I knew that hey that happened in
Gatlinburg so just a little hint there to help find stuff yeah because we
search a lot Carlos and Renee asked her you guys staying at Thousand Trails I
don’t know if it’s now or when we go to Florida we’re not a member yet and we
haven’t stated any Thousand Trails places yet yeah ever will
I’ve heard a lot we might I’ve had good things about it but I’ll tell you when
we’re in Florida we’re going to stay at a couple of state parks that we like one
we’re going to Coleman Landing that’s a given because that’s like my favorite
Park in Florida we’ve been to that we’ve been to and then we also want to do the
equestrian use areas which are being docking so we want to do that as well so
yeah we will be doing that and I just got distracted sorry I know I can tell
my brain is like trying to remember what I read but also working with her yeah
yeah hey you’re doing four things at once so I uh yeah I’m teasing me a
little bit but yeah I couldn’t I couldn’t do that if I were you so Arnold
enjoys he asked have we posted a walkthrough video about the renovation
next Saturday instead of our normal what we did this week
which would be a compendium of Walmart and Cracker Barrel locations we’re gonna
do our tour then exactly Saturday we will do the roto update Carlos said can
I got a question can I ask how you got your watch hours we’re a couple hundred
away from a thousand okay so the best way to get watch hours to be honest with
you is live streams if you do live streams you’re gonna get your watch
hours however if you do not schedule your what your live stream then your
watch hours don’t count so if you just say hey right now I’m gonna kick off a
live stream it doesn’t count your your watch hours don’t count however if you
pre schedule those your a lot your watch hours will count and you don’t have to
pre schedule them by much you know fifteen twenty minutes you just got to
get them in the queue and start that but that’s how you’ll get your watch our
substrate for the day yep see that’s why you tuned in
I’ve stream with Russell that’s why we were doing two live streams a week when
we first started it was to bump those watch hours and that we were never
intending to keep two we were just seeing which one’s better and then we do
Friday was really good and then Sunday would be better okay we’re gonna do
Friday and then Friday would be better than Sunday and then they just go back
and forth so we said you know what let’s just keep them both and then we also
started noticing that you’d have some people show up on Sundays but not
Friday’s yeah now it’s not about watch hours our watch hours are well it’s
because we so you’re our salvation Stacy said barbell and shoe shine okay gotcha
and then RV nomads 365 thank you so much for that super hit hard on YouTube this
week thanks for that lighter awesome thank you guys so much yeah well
everybody go over and check that channel out and as I mentioned earlier any super
checks we will make sure to get grab a link from your channel below put it
below so everybody can check out your channel and all your great content after
the show we’ll give you a shout out next set and next time today’s video along
with exactly that’ll be a good one along with the links on that channel as well
but thank you so much all super chats go to bettering our channel and we buy
equipment with that so thank you thank you very very much uh Charles with
Delaney said our Stacy and Chris still coming to the small creators summit at
the end of September yes they are JC said try and stop me yeah yeah we’re
looking forward to having them there I’m super excited we get the treat of
hanging out with them you know twice in a very short period Chris and I have a
texting game that we’re going back and forth doing movie quotes we did seven
hours of movie quotes yesterday texting back and forth the score I’m just yeah
he used to try to play that game with me but after 28 years of marriage I know
all the movies he quotes so I’m glad he has someone else to play
this game yeah we’re tied six to six right now adventure archeology hey
Brandon thanks for joining us she has a tip for everybody as well for YouTube
channels he’s got very successful YouTube channel Adventure archaeology
check him out he’s really into bottle digging metal detecting any type of
treasure hunting he’s fantastic he said I always use a memorable moment as a
title to store my video clips there you go there you go real quick Jurgens is
leaving I just want to say goodbye he said we have the gift of the gab but
he has to go take off so thank you for joining us happy Sunday
Darren family said we are totally interested and Charlie said it’s one of
the best thousand trails so I must have missed the one that they oh I can’t
scroll back up without really getting loss of Carlos Renee if you can repeat
the thousand trails that you recommended yeah I’ll catch that one the next time
around and Abbey and Billy are about to get in a fight hold on up here a b-cup
good girl so Charles Delaney said yes Stacy and Chris are you still for pup
sitting on Friday of the creator’ summit well you know what she can do she can
come over with the pups and they can all hang out in here there you go because
there’s more room in here than the tab that’s true or in her little guy max for
that matter that’s true yeah we can all circle around and have a big old what do
they call those old things in the Old West row I don’t remember you could put
me on the spot I can’t do it I’m just in Christina said they’re gonna host a few
episodes of workout Wednesday office for you Russ awesome great we’re not holding
two I’m gonna film him doing some of those I don’t know if anybody wants to
see that now filming whether it makes it fun well I will check it out because I
have been looking for something to to get a little bit of work out here and
that’ll work that’ll be perfect for me now Stacy said RV odd couple who will be
at the small channel summit in Shipshewana later this month which
travels with Delaney we will be there mr. Paul Chamberlain the Air Force guy
Randy subvectors adventures we’re all gonna be up there and we’re
giving a small channel YouTube tips and tricks and talking about our experiences
and what has worked for us in the past so they’re gonna be there and they did a
thorough review of Thousand Trails nice deal for full-timers but it’s usually
quite a bit of money up front okay yeah yeah and I’ve seen that you can buy
memberships that are already existing or something I don’t know maybe I’m wrong
about that but it does look interesting and we will probably look into it okay well you already forgot what we were
talking so I caught up to where Dugan said he okay yep and then living the RV
Lopez life said his Coleman Landing big enough for a big rig yes yes not many
big rigs that’s very big that’s you can have the biggest rigs possible up front
and that’s kind of where Kerry and I did I think when you get back inside so when
you first come into Coleman landing you’ve got these units that are right up
front and those are for huge rigs and Kerry and I just took it because I was
we were very new at trailering at the time and I wasn’t interested in going
back into the trees and messing around with stuff but back in the trees there
are some big rig friendly areas but there are there it’s actually beautiful
because you’re camping with all that Spanish moss and stuff but yeah you can
get a huge rig in there and like I said they’ve got bathrooms with showers and
that sort of thing there’s no other facilities there other than trash and a
dump if you want to dump your tanks though it costs you ten bucks to dump
your tank whether you’re staying there or not we did a review on Coleman
landing so go ahead and check that out that yeah probably I know right another
link I’m Donna asked about the small creator summit okay we’re gonna put a
link to the small creator summit below that way everybody will know what it is
yeah another interesting thing about it not
I don’t know if everybody will but Patrick and Patty and Randy who have
organized all this with a lot of great work thank you guys they’ve talked about
the ability for whoever is presenting that day can livestream or record their
presentation and put it out there for other people yeah so there’ll be a lot
of stuff available and I know somebody did answer Donna she asked where it was
or when it wasn’t somebody answered her there one of the things about that this
kind of came about because Patrick had said I’d love to sit around a campfire
with other small channels and just brainstorm and share the knowledge that
was the intent and then it just grew and then all of a sudden people said well I
have a channel or I just want to listen in and want to do this so now it’s more
of a free-for-all that we’re all gonna talk but then there’s other people more
than welcome to come and listen and just mingle and then we have plenty of time
available to go explore the local town I’ve never been to that area
Amish country yeah I’m looking forward to it Shipshewana do you know how to
spell that yet no probably never will it took me
forever when we lived in Albuquerque I think I finally learned how this about
Albuquerque after we moved away yeah because our daughter was born there had
to learn now so Thousand Trails Donna was saying some travel trails are
transferable if you transfer you know you spend a lot of money let’s say you
don’t use it yeah that you can transfer it but what she’s read it’s hit or miss
so do your homework gotcha gotcha RV nomads 365 said we bought elite
connections package at trial a thousand trails
oh very good six hundred down and under three hundred per month now if your full
timing and you really take advantage where you like to stay at some of these
things yeah it is definitely worth it yeah of course I can see that right now
I mean that’s cheaper than rent you know well and especially if you don’t have
the ability to really Boone dart comfortably yeah and that was the thing
with the little guy max we could boondock for a very short period of time
but not incredibly comfortably can I have no problem being six days out ten
days not a problem and but if you don’t getting to those campgrounds is key
little guy max was like three days and it started to get
uncomfortable tank Weis diary of a family said we love sharing ideas and
connecting I think that’s what this whole community it thrives on and it’s
about because when the freedom of knowledge because everybody is so
creative and in their own way and they have their own personalities there’s
more than enough room in YouTube for everybody oh yeah so yeah anybody who
starts getting you know competitive in any arena you don’t realize the amount
of people even in a small niche like our bean you know a lot of people think
there’s a lot of people in it because you see these people they have a 150,000
subscribers like nomadic fanatic who’s probably in the 180s now or KY d
what but that is such a small amount of people really compared to everybody
who’s watching YouTube so I think that’s the thing you know
and that’s why when more people realize that there’s so many there’s enough
views to go around that they don’t get competitive and that’s kind of what
Shipshewana is all about you know it’s about no matter how big or how small the
channel is we’ve got channels there that are under a thousand we’ve got a channel
there that’s over 30,000 we’ve got some in the two to ten thousand range but
everybody is going to be sharing their information freely mm-hmm and I love
just finding different channels seeing different channels and personalities and
I really love Stacey even pointed this out when you see youtubers meet other
youtubers and they get together and you have that you see that big circle of
friendship it really is a small world it is so we love it and Donna looks like
she’s got a take off so she’s alright Donna out bye thanks for joining us oh
no sorry my apologies you’re all saying bye to Donna that was a little jumping
ahead of the game there and adventure archaeology said by the way your RV is
looking great Thank You Brandon yeah all carry now they just got
yeah RVing you know travel no no no they were traveling with family we’re looking
at getting an RV though well well we’ve got a little guy max yeah that you could
borrow I don’t know about borrow branding you gotta pay for that thing
brand is a good friend of mine I’m just messing with him so my fingers there’s
Stacey spelled Shipshewana okay yes I saw that
um so Robert said I guess before you bought the motorhome you could get in
and out of a few more smaller older campgrounds and stop at a wider range of
yes accents and restaurants on route 100% correct 100% correct um it’s just
we can do different things in this that we couldn’t do with that and vice versa
yeah and that’s where we talked about the right RV for you it depends on the
type of camping that you want to do yeah exactly but know you hit the nail on the
head that’s kind of why we haven’t been in a real hurry to get rid of the little
guy max if there’s an area that we just can’t get to with this then we have that
option but yeah there are a lot of areas now that we have to think twice about
before going into where the little guy max really the rule of thumb was if the
truck can get there we can get there with the little guy man the truck was
wider than the trailer yeah so we knew if the truck cleared the Cherie
something we were fine yep and I kind of laughed now because I
used to be so over paranoid about bridges you know going through tunnels
and under bridges with a huge nine foot 11 towering 9 foot 11 mini max or a
little guy max well you know what you it’s just again trucks are taller yeah
it’s just what you do and what you’re comfortable with fun new but it shows
their growth and I think I would have been really uncomfortable really nervous
jumping into something like this oh one yeah well you know when I first started
driving this from the little guy max I didn’t like going over 55 miles an hour
it’s you just felt like everything was huge I did I didn’t feel like I could
center correctly which I couldn’t but then I learned a couple of
tricks about centering and you start to feel comfortable now to me this feels
normal when we went to carries dad’s house I was driving his Chevy what is it
Malibu and it felt like a little go-kart I felt like I was so close to the ground
and I was really herky-jerky on the wheel because I was used to that big RV
wheel you know to make him stop push him out and I had to drive yeah because I
didn’t want him to unlearn all the tricks he does for driving the class a
but I’ll tell you because he’s so used to centering his left foot in this he’s
driving in the middle of the damn road pg-13 here my dad this is this is user
friendly there you go enough about me what are you guys up to here
Robert said I guess the onboard generator is a feature that makes
boondocking easier oh yes yeah I mean we did have the generator for the little
guy max it came in handy whenever we needed it but there is something to be
said if you’re boondocking Walmart I would have never felt comfortable going
to all the truck turning on you would pulling out the generator and do that
you just don’t do that yeah just like here with the Motorhome you can
yeah just like yesterday we stayed at a crackle Bera Cracker Barrel yeah
something like that we stayed at a Cracker Barrel and you
know you want to we we don’t want to take and not give so of course we went
in and had dinner but it was real nice because you could just turn the
generator on hit the AC let the dogs sit here in comfort but the main reason why
I would be worried about having a unit outside generator outside is that
somebody would walk away with it and those aren’t cheap even the cheaper ones
the Harbor Freight predator which is a super nice unit boy I would have bought
that had I known you know how good it was Patrick didn’t put the video up I
know I know but yes somebody will walk away with that and at nine hundred a
thousand two thousand dollars that’s something you don’t want to worry about
with this one you can’t you know so yeah make some real easy yes yeah push here
it starts up and you walk away we did have the remote we did – yes what
scary story little scary for me I don’t know for you
so when oh I know we’re holding onto our energizer generator for a little while
when we went up to Montana because Russ was in the middle of working on his
review video all right yeah and we had it tucked underneath the dining room
table he had done work work on the video and he put it inside and but he had left
the switch on so the thing was off but it was in standby mode and my hand went
into a drawer and hit the remote yeah and it started up for inside the RV
underneath the dining room table dinette yeah the CO detector was right next to
it so then the generators going the co2 detectors going off
Abby is freaking out running back and forth like get me the heck outta here
and of course I couldn’t find the remote that my hand had casually hit because it
was in the junk drawer and so I’m digging through trying to find
everything yeah it was hilarious but guys that is a really good generator –
we did a video on that it’s the Energizer easy B 3200 P if you are in
the market for one and you want one that will run your 13,000 BTU AC and other
things that is a good unit for you we have a code we get a little bit of
kickback from it but we have a code for it recover yeah they give you a free
cover which we didn’t even get I don’t know we messed up we said I told them to
send us a cover here’s the thing so rest mention we get a little kickback for
that but we bought that and had used oh yeah way before they actually had
reached out to us because they said that they saw that we were using it to
everything so it’s a genuine purchase that we made that we stand behind and
that yeah that’s a good point yeah we bought that what six months before we
even left yeah yeah six months before we even went on the road but we researched
left and right for a good unit and that’s what we came up with RV nomads
365 said we downsize from a 40-foot travel trailer to a 27 foot it’s no
one’s easier to travel now oh I bet yeah would imagine so yeah you know what
thinking of huge difference thinking about downsizing it was very interesting
when we were at the escapees RV National get-together the 59th one there in
Tucson last year there was a couple that had lived in there I don’t know how big
it was but they had lived in this RV for 20 years 20 years full time in this RV
and they bought a new RV at the show and it was I thought they were having a
garage sale to do they pulled everything out and then they were waiting to get
delivery of their their new one because what they do is they prep it extra I
don’t know what they do but so and then they had to reload everything yeah so
they were allowed to stay at the fairgrounds for like an extra day after
everybody else left and I felt so bad thankfully it didn’t rain yeah you’re
right well it’s Tucson there’s not a lot of rain there but yeah it that looked
like a huge move it just looked like moving out of a regular house but you
figure when you’ve been in a unit for twenty years just like a house you
accumulate already I think acquired more stuff than what we had oh the little guy
max for sure I saw our pot we would have a pile now that’s a scary thing I don’t
want to get so much that it would be really crazy if we were to downsize
exactly yeah so Robert stich said 5th wheel RVs are the tallest type of
trailers check out there’s a few fail videos oh I’ve seen them in the road
yeah they’re nightmares and they always kind of scare me because you know how
they have that angled roof it always looks like they’re really leaning back
but they’re not but yeah they’re big I would be terrified going under any
bridge we would just plot routes that never went under anything and it would
take us 10 years to get somewhere I guess I’m not buying a fifth wheel ever
then no no you’ll be like I we could talk about the diesel pusher of the
future but yes all right I don’t know I’m on board
see I’ve got documented on video living the RV Carlos Rene said we’re wondering
how we will be in that little campers going to Alaska because we have the big
rig and had room this is going to be a big test after you’re used to that
bigger space going to a smaller space I agree that would be quite an adjustment
because some people even just six bricks – RV is small yeah but I don’t
think it’s gonna be that big of a deal because it’s Matt it’s your mental you
know and you’re thinking if that’s all you’ve got when you’re hitting the road
if that’s what you’re in your mind will adjust and you’ll do it yeah it’ll be a
little bit more uncomfortable meaning like you can’t take you’ll have to think
about what you take with you but I think you’ll get used to it very quickly just
like you’ll get unused to it very quickly as well no RV no mats 365 said
they have the predator 3500 yeah they chained it in the back of their truck
yeah no there’s it’s a great unit and it’s a great price I I would recommend
that as well I’ve seen Patrick’s run and I love the unit there are a lot of
things for security we saw people we’re putting them inside dog houses and the
dog house isn’t really going you know those little crates a little plastic
crates that’s not going to secure it but it does hide it and it does let somebody
who’s looking to steal these think is that a dog you know do they have a dog
because they have to get close enough to figure out whether or not there’s a dog
in there or not yeah and it still has enough air around it so that way the
fumes and everything yeah I think what they were doing is they were just
cutting the bottom out of it and using it like setting it over the top of it
better yeah that’s a lot easier because I was trying to think how you get it in
there yeah you’d struggle with that find that we just have for the dog set they
split in half with your screws you do that but I think the bottom is just even
easy exactly uh diary of a family they have a predator 3,500 yeah Wow a lot of
people have a great unistart though and that’s what I do like about our
energizer the thing with that is it has true electronic choke a lot of the units
that do have electronic start you still have to go over there and press that
choke but with ours you don’t you can just press it has electronic show so it
truly is when you’re dealing with rain and you can sit in your unit push the
button and not have to go out because it rains yeah it was cool
old and windy for a while so RV nomads 365 nice little tip here said they keep
there’s change in the back of the truck and they run the power cord to the
predator so then they never have to move it we did something like that too with
the energizer yeah we just would open up the back bed roll it out and I don’t
know you had it change right yeah no we bought well eagle yes we bought the
chain before we bought the unit and there’s that’s a one bad thing about
that unit there’s no real good place to chain that so the only way to chain is
through the handle that’s plastic so if somebody really wanted it all they had
to do was cut the handle yeah Donna Dillahunty asks or delehanty rnk do you
carry an air compressor so yeah we have just we have one for the tires if that’s
what you mean tell tell them why we have one or what
prompted you yeah so our very first trip out with the little guy max yeah and
bottomless lakes New Mexico we had a issue with one of our tires on the truck
not the little guy Max and we had to drive all the way into town I was like
oh my goodness 17 miles into town I hope we can make it and ran into the camp
post they had one that was electric and saved the day
so as soon as we got back got home on Amazon and ordered one it’s a fantastic
one because it’ll pump up not only a big like a truck tire but a big bus tire
like what we have on here I will and bicycles I used to have it on our
product page but we have an Amazon shop now and I’m in the process of uploading
all the things to our Amazon shop I will double-check that after the show as well
and make sure that’s there so check our Amazon shop out from time to time
typically anything that we buy or use we put it in there and for those of you
that are a little curious about what we’ve done for our renovations I have an
RV renovation section there and you can see some of the products that I used
inside including this wallpaper yeah just a little hint so Robert stiff said
covered bridges that are very common in both Pennsylvania and in Canada New
Brunswick are in Canada Brunswick are usually the most height and weight
restricted yeah I’ve noticed that so all stays is one of the apps that I use
I know Patrick and Patty loved that one as well I can set it to let me know the
bridge heights in the area there are so many it’s like I’m careful to roam or
stray too far off the freeways around here because there are a lot of yeah and
it’s extremely different because in the in the West we would get off the high
off the freeway all the time but here you kind of got to be careful just like
what Carrie was saying with the the height difference on the covered bridges
out this way Oh your mom said to let you know that to
do is talking to Terry and girl do you remember
I do remember Terry of course I never forget him Susan said they changed chain
their generator to the truck as well yeah
they have a predator as well okay um they have a two year warranty for minor
charge in the workplace it anything if it goes wrong yeah that’s the Energizer
was a two-year as well Robert stitch said been traveling in New
Brunswick last year I observed that most of them between the bay of fundy
national park and hobo rocks were bypassed yeah they have fun day boy
that’s a beautiful I’ve been there when I was a kid swimming right I don’t know
about that well if the tide is out I don’t know if you can find it because
well I remember when I was a kid we came in when the tide was in and they had
boats right up against the road almost you know words these docks and then the
morning time when we were leaving the tide was out and those you couldn’t see
the water and the boats were like on dry land it’s crazy I think they have the
largest tidal difference in the world at the Bay of Fundy but yeah it’s gorgeous
it’s like that we used to go I think it was called rocking neck or Rocky Point
Kim if you’re in the room still she would probably remember to where you
could just walk out for like half a mile and only be knee-deep in yeah yeah crazy
certain times a day well I think of all the metal detecting you could do Yeah
right oh I’m gonna get out and do some more
metal yeah now that it’s cooler or it’s getting cooler a little bit
so Donna said for as far as a generator she’s looking at the three in one
category now as hard as a three month or no I know it’s an inverter generator
yeah I I don’t I don’t know I’m sorry I’m not up to speed on generators as
much as I should be our fridges three-in-one yeah I know I think she’s
talking the ones that run on propane as well we almost bought a duel fuel yes
champion that that was we looked at that yeah not smart and then Donna said one
last question what Jack do you use to change a tire on a tab so we had a no
scissor jack is what we had in the car oh but we had just fine go I can’t
remember the name of the jack but it’s just a slide under Jack that has the
little wheels on it and the pump yeah it’s just you know the hand type pump
one anybody know this yeah neither one of us know the name of it but I didn’t
want to use a scissor jack had a friend that lost his life because of a canister
Jack so didn’t want to use that as well so I just made sure to get the the
regular type Jack that you roll underneath Donna said yes New England
has lots of covered bridges not just the state all New England states I know I
mean I loved him as a kid growing up in New England I grew up in Connecticut and
but now driving around in the Class A it’s very daunting just trying to
navigate and worried about going down to roads and I’ll tell you what Gatlinburg
what those windy twisty road yeah yeah not so fun yeah we were worried about
one of the roads we were on carries worried about a bridge that are a
covered bridge that was coming up so we went a different route and my goodness
it was horrific coming into there it was just so wine D small two lane lane roads
we made it but you just had to drive a little bit more careful
we just went over our our guys and we do not want to keep you too long ventured
just popped in and said hello Oh excellent well thanks for joining us
well if anybody has any last-minute questions
comments like that let us know and we will answer those travels with Delaney
just spoke up to Donna about the jack yeah that’s definitely the channel that
you want to talk to yeah and that’s what I was the same rig that you have yeah
close I I’m not a fan of Pottle Jack’s just because of what happened to our
friend with one of those but as long as you’re safe you know be safe with those
things never get under it yeah that’s just my PSA sometimes you got to but no
you go pay to people that lift it up on a big rig all right guys
last I have a last question you can leave it in comments below if russ won’t
let me go on long but when you are traveling on the road and you have a big
motor home where do you go for oil changes yeah yeah we’re looking at
trying to get some oil change here so this point we had like when we were in
Montana we had the Mobile RV go yeah don’t want to pay for that but I didn’t
shy you see if you know if Walmart or something like that any of the oil
change places quick lubes anything like that let us know in the comments below
other than that we’ll let you guys go have a great weekend be safe out there
and we’ll talk to you soon all right thank you and Donna I got that
song in my head already sorry bye everyone you


  • Stacey Forrest

    Hey guys, about that oil change…you may want to check out mountainmodernlife.com, I think that site may be helpful if you want to try to do yourself (eek!) or if you google "class A oil change near me" it may give you some places you can call (just to make sure). From the brief comments I read online, you may want to purchase the oil & filter yourself first (maybe more cost-effective…?) Hope that helps, good luck and safe travels! ~💜

  • Bill Tee

    Hey guys!! Sorry to miss the LIVE! Trying to get all the summer stuff in. The Farmer's Almanac Winter predictions have me nervous. 🙁 I looked up your Tennessee stop but was still just a bit too far. Have fun in Hershey!!

  • Richard Durant

    I used local Ford dealer who has a large enough rack for the RV (E450 class A). For normal service they are competitive in price and always have the parts for the V10.

  • Camper Life

    Hey sorry I missed the live. We were moving to the state park. I will be back Friday. Look forward to seeing y’all then and have safe travels.

  • Keep On Rv'n

    Sorry we missed the live. We used to live in Staunton so we thought we would mention on behalf of friends still there, the pronunciation is Stanton. The town was named for Lady Staunton, who pronounced her name Stanton. The road CB is located on, Rowe Rd., sounds like 'how' not Lowe's. We always thought they should put the correct pronounciations on welcome sign coming into town. lol

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