RVing is for Everyone: Ed and Liz
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RVing is for Everyone: Ed and Liz

– [Liz ] I’ve always valued travel and experiences over things I wanted to pass that to my daughter. – I’m Ed, this is Chelsea. – And I’m Liz. – And we are the Wilcox’s. I spent 12 years in the Army. I was an Air traffic Controller. And while travelling around I had friends who RVd and who lived in RVs and it kinda gave us
that little bit of a push because we have other friends
who were doing it as well. – Okay. High 5! We have Chelsea, she’s our only child. When she was born, Ed
deployed to Afghanistan and I decided that I really
wanted to travel with her. And then when he got
home we moved into the RV and we realized, “Hey we can move this RV, we can start travelling.” We love staying in campgrounds where there are things to do because it saves us money and time where we don’t have to travel outside of the RV park we can just stay right here. – And we love urban camping because we are in
campgrounds and RV parks. If we’re feeling bored we can literally just get on our bike, walk around, meet people. – [Ed] So one of our favorite things to do is to get on the bike
and ride with Chelsea because she loves to be on the road and to have the wind in her hair and she likes to just hang onto the bike and get all into it. – Again again. – We have a very rare
opportunity with our daughter, because she’s so young and because we’re all so young that we can show her the things that we didn’t get to see. Washington D.C. has been one of our favorite cities to visit. And now that we’re in the RV we actually have the opportunity to go back and visit more often. – So we really love history. It was one of my favorite
subjects in school. And when you walk the National Mall and you see the Monuments and you walk downtown and
you see the White House, I just let the history of
it consume me, I guess. She’s so big and she’s able
to understand so much more. It’s so awesome. I thought about Abraham Lincoln, and what he must have gone through, and all the people of the
time had gone through. And it was just really moving. I just always get so
overwhelmed when I come here. I hope to keep bringing
her back here every year and seeing her grow as a
person and understand more about our country. When my brother found
out we were coming to D.C for the All-Star game and
weekend, he was so jealous. To be around all these
people that are so hyped up and excited, it’s just contagious. – [Ed] We get to enjoy a lot of things that we would have in our normal life, but we just get to see different places. You know we’ve had the opportunity to go and see many things and many places. We just like to be able
to have the opportunity to do so many things and
to see so many things, and to share it all with our child. – [Liz] And I just feel so blessed to you know have come across RVing so that we can literally just live in this home on wheels and travel to the things that I’ve always wanted to see that I know my mom always wanted me to see but never got the opportunity. To me that’s what being
a parent is all about, giving your child the
things you never had. RVing has something for everyone. – [Ed] People who camp live longer. And I wanna live longer


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