RVing is for Everyone: James and Shari
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RVing is for Everyone: James and Shari

– We’re at Moccasin Creek Off Road Park in Blackshear, Georgia. It’s one of my favorite parks to visit. We’re here for the Mud Music and Mayhem. Hi, I’m Shari. – And I’m James. They call me King James
’cause this is my palace when I’m away from home. This is my Fleetwood. It’s class A, and we call it Fatboy. We’re weekend warriors, we try to use it at least once a month. We plan a trip somewhere every month. Don’t know exactly where we’re goin’, but we’re goin’ somewhere. My normal routine, I run a tire store. – And I have a full time job, I’m an Executive Assistant for a supplemental insurance company. – Campin’ is the way to go. We’ve been doin’ it all our lives. I’ve been doin’ it since I was a kid, started out tent campin’
and it’s evolved to this. I don’t think I’d have it any other way. – We’ve been ridin’ four wheelers about all our lives. – It’s all about gettin’ muddy and dirty. We come out here to have a good time. Sometimes it’s just the four of us, and then sometimes it’s
20 of us or better. – We have a lot of
different friends that come. We have a Facebook group
where we communicate and keep in touch with all our friends, we let ’em know where the next ride is. – Ridin’ is adventure because
no mud hole’s the same, no trail’s the same. Everywhere you go, every mud park, we try to go to several
different mud parks, and every park’s different. Every aspect of riding is different. – [Shari] What we love about
ridin’ is gettin’ in there, turning our music on and
just being able to forget what goes on Monday through Friday. Whoo. – I’ve got a good memory, I can remember the landscape and everybody
tends to wanna follow me, they like to, cause they like me to lead cause I seem to knowing
remember where I’m going and where I’ve been and
the different trails. I just catch on really easy, I’m good at landmarks. It’s a family thing, when one person gets stuck, everybody is there to
try to help get ’em out. That’s the whole key to the whole thing and it don’t have to be just our group. People come outta everywhere, I mean, you’ll think you’re
in a hole by yourself and all the sudden,
there’s 10 people show up to help try to get you out. It’s more of a larger family than just people you actually know. – Pulled my best friend up out the mud, we’re just havin’ a ball. Just awesome. – It’s all about memories. Every time we go somewhere,
we meet new friends. Everybody’s here for the same thing, to have a good time and
just enjoy each other in fellowship, it’s pretty interesting. It’s pretty interesting,
we have a good time. – We all get together
at the end of the day, at the end of our ride, we all gather around the bonfire and listen to the music. There’s usually a concert at these events. – It’s funny I say,
you meet so many people in these different events, and then when we come here, no matter which event you come to, you’re always gonna see somebody that you’ve met previously. – It’s not about the RV,
it’s not about the toys, at the end it’s about the
memories that you make and the friends that
you make along the way. We have a great time, great memories. Stories to tell. We always have something to laugh about. – The best advice I can give, is get out there and have a good time. You only live once, you’re
not gettin’ any younger. You get older every day so have a good time and enjoy
the small things in life. – We work hard all week so we can come out and play hard all weekend.

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