RVing is for Everyone: Jim and Rene
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RVing is for Everyone: Jim and Rene

– Hi, I’m Jim.
– I’m René. – And we are full-time Rvers. Right now we’re about seven
miles south of Sedona, Arizona, about two, two and a half
miles off the highway. Out in the boonies, like we like to do. And this is Wyatt, Wyatt
Ray Dog to be specific. He’s our nine-year-old
German Shepherd that we got as a puppy from a rescue
in Northern California. – You can’t see it from there,
but he’s missing a rear leg. He was neglected as a puppy. Wyatt came our way
because one of the members of our community decided
we needed a new mascot. – When we first started
traveling, we knew that we were gonna be doing a
lot of this kinda camping, so we outfitted the rig accordingly, and got solar and satellite
internet so that we could always have connectivity. – So that allows us to get
online anywhere, anytime. And we have to do that because
our work needs demand it. And we like to live the dream, but it takes work, so
we work at the dream. That’s why we’re the LiveWorkDream Team. – We have always been outdoor-lovers, we used to backpack and
sleep on the ground, and we saw how comfortable
we could be inside of an RV we said, well this is really nice. – Our rig here used to
have bunk beds in back, and I tore those out and
made a workshop for René once her jewelry business
started going on. So she’s got lots of storage
space now, and a place where she can pound on metal. You’ll often find us outside
going for a bike ride, or we like to hike around. We went from a 2400 square
foot Victorian duplex where we lived in a whole flat upstairs, and downstairs we had
a half-dozen printers of various sizes, you
know, a dozen computers, all sorts of gadgetry, and there
was just something lacking. And it was that freedom to
let go of all that stuff and enjoy life. – We’re at Red Rock State Park in Sedona. – Took a hike up to Cathedral Overlook. We really are living the dream. We do like getting out
and doing active things, and go out for runs early in the morning, and in the late evenings
we’ll go out with Wyatt or go for a bike ride. – Be prepared to live
the life you really want, because you never know
when it’s gonna end. – One thing we like to
do is get out and find the local farmers markets, the art fairs, and really dive into that
local culture and walk around downtown areas, and see what
a little art center might have that we might be able to go and do. Living the nomadic life does
give you the opportunity to visit so many places. That’s why it’s so important
to stop at your local visitor center and get
some maps and find an area where you might go to
soak in some scenic views or find Slide Rock near Sedona, or go near Red Rock
State Park like we did. We like to go out there
and find those things wherever we go. – On a really nice day like this, we’ll watch the sun set
over a game of dominoes. It’s just one of the
ways that we disconnect. – You know it’s amazing how little you really need to be happy. All I need is my roof
over my head, my power, and my wife, and my dog. And I have that with me wherever I go. So we encourage everyone
else out there to go do the same thing and go
find your own freedom. – Hope to see you on
down the road somewhere.

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