S2 E5: A Fight To The Finish…| The Great Travel Hack| #MakeTheFuture
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S2 E5: A Fight To The Finish…| The Great Travel Hack| #MakeTheFuture

The tension is rising on the final leg of our epic, European
lower CO₂ emission challenge. Here’s what’s coming up. Team Omega get things off their chest… -Oh, my God!
-What just happened? …while Team Alpha refuse to hold back… -They complained about us?
-Cry-babies! …as they await the final results. The winners are… This is The Great Travel Hack. Oh my God Jamie, it’s a roadblock. Oh, my God. Argh! We have to go back. There’s no other option. I’ll drive back, though. We’ve blown it, huh? I am actually very pissed off. You are driving
the entire way back, now. Can you imagine
we win the whole thing? Cherry on the cake. Then to get that cake and eat it
in front of those Dutchies… …would just be even more of a treat. Listen up. I have something to say here. Oh, God. This is the moment
we’re going to snap out of our horrible mood. Snap out of it! We can drive
as ecologically as possible… So the eco-mode is on. Windows up, A/C off, we’re going to burn like chickens. Yes, this is exactly… Ow, I bumped my head! We got a message from Mission Control.“Dobre doshili v Bulgaria.”-“Welcome to Bulgaria.”
-Welcome to Bulgaria! -Have you opened the snacks already?
-No. I have opened the snacks… What did you get? In my defence, I got so many crisps. -Right. More importantly…
-Go on. -Gonna interrupt you. Greg’s text.
-OK. He said, “Hey guys, because this is the last time
you open those black bags of yours, I’ve decided to do something different.” “Inside the bags are
some super-cool eco-camping gadgets which you will need to use tonight when you go camping.” -Oh, not camping!
-I know, I know. It also says, “You’ll need to find some
lower CO₂ emissions accommodation for your night in the wilderness
at the beautiful spot that I found. Have fun.” -I’m not a “tent” kind of guy.
-No? The thought of camping:
mud, bugs, outside… You haven’t even got a toilet
when you’re outside. Hi, Mission Control. -Hey.
-Hey, guys. What can we do for you? We’ve just been told by Greg
that tonight, we’re camping out. Maybe a five-star caravan. -Sounds good. We’ll go for it.
-That would be nice. Any possibility
of an electric camping van? So you want something
with a few home comforts that will keep out bugs. -Yes, please.
-That’s right. Absolutely. Instead of going camping,
we’re going glamping. -Check out this bad boy.
-That’s what I’m talking about. Best part, it’s electric. Only worry is,
is there actually ice cream inside? I’ve never been camping
for a good reason. It just sounds like hard work.
It doesn’t sound like fun. -But we do have this.
-We’re borderline glamping. -That’s my type of camping.
-We can do it! One night, we got this. Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What is this, Jamie? I’ve really no idea. It’s a doll house.
You have to fold me to get me in here. You’re like an origami bird
after one night. -Come on.
-Hitch it up. Getting close. It’s not far any more. -Getting closer.
-I’m excited. We’re almost there. -It’s beautiful.
-Wow. Stunning. -Wow. Beautiful.
-Thanks, Greg! Let’s get it up. A little air lounger. I’ll take that one. I like it. -Look, it’s beautiful.
-That is gorgeous. You know what, look at all these bugs.
And we’re driving… Oh, my God.
You scared the life out of me! It’s not funny. We’re not going outside! -Whoa, it’s inside!
-Jordan! -We’re a little bit off-road, aren’t we?
-Slightly off-road. But if you’re going to camp anywhere,
this is what I’m talking about. Is that Jamie and Loiza? -Hi!
-Hi! It looks like someone has crashed
their caravan into the lake. What a brilliant place to camp. To an epic day.
After a major setback, we made it through. -Hey, Alpha!
-What? -Where’s your fire?
-We don’t need one. We’ve got an oven. What! We actually do! High fives. I really think it looks ugly, though.
Our boat looks cooler. Well, guys, I hope you have
a really good night’s sleep. -We will!
-We will! They won’t. I’ve got an idea. One, two, three… go. -Loiza.
-What’s this? -Oh, my God.
-What just happened here? This must be a joke. I’m so pissed off right now. The best part of the camping trip was pushing our competition
out into a lake. 100%. I think it’s hilarious.
Hopefully they see the funny side. I just don’t think they will.
Especially Loiza. I think it’s a bit childish to, like… If you want to win
the competition this way, I’m like, OK, fine, go for it. But it’s not my style. They got rid of the Porsche. -They took off…
-Yeah, in the campervan, right? Yeah, and that’s not fair. They play dirty, we play dirty.
We just rat them out. We’ve got a message from Greg. Excited or not? “Hey, guys, I’ve reviewed
Team Omega’s complaint. For fairness, you need to go back
to using a PHEV for the rest of your journey to Istanbul.” -What, they complained about us?
-I know. -For being smarter than them?
-What cry-babies! “Mission Control will be sending you
a drop pin to your new PHEV.” -Unbelievable.
-“Winky face.” Team Omega… Don’t end it with a winky face.
That’s insult to injury, mate. We’re almost through Bulgaria, Jamie. This is going to be our tenth country.
Unbelievable. Ten countries. -And that must be it down there.
-Do you reckon? They’ve set us up for an absolute treat. -I like it.
-Considering we got grassed up… -We’ve not done bad.
-Not bad at all. I have a message. It’s from Greg. Hello, it’s me again.
You remember the hitchhiker quiz? Well, you both did really well, but Team Omega, well… you did better. You snatched victory with four correct answers
to Alpha’s three. And I can see from your responses
of seeing your friends that the emotional boost it gave you
was reward in itself. Victory has been snatched
from our grasp again, Jordan. By one point! What? So we win, but we don’t get anything? Well, seeing Manon was our boost. And I have to agree,
it was such a boost. Sorry. I loved watching her.
I wouldn’t change it for the world. Can we please, in this competition,
stop with the emotional boosts? Emotional boosts! I just want to win
this competition. It’s the last piece. So we’ve literally gone
from one side of Europe to the other. We have a text. It says… “Turkiye…” I think… “...ye hozgeldiniz!You guys have made it. Here’s to you!” -Turkey!
-Turkey! -Our last country.
-Our last country. I would give you a high-five but I have
to keep my hands on the wheel. Promising. Promising… -Little bit of strings…
-Gosh. I feel like a Turkish James Bond. There it is. That’s good. Sorry! Every dog in Turkey just went… -Mission Control, fun fact time.
-Go for it. “Istanbul has had many names. The main ones are Byzantium, Constantinople, and Stamboul.” What? Right, I thought Constantinople
was in Italy or something. “Three percent of Turkey… is Europe. The rest is Asia.” Wow. I’m going to miss you. I’m going to miss you too. You know, I wouldn’t say
I’m a massively over-emotional person. But before you get emotional,
you get a lump in your throat. Yeah. Butterflies in your stomach. Just thinking then,
that this is the final leg. -Our road trip is over.
-This is it. I’m getting a bit emotional. Message from Greg. “Your epic journey is coming to an end in one of the most incredible
and ‘grammable cities full of golden oldie sites.” “But cities like Istanbul were never built
for modern road traffic. So I’ve arranged some black bags
for you to complete your journey.” “Follow the pin to your black bags. Greg and Katja will be waiting for you
at the stunning palace by the Bosporus.” “This is your last chance
to influence your CO₂ emissions count and help get you
that all important trophy. Go, go, go!” We made it! -Istanbul!
-We did it, Jord! -Nice!
-Oh, my God, Jamie! -Well done, you guys.
-Yeah, well done. -I’m glad you made it.
-We made it. -You still look fresh.
-Thank you. Everyone’s got
that nervous giggle, like… Welcome to Istanbul! We made it! Jordan, what was riding a bicycle through Istanbul like for you? Riding a bicycle from anywhere
is a tick on the bucket list because I just learned to ride a bike. Come on! Thank you very much. You guys have done brilliantly to get here and we were excited
to follow your progress. OK, we need to reveal the winners of this episode. Congratulations to… Team Alpha! You really smashed this leg, with the help of Team Omega
getting a little bit lost. -Yes, we got lost!
-OK… So both teams
have now won two episodes. But don’t forget that what determines
the overall winners are the team that have
the lowest CO₂ emissions across all the episodes. But let’s just take a look back over a journey that spanned
a total of ten countries. You’ve travelled in ways that can
significantly reduce your CO₂ emissions. Nice! Using pioneering vehicles powered by
electric batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, and pedals. You’ve encountered
the cutting edge of tech and returned to nature
to protect our trees and forests. This is amazing! There have been jaw-dropping highs
and foot-stamping lows, but you’ve stuck it out to the end
and proven there are so many cleaner ways
to see the world. All that remains now
is to name our winner. And I’ve spoken to the experts
at Mission Control, and they counted all the emissions
over all your vehicles across all the episodes, and we can now reveal the winners of The Great Travel Hack, Series 2. The winners are… Team Alpha! Both teams did brilliantly well
across the whole challenge but Alpha, you are the winners. Sam, come forward
and accept your trophy. So Team Alpha turned
their losing start around to win. Throughout the episodes
they proved they were super smart, making the right choices and importantly, keeping efficiency
at the forefront of every decision, choosing the best routes
and driving smoothly. What a great way
to end the European leg of The Great Travel Hack. Thank you for watching, we hope
you enjoyed this as much as we did, and stay tuned for more adventures
sometime soon. Oh, I can’t believe it’s over! You’re probably thinking,
“What am I going to watch now?” Well, I have an idea. Why don’t you click here to discover it?


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