S3: Hell Prison
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S3: Hell Prison

Section 3: Hell Prison Welcome to Section 3, home of the near nasties
and abode of the vile and despicable video treasures that made the youth of the 80’s
into murderous thugs…or not. This episode we head back to the jungle to pay a visit
to the sleaziest prison on the planet where the men are men, the women are criminals and
the rules are, well rather strict…..Girls, guards and inappropriate restraint techniques
become the order of the day as we take a short rest in … Hell Prison. Welcome to the Hell Prison, a place of incarceration
for the feminine criminal types of this faraway land. The prison is a cruel place where disobedience
means vicious punishment and the rules are enforced with a brutal hand. As the new warden
arrives to take over the slammer from planet crappy the prisoners begin to plan their escape
by any means possible. Facing a plethora of terrible obstacles and being chased by the
worst examples of penal authority can the girls get to freedom and avoid being returned
to the Hell Prison. Women in prison movies have always struck
me as having a rather specific audience. The idea of there being so many movies that focus
on the rather narrow subject of subjugated criminal women seems to me rather baffling
but its main purpose generally speaking is of course to cater for a weird sexual dominance
fetish. Of course they do range in quality from the relative height of the surprisingly
feminist ‘Human Experiments’ by Gregory Goodell to the barely disguised soft core porn that
is Jess Franco’s ‘Women Behind Bars’, and there is much worse than that, believe me.
Hell Prison probably sits along side the likes of ‘Women Behind Bars’, just the wrong side
but not a million miles off. It doesn’t however share its production values, sadly. Hell Prison
is a cheaper than cheap, zero budget exploitation fest with barely any point or plot for the
most part. Well maybe that’s a little unfair, it does have a plot but it’s all stretched
out to fill the run time and augmented with the staple features of women in prison movies,
namely lesbianism, suggestions of lesbianism, evil rapist guards, lesbian prison guards,
shower scenes, torture…. and the list goes on. As Hell prison opens we curiously find ourselves
in the jungle…. And why not. No satisfactory explanation will be given for this, we just
appear to be in the middle of the jungle. Live with it. The closest excuse for all of
this makes no actual sense. It turns out this is a labour camp and the women are employed
to quote ‘break through the jungle’. It doesn’t make much sense using
a bunch of rather slight fashion models to perform manual labour but then again who said
this kind of film should make any sense. This of course affords us plenty of opportunity
for sweaty, half naked slave girls to be toiling under the whips of the brutal guard regime.
And brutal they most certainly are. Punishment rape is apparently the order of the day for
those who dare to defy the rule of the guards and torture is used with a song in their hearts,
why am I watching this again? It seems the previous despot of a warden has died, left,
something.. and his replacement is on the way, though why this is a feature of the story
I’m not entirely sure as it seems he’s just as bad as the previous guy anyway, though
he does think highly of animals, this is probably only to show how little regard he has for
the prisoners though. Of course business as usual is resumed and
we get prisoners sleeping with the guards, seemingly willingly, each other mostly enthusiastically
and of course taking the obligatory communal showers in utterly pointless cut scenes that
seem to come entirely out of nowhere. The film carries on like this for quite some
time until we eventually, after an awful lot more torture, lesbianism and nudity, get towards
the supposed point of the film…the escaping part, remember that?
And so the escape plan is hatched and after getting the good doctor on their side the
girls push off into the jungle after faking illness. The Doctor, before heading off, kills
the warden. It’s worth noting that this action was akin to shooting himself in the foot as
had he not killed him then the guards would be none the wiser and they would have had
a much larger head start. Way to go doc. And so the chase begins and in true hack style
the chasers are always faster than the chased. The guards eventually catch up of course but
not before the girls have faced snakes, quick sand and squabbles amongst other things. Then
the final showdown between the guards and the prisoners happens with the murder’s and
thugs that make up the prisoners not doing anything while the doctor mans up and takes
on the entire prison staff. The characters is this film are frankly to
a man, and indeed woman, utterly horrific. The guards and the warden are characters you
would expect to be horrible but they reach parody levels of bastardry and really are
caricatures of evil misogynistic bastards, this goes even for the one female guard who
is incidentally dubbed by the screacheist harridan to ever visit a recording booth.
She sounds like she smokes 120 cigarettes a day and gargles with battery acid. The Warden
is a hypochondriac, who prefers animals over people and is not adverse to torture, the
guards are rapists, the prisoners are petty and self defeating and even the doctor is
complacent to the extreme, ignoring the problems in the camp by being drunk and unconscious
for as much of the time as possible. The Doctor is the closest to a good guy we have and even
he has his turn in shagging the prisoners, though his excuse is he was hallucinating.
Of course when we do get to the slightly more interesting part of the film he becomes all
heroic and manly to the point where any strength in the girls is overshadowed by his authority.
But what can you expect from a film like this to be honest. Any sparks of feminist empowerment
are snuffed in favour of titillation as fast as possible and frankly there isn’t any thing
of merit in this film to report. This isn’t any massive surprise I’m sure especially considering
the film is sold with the tag of starring “Transsexual superstar Ajita Wilson” which
seems to be selling her talents for all the wrong reason. She’s actually not that bad
in this, as far as any talent can take you in a film of this nature. In fact most of
the performances are reasonable, it’s the dire script that forces them to spout such
vacuous dialogue, the contrived plot the ridiculous scenario and the crowbarred in sex scenes
kill even the half decent turns. Of course the dubbing doesn’t help too much either,
but that’s a common problem. Hell Prison is a really lacklustre film. From
the stretched thin plot to the entirely detestable characters through to the utterly revolting
sexual attitudes and portrayals that we are presented with there is nothing really salvageable
from this film. It barely satisfies even its exploitative mandate because it’s so half
arsed about everything it’s trying to do. It feels cut and with good reason. There is
an elusive harder version available and some of the jarring cuts between scenes certainly
make this obvious. The version that’s most commonly available, the region 1 DVD Escape
From Hell, is certainly missing chucks of material but considering the nature of what’s
missing it probably just takes this from being a moderately hard core porn film with a flimsy
plot to being a soft core porn with more focus on the flimsy plot. While it is weak in the
grand scheme of things it does surprisingly make for tolerable viewing and it doesn’t
become overly boring to the point of inducing sleep, in fact the last third of the film
is at least reasonably entertaining. It will never be much of a hit, though in it’s own
genre it probably sits as one of the more watchable entries. The fact is that its main
audience will be sold short by the most common release simply because if you’re the kind
of person that likes “Women in Prison” movies then frankly you’re likely to miss
the more salacious elements that have been cut. In other words this porn needs to be
less coy and just do what it does best then at least it could be regarded as an adult
film with an actual plot, how ever flimsy that may be. It’s interesting to note though
that this film has been reworked on several occasions taking on the other alternate titles
of Escape, Hotel Paradise and even Savage Island the later of which has alternative
footage edited into the existing film with Exorcist star Linda Blair. Which is just plain
weird. It has to be said that as much as I may not like this film it certainly has been
worked rather hard in its lifetime and for what it’s worth there are worse examples of
this more often very limited and narrow minded genre


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