Sahara Desert of Morocco – Camping in Merzouga!

– Welcome to the Sahara Desert! Woo. (upbeat Arabian music) – We’re starting the day here at one of the highest
peaks in all of Morocco This is our backdrop here,
this beautiful red rock I don’t know what to call it A beautiful little mountain peak. I’m here with Chris after filming the show and we’re here with our amazing guy Deres He is picking us for the next three days right, he’s going to take us all around. We have and eight hour ride today we’ve been driving for
maybe about an hour now and now we’ve got seven more to go. (laughs) This is going to be a long day – Yeah, but it will be good – [Cody] I bought us some breakfast, sour cream and onion Pringles so if you get hungry you let me know – Oh, thank you – [Cody] I got you back here We’ve made a quick pit stop at the side of the road because as we were driving towards the desert I thought this was a
pretty funny and contrasty that we were driving through
the mountains and there’s snow we’re here next to the snow cap mountains pretty high up right now on our way over these mountain passes and I thought it was just a great contrast to be right next to the snow as we’re going through a
desert and there’s snow. (funky uptempo music) – We’ve made it to the
highest peak here in Morocco we’re between the two tallest mountains One of these is a beautiful
snow cap mountain. Look at that. Woo! What a view! We are making our way a little further everywhere we keep
stopping is just beautiful so it’s hard to keep
driving when you keep going through all these
beautiful mountain passes and this is like such
a perfect day for this just a couple days ago
it was completely raining and pouring and wasn’t very
nice but we lucked out today. (funky, uptempo music) We’ve just had a little bit of lunch and Deres has taken us to Ait Benhaddou? – Yeah, Ait Benhaddou – And this is the set of a
million movies here in the desert most famously it’s in Gladiator,
it’s in Prince of Persia It’s in a couple episodes of
Game of Thrones in season three It is the place I’ve been wanting to see for a very long time. This is Ait Benhaddou. Look at that! We’re climbing all the way up there and then we’re gonna go
all the way down here to get the most famous shot
of this little village. This is the new town right here and this is the old town only a couple of people
are still living in this It’s more for movie sets now,
most people live over here and then tourists just
like walk through here so it’s pretty cool because
all the desert movies have pretty much shot
somewhere around here so that’s pretty cool to
see like this is a movie set for Game of Thrones, Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia, Gladiator. All these action movies that I love. (Arabian music) – [Cody] We’ve made it up to
the top and look at this view Deres have you ever
been an extra in a movie – Ah, no – [Cody] Do you know what this
was used for? What was this? – This one’s used like for
the, watch what’s coming – [Cody] Oh, so it’s a watch tower – Yeah because there you
can see this one’s [mumbles] because they have to
watch out whats coming – [Cody] So it’s a watch tower – Yeah it’s a watch tower – [Cody] You can see for miles away, if there was another army coming Deres is going to be the first to know (laughter) – [Cody] It’s so crazy that an hour ago we were freezing in the snow cap mountains then we were here in the
desert in this beautiful Oasis right on the river
where there’s this river running through and all these palm trees and different trees and vegetation and then outside of here
there’s just nothing but sand and desert so this is like the
little bit of vegetation which is probably why it’s so popular because it’s really nice here, it’s famous and movies are shot here
because it looks insane but as soon as you leave here, you’re going to see it’s all just desert. It almost looks like the Grand
Canyon and areas out there Gladiator production. – [Chris] No way! – [Cody] It got dark really quick – [Chris] Whoa – Very nice [mumbles] – [Cody] Is this where
they film Gladiators? – [Deres] Yeah, prison. – [Cody] This is the prison! – Props. Real Props. (chattering) (imitates sword slash) – [Cody] That’s amazing. – Deres do you want to fight? – I will get my own sword – [Chris] Oh Gosh, what
is about to happen? – Oh that’s a spear (laughs) I think this things real,
it’s not sharp but it’s real – [Deres] Khaleesi, Saan
Ahh look at that – [Cody] That’s so cool. So
that’s Khaleesi right there. That’s awesome. Then this
is them in Game of Thrones. – [Deres] Arena. Gladiator. – [Cody] So did they build the arena? Right here used to be
the arena for gladiator they took it down but it was
a giant circle right there. We’ve made it now to the
bottom of Ait Benhaddou We’re at the gate here This is a pretty famous
gate, it’s in a lot of movies Wow. There it is. I had no idea that this
was a part of the tour. So just coming here out of the blue I was like “Yes, we’re going
to see this amazing place here in Morocco” and I’m
so stoked that I’m here. This is something I’ve
wanted to see for a while but I wasn’t sure if I
was going to get to do but we did it! So when you come down here to the river this is where a lot of
the establishing shots are for the movie because this
right here this kind of shot, is the most common picture that you’ll see this is like the postcard everywhere here. This exact shot. (water flowing) – [Cody] Morning Deres, how
are you doing this morning? – I’m good – We have started a new day
here and Deres is taking us out to this area it’s very
much like out in the US. We’re at this place
called the Monkey’s Paw because these rock formations out here look like a Monkey’s Paw. And it’s pretty early in the morning the sun is still rising over there It’s actually 8:30 a.m.
which is kind of crazy because the sun is just
coming up over the mountains but it is beautiful and these
are the Monkey Paw rocks we’re actually heading to
an area just after this which is called Du Dades which is kind of like the
Grand Canyon of Morocco. (upbeat music) I love these windy roads, this is perfect Look at this little hotel on the side that’s like blending
in, that’s so cool too. We’ve done it, we’ve made it
to the Grand Canyon of Morocco It is a beautiful road, so are
we technically by the Sahara or do we still have a good
amount to get to the Sahara? – [Deres] Yeah, we’ll have to go further – [Cody] Further, okay. So
we’re not in the Sahara yet. It is a cold morning here, it
looks like the Grand Canyon. Giant craters, I feel like
it’d be an amazing walk to go down here through the water through the little valleys
all throughout this mountain but this is just a beautiful
sight to see this morning these mountains in the background. Deres just bought two of these scarves. – [Chris] Thank you so much – [Cody] Thank you man! – You’re welcome – [Cody] Can you show me how to put it on – I’ll show you – [Cody] Yeah you can show me, cool. – [Man] Picture together – Africa (chattering and laughing) – [Cody] We have officially
made it to the Sahara desert guys, we’ve been driving
for about five hours we’ve got our blue scarves now we’re all ready to go to the desert. The Sahara desert is just right here it’s kind of crazy because
we’ve been driving through the most flat land you’ve ever seen then suddenly all out of nowhere comes the biggest dunes in all of Morocco down here in the Merzouga sand dunes and we’re loading all of
our stuff into this 4X4 that’s taking us out into the
desert so we can see sunset it’s going to be a good time. How’s it going man? What’s your name? – My hame is Hamar. Nice to meet you
– Nice to meet you. You’re welcome. – [Cody] We’re going to
have a good time tonight – [Hamar] Yeah, in Chellah – I’m excited, this is the first time I’ve ever been to any
kind of dunes like this especially the Sahara desert (funky music) – [Cody] I’m Cody. Nice to
meet you. What’s your name? – Hasan – [Cody] Hasan? – Yeah – [Cody] Nice to meet you.
Do these camels have names? – [Chris] I might give
them a name right now – Many names – [Chris] That ones yours – [Cody] This one, his name is Blade (laughter) (upbeat music) – One thing that’s a little unfortunate is I feel like I’m coming down with a cold after 20 days of filming here,
filming the show non-stop I’ve been sneezing all day and here I am in the coolest place ever
but I feel like crap (laughs0 I guess that’s just how it goes sometimes Hasan, how close are we to Algeria? – Algeria on the hill – [Cody] Right there? (mumbles) The big mountain out there
is Algeria, oh my God! Can we sneak in to Algeria? (laughs) – [Hasan] No! – [Cody] Is there a border petrol? – [Hasan] For Algeria, no. – [Cody] Ah nice, we’re going I think it’s day 28, no sign of water I’ve been seeing mirages out here pretty sure I saw a Coca Cola machine but then I ran to it but it
was nothing but sand in a bush I need water. Luckily
me and my camel Blade we’ve been cuddling for warmth at night Chris and Jimi Hendrix,
they don’t want to get close they sit on the other
side of the camp fire but me and Blade, we’ve
built a special bond. These 28 days have been amazing. Still no Coca Cola cans though You think if I take a
good enough picture here I could sell it as a desktop to Apple? – [Chris] Yeah, definitely. Easily. – [Cody] Alright, cool. Let’s see. One of these should be good enough. Thank you Blade, my trusty steed. You boys stay here,
Jimi Hendrix and Blade. We’ll be right back. (funky music) Check this out, this is my legit shoe (laughter) So, you could say it was a successful day. I hope they have some
vitamin packets out there. – [Chris] Emergency packets – I need emergency – [Chris] Do you guys
have emergency packets? – [Hasan] Yeah – [Chris] There you go – We’re good – [Cody] We rode through
the night to get to our camp we had a wild time, it was insane. But this camp looks even more insane. Here we are at our camp,
it’s lit up. So nice. – [Hasan] Here is lights – [Chris] That bed is huge! – [Cody] This is amazing – [Hasan] I can get one
for the charge the phone – [Cody] Oh my God. Look
at this, it’s so nice. Look at the shower.
Little toilet. (mumbles) This is beautiful, and Wifi? – Yeah – [Cody] In the desert? – Yeah – [Chris] No! In the Sahara
desert, you’re joking? – Yes – [Chris] You are? – Yes (laughter) We’re surrounded by all these tents here and the big one right here
is the main dinner tent. Deres, I think this is
one of the best meal and housing we’ve had. – Yeah – [Cody] In all of America
and we’re out in the desert – And the Wifi is so fast – [Cody] It’s incredible.
This is the best. We saved the best for last (beating of a drum and singing) – For listen, find it. Hold it. Sometimes here, sometimes middle. (rhymetic beating of drum) (chanting) (laughter) – That was amazing. Good job man. Good job, good job, we did it. (laughter) – Excuse me if I sound kind
of sick because well I am the hot shower felt really
amazing this morning but it’s still really cold in this tent when you wake up in the morning. The Wifi is incredible. I’m downloading a season
of a show on Netflix so that when we drive nine
hours back to Marrakesh today A nine hour straight drive.
I’ll have something to watch. But it is bright and early in the morning we’re about to go catch sunrise and this is what our camp
looks like in the morning. Right before sunrise. The sun is rising for the
morning it’s a beautiful sunrise a little chilly but what better place could you ask for a sunrise than in the middle of the Sahara desert. How are you doing today? – [Chris] Cold but we’ve got that so we can’t really complain. – [Cody] Cold but pumped
for a morning in the Sahara We’re walking out here in the desert we thought we were going
to be taking camels or some kind of truck
out here in the morning so we got up a bit before
sunrise but unfortunately they said that was after breakfast so we were like “Oh damn, are
we going to miss the sunrise?” which is the whole part of
coming up early in the morning so we walked about 30
minutes into the desert which is why I’m dying. I’m also sick. We’re going to walk a little further just keep in mind if
you do go to the desert you’re probably going to want to walk out into the dunes
early in the morning if you want to get some cool pictures. Run to me. – Oh! Oh no! (laughter) – Alright, Arab Nation. Thank
you so much for watching. We’ve had an incredible
week. You see that? – [Chris] See what? – It’s like something shiny – [Chris] What? – It’s like something shiny out here! – [Chris] What? – Dude, what the hell? – [Chris] What is that? Oh my God – I don’t know it looks like some kind of magic lamp or something (laughter) They definitely don’t sell
these in a market in Marrakesh They’re only found out here
in the middle of the desert It’s crazy that we found
this, what a coincidence. Maybe if you rub it something will happen I guess we’ve got to wait
of Will Smith (laughter) (mumbles) Thank you guys
so much for watching and until next time, explore the world.

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